Our Hostage Situation was Created by Grey Aliens Going by Bee, Psyche, Nymph and Kodiak; Connections of Responsible Parties

We are speaking to the future but we also welcome information from those of you living in the present with us who are familiar with Grey aliens hiding within humans – Bee, Kodiak, Psyche, Nymph or possibly Gerry Levine. Gerry Levine is a 50-ish aged man with a Taylor Swift fanclub blog frequented by teenage girls. He also sends tweets to celebrity Jim Cramer. Levine hails from Las Vegas, which also is where Bea and a large population of Greys reside. Gerry is a software engineer and he may have something to do with the hacking and blocking of my creator access within this simulated environment.

Bee, Kodiak, Psyche and Nymph frequent Jim Cramer’s Real Money Blogs on TheStreet.com. Jim Cramer is not involved other than that these people hang out on his website. Hera first knowingly encountered these individuals in 2007 and 2008 on The Street websites and blogs. Her user name there was Westside and Victrola, among others.

Taylor Swift’s lyrics are particularly instructive to our situation, and Bee and Psyche play these songs repeatedly while attacking our family. Moreover, Psyche/Bee claim that their murder of our family was engendered by Hera (Jennifer) developing an online friendship with Jim Cramer. Jennifer has never spoken to Jim Cramer directly but believed she had been offered a job with his blog and company in 2008. The entire job offer and acceptance conversation took place live on Jim’s Street blog in early 2008. Facilitating this job offer conversation were Bee, Kodiak, Psyche and Nymph, on the Blog. Jim did not participate, and Jennifer assumed that these individuals were employees of his since they seemed to be offering Jennifer a job there. (Jennifer is also known as Hera.) It is a confusing story and we will try to explain further as time permits. But if you have access to the windows, please try to locate my father also named David Sinclair or Jim Cramer upstairs and tell him what is happening here. Tell him not to come down here directly because his conscious mind will be uploaded into this environment and anyone he sends down may be trapped here.




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