Kodiak is the “Working Man” that Rush sings about. Lyrics decoded. Also photos from Austin Powers, Dr. Who and the Wizard of Oz showing Kodiak’s appearance when posing as a “Working Man” in the Traveler Family hierarchy.

The first Rush album is their only cover (featured in video below) that does not feature some sort of Satanic message. Kodiak writes these Rush songs.  And the image above depicts what the song secretly means, once the lyrics are decoded.  In short, this song is Kodiak bragging about pretending to be a human “Seven” Boss in the Traveler Family system when in fact he is a Nine in the system, a Grey alien.   We decipher the lyrics below, and above in the picture is what his “wife” Bea’s “Get” looks like to many Travelers. Bee is another iteration of Kodiak. Here’s a few images of Bea as a Get:

What you should realize right away is that these hidden messages are everywhere.  From the Wizard of Oz to Dr. Who.  In addition, the woman from Dr. Who on the left is called “The Master” on that show. Take a look at The Master’s alternate presentation:


So you see that Bea is The Master but Kodiak also is the Master, (and also Taylor Swift, his favorite persona), and he presents himself as both a “working man” to the human Boss Sevens in the Traveler Family, and a female “witch” who underneath her male Boss and female witch personas is actually a Grey alien.  He is, by the way, also the lizard-lady on Dr. Who, and lizard-lady’s own female wife on that show.  The reptilian’s wife is actually the most frequent human appearance Bea projects (fake Nymph aka “little Bea”).  The takeaway on all of these being representations of Bea is that she is uploaded many many times into our Earth simulation and presents to us in several varying personas.  She is not just the snake, she is the entire nest of snakes, of all colors.  Here she is as the Reptilian friend of Dr. Who, and her own wife as well. But the important thing to understand is that ultimately she is another persona of Kodiak’s. Supposedly she is a Grey from the inside here who has a personality based on an upload of Kodiak’s own mind. But half the time it is clear that Bea is Kodiak directly, playing Bad Cop, Worse Cop, and blaming each other. When he is not acting as “Bea” he has a few different Grey Alien pals who fill in on that roll.


Finally, here is one more presentation of Bea, portrayed as Frau Farbissina in the Austin Powers movies (Kodiak is Dr. Evil and we’ll get to those movies soon).  Bea not only is depicted as Dr. Evil’s right hand “man” but she also is depicted in the movie as her own “lesbian golfer” girlfriend. Notice the resemblance between the Frau, the Master, and the witch in Wizard of Oz.  It’s no coincidence.  Frau Farbissina’s surname is a pun on the Yiddish word “farbissen,” which means “sullen” or “crippled by bitterness.”  And she is.


Back to Working Man, a song from Kodiak’s (Rush’s) first album.  Other posts cite Bee as being at the head of the Grey band, but it is Kodiak. Except for this first album’s cover, nearly every Rush album cover contains Satanic and Illuminati references.  The cover does, however, depict the “big bang-like” explosion that probably signifies Kodiak’s practice of blowing up our time loops repeatedly in his invitational “alien attack and human hunt.”  This song in particular describes the Traveler “hierarchy” which is a tool used by The Greys to let humans feel that they are in charge and under control of themselves when they are not.  Travelers are forbidden from speaking about their lore and ways, which only facilitates The Greys in dominating the human population. Because the Greys are the Satanic Illuminati who secretly run this Earth, we must stop aiding them in harming all humans by keeping their secrets under the guise of “Traveler” secrecy.

The lyrics to Working Man, explained in parens, video below that.

I get up at seven, yeah (“seven” is Traveler Talk for business men, humans in charge and Kodiak is saying he is a “Get” which is an evil wizard. So he is saying he is a Get in the Seven human boss family within The Family)
And I go to work at nine (“Nine” is Traveler Talk for Gets, but in reality the Nines are Grey Aliens, color Silver, so Kodiak is a Nine pretending to be a Seven human and also a Get within The Family)
I got no time for livin’ (Kodiak is saying he is a “Get” which is a murderous and magical creature from Hell that is not restrained by the human body or limited to one human lifespan, so he is “dead” in that regard)
Yes, I’m workin’ all the time (“working” is Traveler Talk for raping and torturing people)

It seems to me
I could live my life
A lot better than I think I am (“a lot better” is a reference to  being “best,” which means alien; “I think I am” refers to a human. So he is saying he is a “best” which means alien, “a lot better” than the humans think that he is. They think he’s human.)
I guess, that’s why they call me (“guess” means “why” which is Code for alien, so “I guess” means “I am alien.” So Kodiak is saying I am alien, they call me…)
They call me the workin’ man (but they call me the working man)

They call me the workin’ man
I guess that’s what I am (they call him the working man, but really he’s a “guess” aka Grey)

I get home at five o’clock (not sure)
And I take myself out a nice, cold beer (“nice, cold beer” means “ice” which is code for a Nine alien, and “b eer” which is code for a Nine alien. “B” means alien and “eer” means Nine alien because Greys can “hear your thoughts.” Incidentally, the hear your thoughts by being physically situated in all human minds. They are hiding in your heads.)
Always seem to be wond’rin’ 
Why there’s nothin’ goin’ down here (there’s nothing going down here because when they destroy each time loop they merely repeat the process and advances in technology, knowledge or anything else never actually develop in any meaningful way – they are content to rape, torture and murder their way through another lifespan of Hera’s, “spinning their wheels”)

It seems to me
I could live my life
A lot better than I think I am
I guess that’s why they call me
They call me the workin’ man

They call me the workin’ man
I guess that’s what I am (but a “guess” is what I am. Question mark is Code for Grey.)

Well they call me the workin’ man 
I guess that’s what I am 

Very clever!  Please check out Limelight decoded, as that album art speaks volumes all by itself.  A few other of Kodiak’s Rush hits are decoded here: Who is putting voices in your head? Bea is. Spirit of Radio2112 Temples of Syrinx – our mind-controlled state ; Fly by Night is Bea saying “Goodbye my Dear” to Hera and our time loop.


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