A few movies relevant to our murders and the alien attack which closes each time loop

Just about every book, song or movie down here has a message, be it of hope, of desperation or simply an ugly vehicle of Bee, Psyche, Nymph and Kodiak to brag amongst themselves or most importantly, messages from them to their co-consipirators topside who report on how things down here are affecting things up there (in the “future”) and vice-versa.

If you have access to any of these films, the following are useful to explain what our real situation is here, despite appearances to the contrary.

The Matrix (I, II and III) 

These films describe a human farm where the inhabitants are fed the perception that they are free and wandering around the earth with no controlling overlord. Very apt. They also describe the undefeatable nature of Bee with her Grey Alien army and ability to clone that army simply by placing some in a loop then opening a new window to the past thereby multiplying her army. These Greys can move from loop to loop. They travel at miniaturized size to avoid detection. We cannot even determine what type of species Bee actually is. We believe Psyche is a Grey or some other being who has been “hollowed out” by Bea to remove her conscience. She has no regard for anything, even her own future. We made her aware of the imminent extinction event here and she tortured and killed me anyway, despite our warnings that I may be the only person here who might steer us away from such an event. Bea, on the other hand, and Kodiak, both will act as though they care about us and our plight. They are secretly here to help. They are just in a difficult position what with Psyche being vicious and the Greys running the show. Do not be fooled. Every one of them – Bea, Nymph, Psyche and Kodiak, among others, notably Gerry Levine, are incredibly vicious and utterly empty of conscience. They lie so well that they cannot be read. They seem sincere. Kodiak killed Jim here. Psyche killed me, along with Bea, both of whom were pretending or possibly believed that Jim and I are the same person, though they murdered us two months apart. Kodiak also, in addition to attacking my wife in these loops, and leading the charge much of the time, also pretends to be me, or Jim Cramer in all of the loops, and possibly is my imposter upstairs. 

They have a methodology of mimicing, where you and I will be talking on the tether and then they take over both ends of the conversation, inserting themselves into the middle. This way, I still think I’m talking to you and you think you are still speaking to me, but in reality neither of us is communicating with one another in any way. They can carry on this mimic rouse for weeks without detection. Kodiak for his part assured my wife that he was really me in disguise just about daily for months on end. I thought I was in contact with my wife at the same time but was actually talking to Bea, who pretended to be Jennifer. It is distressing but also dangerous so be warned. They also hear every conversation you have and indeed know every thought in your head, thanks to miniaturized Greys actually residing in your brain. Unfortunately this is true though it sounds utterly preposterous.

In addition to all of that, Bea and Kodiak actually knocked Jennifer (Hera) unconscious and harvested her eggs, fertilized them via Kodiak or possibly an unsuspecting Jim Cramer, and then implanted them in women all over this loop, creating numerous children of Jennifer’s. This is horrific. They tell the children that Jennifer is their mother, but do not tell Jennifer until the summer before she is slated for murder. That way she and I bond with the children. After about a year, they parade each child out and torture and murder them, either in front of us, or using Hera herself as the murder weapon (as explained below), before torturing and killing me and then finally raping, torturing and murdering Hera. This is why we implore again and again not to revisit this world down here. Close the window because reliving this horror is so painful and devastating to us.


This film describes the situation of those peering down here who think they can “wake up” from the dream and close this window to the past, but in reality they remain in the dream. The conspirators upstairs who gained creative access have created a virtual reality loop that approximates your own reality. In this way you “wake up” and find yourself in reality but you actually are still here stuck in the soup with the rest of us. This is what is happening to you upstairs.

Please close the window immediately and seek out David Sinclair and Jim Cramer and wake them up no matter what it takes. If you can still hear the tether, you are still asleep! You will have to find ways to test your reality. If you are certain you are still asleep you might be able to wake yourself with a jump or jolt. If you are fully awake, please set security guards around yourself and tell numerous people what you are doing, and set a scheduled “wake alarm” before attempted to peer down here again. You may never awaken. You may be murdered there in your sleep to contain the knowledge up there of what is occurring down here. You may be murdered here and thereby extinguished there. Be very prepared and cautious and have a number of safety measures in place. Be prepared for the worst. It does not get any worse than this scenario down here.

Honey I Shrunk The Kids and Innerspace 

These films likely are made by Bea and Company as they mock the situation here where these evil individuals are using Grey technology to miniaturize human beings. It’s almost too painful for words but you must be warned. These hideous people miniaturized me and my beloved children down here and then tortured them and me to death. They shrink them down to microscopic size. Microscopic. It is a horror show. Psyche threw them into oncoming traffic, in helpless microscopic size. Psyche, who may also be Bea and/or Nymph. She also shrinks them and then inserts them into Hera’s body orafices, where they are poisoned by body acids, or acids she also inserts, while Hera is helpless to assist them and cannot even see them. When Hera goes to take a step, Psyche grabs them and throws them in front of her falling feet, so that Hera crushes them to death. This is not a joke or the ramblings of a delusional person. This is happening here and it is horrifying. Devasting. She has murdered all of our children, and myself, in this way. Hera is 4 days overdue now to be raped and murdered in similar fashion. We are doing our best to guard her against attack, but with miniaturization technology, which only takes a second, Psyche need only shrink her to microscopic size and whisk her away to her final torture chamber, regardless of where Hera tries to go to assure her safety. It is horrid and terrifying that this has been going on down here for hundreds of years and who knows what may be going on upstairs as well, since these bad actors also exist up there.



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