Ionizers and Ozone Machines May Help Clear the Air of Spaceships

Hera was told that the miniaturized spaceships here are powered by energy held within molecules in a positively-charged atmosphere. We are trying an ion machine and ozone machine to see if that keeps the ships at bay. They are miniaturized to nearly microscopic size and move faster than the naked eye can see. They also have a mirror-type camouflage cloaking exterior. They are simple machines however. Ionizers produce negative ions which should attach themselves to positively charged molecules and “neutralize” the air. Ozone machines do the same essentially, turning O2 oxygenated air into O3 with the extra electron falling off and attaching to positive particles in the air. Our theory is that the spaceships cannot draw energy as easy from neutralized air. We’ll let you know how it goes. One post on Amazon  leads us to believe this may have been somewhat effective.

Hera’s main “Grey Guardian” hovering overhead to do Bee’s and Psyche’s bidding – we call him “Andrew” which is a play on “android” or artificially intelligent being.



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