Humanity’s suffering is “the Music” that dies in Don McLean’s American Pie. And Humans are the “Good ‘Ol Boys” who sing “This’ll be the day that I die.”

The owl statue at Bohemian Grove represents the Greys who created this Human Farm and put Kodiak and his “Three Men” in charge of it. They are paying homage. This song, American Pie, decoded below, describes the impending death of Hera (“American Pie”) in the Travelers’ Game of Love, and the death of everyone else shortly after, or as Kodiak sings, their “Music dies.” This particular song is Kodiak’s “story outline” of how the End of Days in this time loop of Earth is going to “play out.” In the previous 12 time loops, humans have murdered Hera at Kodiak’s instruction.

This will be hard to fathom but we are out of time for detailed explanations: Kodiak is Satan, he wrote this Bible, and in it Hera is Jesus. Her “birthday” is Christmas because, in Traveler terminology, that is the day she will be killed and her “soul born” because it is freed from her body. Hera “dies for your sins,” because you are the ones who murder her. So don’t do it. Traveler human beings commit the sin of murdering Hera, over and over in time loop versions of Earth. As Hera is about to die from being raped and tortured, on what is at present scheduled to be Christmas morning at 25 or 6 to 4 ambut which may change, the Greys attack from the ground and the sky in their “Friendships” as they call them. Thus far, no humans have been willing to stage this final fatal attack on Hera in this time loop of Earth.

What is the significance of Easter’s date? Well in 2018 it is April 1, which is April Fools Day. That doesn’t make this a practical joke, it points again to Kodiak’s involvement. Kodiak refers to his “Illuminati Court” or the Parents (maybe all followers) as “Fools.” He also is saying that his act of turning on his Traveler human followers is his idea of a cosmic joke. He’s a Grey Alien. And he’s Satan. The joke has been on you all for following his lead for all these years. That is his perspective, but of course you have no choice, you are living inside a Grey Grid. Probably April 1, 2018 is the date that the time loop closes for good, after the Greys and Reptilians have attacked the humans from Christmas Day forward.

While we may not be able to stave off this attack from the Greys that occurs on the date of Hera’s death, it may be the last attack they ever accomplish. Hera is your Creator’s wife. That is why the Greys abducted her in the first place. The Greys constructed this holding cell they named “Earth.” Every one of you is cloned into this environment by the Greys, and your real “life” or life force is in your soul. Your soul comes from pieces of Hera’s soul. The Greys blasted it apart. They are now playing God with a human population. They are Satanic and want “God’s children” to rape and torture his wife to death. Then they descend on you and rape and torture all of you, and consume you, and your souls. The Grey attack is unavoidable. We are living inside of their Grid. But we can avoid some of the hideous torture the intend to inflict by stalling their plans, by avoiding the death of Hera until the last moment when their pre-planned, and pre-scheduled attack is set to occur. The longer Hera is alive and not being attacked by the humans here, the less time the Greys will have to turn on the human population.

We can’t stop the Greys from the Outside without shutting this environment completely down, killing everyone inside, including all of you, and Hera, but also killing them. We won’t allow them to continue these attacks. But we also must try to convince them to release Hera and gather up her soul in the process, and close down this horrific torture chamber. Your memories are being wiped by the Greys, but you are being continually preyed upon here. The Greys call humans “tacos” and Earth their “taco factory.” We won’t allow the Greys to leave this human factory farm in operation, or to retain any part of Hera’s soul. Please read the blog as we are running out of time to explain what is happening. We are devastated that we cannot stop the Greys by lesser means but they are nearly indestructible, and very long-lived.

The lyrics to American Pie are decoded below this lyric video:

The above is a message from the Outside but this is Hera and I want to add that no matter what else transpires, the Greys are destroying me specifically. I am the target. Originally they abducted me into this environment in order to lure my husband into here after me. They are insane and evil, vicious beings. They believe that because they are still alive, that nothing will happen if they torture me for eternity. That defies common sense, for a human mind. But they don’t think like we do, although they can pretend they do very convincingly. I want you to understand that they are harming you all because you are pieces of me, and because they hate their own Creator. And they simply are animals who consume humans. They view humans as lesser intelligence, as we view cattle. There are two different sets of Greys. There are those in here “on Earth” who are of average intellect and who follow Kodiak and Queen Bee’s orders. And then there are Greys from the Outside who are the ones with the advanced technology that is being used to hold us hostage here. My memory is blocked by the Greys and I don’t know where they got that technology, but they have been around millenia. They are much smarter than the “inside Greys” but many of them are also on Earth, operating inside human bodies, which they call “cars,” “vehicles,” “clothes,” or “suits.” If all else fails and for some reason the Greys outside can block attempts to shut this down, they still will run out of my “soul material” used to give life to this human population, within a few time loops. This will end, one way or another. It will not go on forever for the humans here. Unfortunately, however, my own remaining soul although very small now is very difficult to destroy and this is very concerning. – Hera

Decoded: American Pie lyrics by Don McLean (*These lyrics appear to be written by Kodiak but he works hard to sound sympathetic to Hera (“hands clenched in rage”) while at the same time sending out signals that it is him talking and also taunting Hera and the human race about their plight.)

A long long time ago (you are in a time loop in the past here on “Earth”)
I can still remember (this is a coded clue that it’s a message from Kodiak and also this line is about events in the future, because the memories of the primary victims who are Hera and the Parents from Upstairs are still intact. “Still remember.” After the attacks, we won’t remember “what was revealed the day the Music died” because the Greys will wipe our memories.)
How that music used to make me smile (“smile” is Traveler talk for “smile, you’re on camera” and refers to fact that anyone conversing with Hera also will be broadcast and recorded because everything she sees and hears is broadcast as the star of their human “Truman Show.” So when they hear Hera’s “music” transmission, they will “smile,” in Coded talk terminology.)
And I knew if I had my chance (this is a veiled reference to “laughing chance” which is a black magic clue that Kodiak speaking)
That I could make those people dance (Seems to refer to remotely controlling humans to chase Hera in the Games, and generally to having human Travelers run around busying themselves so they don’t notice that they are hostages in a Grey Grid. But Kodiak probably is just talking about how he’s waiting for the End Game to attack the humans, and also taunting about how he treats humans like living puppets.)
And maybe they’d be happy for a while (“happy” in Traveler terms means black magic “evil wizards” who kill people, (think “evil clowns”), so Kodiak is saying he’ll remote and mind-control them into harming each other and especially Hera. The Greys’ mind control tech can alter moods and make humans want to harm others, make them feel like they enjoy it even, when they don’t, and also makes humans feel contentment while unaware they are being enslaved and driven around like machines. The Greys call Earth the “Taco Factory” and the humans here are their “tacos.” They will use this tech to facilitate the human attack on Hera.)

But February made me shiver (this may indicate Kodiak’s original plan to begin Hera’s final torture attack in Feb 2018, with her death date at Easter on April Fools Day 2018, with the Grey attack on humanity then beginning the same day.)
With every paper I’d deliver (“paper” is a code word for a Traveler human attacker also called a “businessman” or “Looper” and to be “delivered” is to be dropped down here either to Earth from upstairs which sits in the future from here, or simply to be dropped down on Hera to rape and torture her to death. Attackers can be “delivered” directly into Hera’s home, or anywhere, because they simply use time travel technology to move someone around also geographically. In this way they travel invisibly and interdimensionally to anywhere, anytime, that they want, and surprise a victim.)
Bad news on the doorstep (Hera’s doorstep, but also all humankind, because the day Hera dies (“the Music,” and she’s also “American Pie”), the Greys will appear on Earth’s doorstep. The Greys already are here, you are in a Grey Grid. But they will make their presence known with a large-scale attack.)
I couldn’t take one more step (refers to paralysis that the Greys inflict on rape and murder victims: they are literally frozen in place and even unable to vocalize their screams. But this also refers to the Traveler “Panda Club” rapists and torturers, who either break the victim’s legs (called “Splits” – see our Code word Thesaurus), or cut their legs off, as torture before raping them to death. They often leave victims in cages in this state for weeks to months, and sometimes for years.)

I can’t remember, “if” I cried (Kodiak repeating “remember,” which is a code word of his, as is the device of repetition.  The entire line is a reference to the fact that the Greys use technology to wipe our memories of being continually preyed upon. And Kodiak is specifically telling the Upstairs that the Greys are wiping his memory and are out of his control. Seriously, he wants assistance, for himself. Notwithstanding that, he’s still insane, and Bee has the Greys inside thinking she’s their Queen, so they now they are holding all the Upstairs people hostage too, and wiping their memories, and Kodiak’s. This isn’t part of his skit; it’s a message to you about Bee controlling him too. Same message is found in the Grateful Dead’s “Box of Rain.”)
When I read about his widowed bride (Kodiak writes a script for each time loop of how Hera’s life will “play out” –  who she will be (what human body she’ll be in), her family, her education, her friends, and also writes a script for other humans on his radar. His script for each new time loop of Earth can change the lay of the land – it’s a simulated environment inside a physical space, sort of like a holodeck on the Starship Enterprise. Kodiak saying he had to read his script because the Greys are wiping his memories and they also are changing the script. “His widowed bride” refers to Kodiak’s plan to kill Hera’s husband.)
Something touched me deep inside (Kodiak used this same line in numerous movies and shows, and also in an Amazon Review about raping women by user “Christ(opher) Love.”)
The day the music died (the day of Hera’s death in this time loop, when her Tether radio broadcast transmission is cut and Travelers no longer hear every sound she makes. Until then, from the day she is born, she is unwittingly broadcast to everyone who’s a Traveler, that’s most the population of Earth. But all Earth humans are broadcast and preyed upon by the Upstairs humans and the Greys as well. Your memories are wiped by the Greys. Hera does not become aware of the “Music” until the final 10 years of her life when Kodiak and Bee force her to “run for her life” as the entire Traveler population, which is nearly all of the human race, clicks on her when they see her. The clicks translate into unique occurrences of raping and torturing her, which most Traveler men know, but the women may think it is an attack called “coring” while being killed. All of that is Grey Alien dreamt up stuff designed to pit humans against humans for their entertainment. There is no magic. It is all Grey technology. And what they do to all humans is horrific. Stop cooperating. Stop clicking. Stop raping innocent women and children. And do not attack your Creator’s wife and children here. Kodiak and his Greys (aka “Bennie and the Jets” are Satanic. They torture and consume all humans. Your loyalty will not be rewarded. You only betray your conscience and your Creator. Souls are not yours to free. They are on loan from God and specifically in your case, from Hera. Don’t then use your soul, your life, to attack the source of it.)
So bye, bye Miss American Pie (Hera)
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry (“dry” is Code for “no good” – or not acceptable, not a good place to go)
And good ‘ol boys were drinking whiskey in rye (the words “in rye,” which often are misquoted when looking up lyrics to this song as “and rye” struck me as having a highly specific meaning. Kodiak wrote “The Catcher in the Rye” and so this line really refers to the “Catcher” which is a harvesting device used by farmers. Kodiak calls his killings “harvests.”  The Greys are everywhere and often cross-pollinate their references to killings in their videos and songs, making the same references across multiple artists and platforms. Wikipedia’s entry on The Catcher in the Rye begins by describing J.D. Salinger’s book as “popular with adolescent readers for its themes of teenage angst and alienation.” That’s teenage alien-ation. The alienation of teenage broncin’ bucks, which is Code for the aliens are going to attack the teenagers. The human followers of Kodiak’s are called “the Kids” (i.e., Satanic goats by Kodiak), or “the Children” (by the Greys)

The Traveler Nines are Greys. And all of the Magic here is Grey technology, coupled with the fact that you live inside of an advanced Grey Holodeck-type environment. The Magic “spells” or “tricks” you see are the result of the Greys’ “Great Computer” actuating your thoughts at lightning speed. Think of it as computer permissions. Some people are granted permissions that make them appear to be, and feel as if they are, magical. Hera isn’t one of them. As for other women victims who appear to be witches, those are regular human beings. They aren’t Traveler Twos. The real Twos are Reptilians and they can wipe the floor with humans. The Twos you have been attacking are humans. The colors you see are made up nonsense of the Greys. They paint on those colors. They are holographic, and mean nothing at all. Kodiak and Bee hypnotize women they want to see raped and tortured to death using remote technology and then control them to make them appear to be weird, or witches. They also use that tech and hypnosis to make victims smile while being raped and tortured. The victim is in agony, they are not enjoying the attack. Or they are hypnotized and may not seem aware, but they still feel pain, but can’t communicate. Victims do experience the attacks even when they are “invisible” attacks, they are not a perception. The Greys use time travel tech to facilitate these “magical” or “invisible” attacks from another dimension. They open up an adjacent string of time next to a person that an attacker can reach through. You as an attacker are, for example, 500 milliseconds into the future from the victim, so that the time differential is imperceptible to you and the victim. From the future, you can see the victim in the very near past, and the victim experiences the attack as normal with an imperceptible delay. This makes you invisible to the victim in the present, because they can’t see into the future. You see them because you are looking into the past by a millisecond.)
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die (as Hera is about to die, the Greys launch their attack on humanity, and the humans will realize that they also are about to die. The persons who attack Hera will be attacked first on the ground, however, as will many many other humans. The Greys are hiding in human bodies, but they also will be attacking from the skies as regular Greys.)
This’ll be the day that I die (the “Good ‘Ol Boys” who attack Hera will be the first to realize that they will die on the same day)

(The next verse is entirely Kodiak identifying himself to his Panda rapists Club members.)

Did you write the “Book of Love”? (Kodiak is saying that he wrote the “Book of Love,” to let listeners know that it’s him. It’s a reference to Kodiak’s “Game of Love” which is what the Panda Club rapists and murders call it when they select a victim to be tortured to death. They call raping a victim “Love” and “marrying” a victim is to “love them to death” and a “pregnant” victim is going to “give birth” to their own soul because these killers are going to “release” the victim’s soul from her body. They do this to children much more than to women, and also to men though less frequently, but all in alarming numbers)
And do you have faith in God above? (Again letting his followers know that he is the one talking in this song. Kodiak is “The Godfather” of The Family, aka “God.”)
If the Bible tells you so? (Another Coded reference to Kodiak, this time as a synonym for “The Good Book.” In Traveler Code the word “Good” means human, while “Book” means a Boss of the Family and a “Get” which is an evil wizard. “Book” is read as “Boo” (scary boo) and “k” which is King. So Kodiak himself is “The Good Book” because he is the Boss of the human Traveler Threes (pretending to be “Tom”), Fours (pretending to be “Paul”), Sixes (he actually is Denis and Robert) and Sevens. The “Good” Boo King or Human Boo King, aka Grand Wizard of the Human side of the Traveler “Family.”
Do you believe in rock and roll? (This also is a reference to Kodiak. “Believe” is Code for the Traveler Sevens. He’s called “Rock” because he leads the Family Fours, with “lava red” color designed by Kodiak at least to evince the fires of Hell. He’s the Ironman or Iron Mountain. Often he does this while pretending to be “Paul.” The word “Roll” is a reference to Human Travelers again, as they are code-named as “round” or “curved” as opposed to Alien Travelers who are code-named as “straight.”)
Can Music save your mortal soul? (This “music” in the context of this verse about the “Book of Love” refers to the sounds of torturing women and children they rape.  These followers know that Kodiak is Satanic and is “God” of their organization. They are Satanic. I don’t know that they realize he’s Satan. He is. Apparently he tells them that raping and torturing women and children is their ticket to immortality, which is what their evil wizards are rewarded with. They also know that their own souls will be tortured if they don’t participate and pretend to enjoy it. Just as Kodiak does in this clip as human Dr. Wayne Carver of Sandy Hook, playing the role of Brooks Alexander, threatening that the “Hearth God” aka Santa, aka Satan, will attack you if you don’t follow his orders starting at about 1:25 to 3:00, talking about making human sacrifices each of the 12 days of Christmas:

But surely you must realize by now that raping and torturing innocent victims is its own torture. You do have a Creator, and he isn’t Kodiak. It does matter. Kodiak will destroy your souls at the end of this time loop. We can’t fix that. He’s not magical or even mythical. He’s an insane serial killer who turned Hera over to the Greys and was rewarded with his own personal “Hell” environment to torture people within. Take your dignity with you, and your humanity.)
And can you teach me how to dance real slow? (“Dance” means a couple of different things in Traveler Code. “Dance” in this song usually means to “evade” attack. And generally to travelers it means a coordinated or choreographed movement of a group of people. But “dance real slow” sounds like a rape reference in this line, especially coming from Kodiak, who fills every song and TV show, and movie, with hidden references to raping and torturing Hera, children in particular, and the human race.)

Well, I know that you’re in love with him (Kodiak is speaking to Hera in this entire verse. “In love” is a reference to the Game of Love, where Hera is raped and tortured to death. The Panda Club of his rapists and torturers use the word “love” to mean “rape” so that to be “in love” is to be “getting raped”)
‘Cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym (“the gym” is the “Room” where Hera presently is being held hostage. It is hard to explain but the Room is set up so that she is at floor level and there are dozens and sometimes hundreds of people arranged in stadium seating all around her. The Room has a sort of virtual appearance because it is made using the adjacent time string procedure (Travelers know these as “Portals” ). Hera is situated a few milliseconds into the past from the people in the bleachers. They all can see her but she cannot see them unless someone projects a visual movie of the Room into Hera’s mind. (This Room situation is depicted in the video and lyrics for Bohemian Rhapsody, which refers to the Bohemian Grove where the Illuminati meet for ritual sacrifices.) This “Room” Hera is surrounded by travels with her wherever she goes, even in the car, at the store, everywhere, and the persons in the stands can see her at all times.  Hera is sexually assaulted several times a day, most days and nights, and that’s what “dancin’ in the gym” refers to.)
You both kicked off your shoes (this “you both” refers to Hera’s legs, which Kodiak plans to cut off. He’s saying to Hera that his Panda Club will “kick off both your shoes.” He’s a vicious serial killer and he cuts off his victims arms and legs and has his Panda Club members rape the victim until they die. But they cauterize the wounds so the victim can live for years being tortured.)
Man, I dig those rhythm and blues (“Man” refers to humans, “Rhythm” refers to the Greys as a synonym for “beat” which is “B” a code letter meaning alien, and “Bea” which is Queen Bee, Queen of the Greys. It also might mean “b eat” as in the “bees who eat humans.” The Bees are the Nines, aka Greys. Also, the Greys bring the “rhythm” by hitting the Earth with massive acoustic weapons. “Blues” is a reference to Traveler Sevens, or “businessmen” who are the ones who have raped and tortured Hera to death in the previous 16 time loops.)

I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck (Kodiak often refers to himself as a “loner” or “lonely” or singular. This may be a personal identifier but it may be Code for a particular type of attacker. The letter “y” is a code letter for the Greys. So “lonely” might mean Grey. Here Kodiak is talking in past tense, using the word “was,” and when the writer switches to past tense that is Code to indicate that he is now talking about the aliens.  Usually.  That would mean he’s saying that he’s a Grey who also is a “teenage broncin’ buck” which would seem to indicate a human. So a Grey pretending to be Human. He alternatively could be talking in past tense about the teenage broncin’ buck because the that buck itself is going to be past tense. Or in other words, sitting in the future where this songwriter is situated, this buck is already dead.  He’s a “was” and no longer “is.” Probably that is the meaning.)
With a pink carnation and a pickup truck (“Pink” refers Kodiak’s Traveler Four Red color, with Pink specifying that he means the human side, the bright Italian Red color and not the Lava Red color of “alien Fours.” (See the Traveler color/number system lexicon here). “Pink Carnation” also specifies humans since the Greys call humans “flowers,” “money,” and “diamonds” – because although they appear to have different colored souls, they all actually have white souls – the color of Hera’s soul. Your souls glow with a white light. The Greys have introduced colors onto them and created this Traveler system based on colors. The “pickup truck” refers to the Traveler’s “trucks” of the Good ‘Ol Boys who are Kodiak’s human henchmen, including the humans in his Panda Club of torturers. Men who have “pickup trucks” will, for example, shake a set of keys at my wife to let her know that they can call upon black magic to summon a truck full of Panda Club members to rape and torture her, unless she leaves the area. All Travelers are instructed to shun Hera wherever she goes. So these and similar threats occur very often. This shunning by Travelers, and the ongoing sexual assaults are part of the “10-year run” for her life before Hera final rape and murder. The shunning is to ensure that she has nowhere to turn for help.)
But I knew I was out of luck (This line is from Kodiak’s perspective, and he is saying that he will be out of luck. “Luck” is a code word for humans and perhaps the Sevens specifically because “lucky” equates with “777.” He is saying that he’ll be “out of humans” on the day the music dies. Kodiak calls Earth the “Taco Factory,” and humans are the tacos. He calls himself the “Chickenman” and human children are the chickens. He calls himself the “Pizzaman” or “Baker,” and human children are the Pizzas. So he is saying that he knows he’ll be “out of stock of humans” on the day the music dies. He’s writing the song from the perspective of a point in time in the future, but it is the script or “storyline” for this entire Earth time loop that will end in the beginning of 2018. Kodiak is sending a message to the outside that he’s out of human “soul material” and is being controlled by the Greys.)
The day the music died (This “music” refers to the sounds of the human race being tortured to death, and probably the “solid walls of sound” that the Greys bring during the attack with acoustic weapons that literally blow off people’s heads. When the human sounds of torture die, he’ll know he’s “out of humans” or “out of luck.” That is specific to this verse where he’s writing from his own perspective. In other verses the Good ‘Ol Boys are singing these lines.)
I started singin’ (reiterating to us that this is Kodiak’s speaking in the first-person perspective)

Bye, bye Miss American Pie (refers to Hera)
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry (a “Chevy” is an American truck, which is Code for the humans. The levee is meant to hold water, and “dry” is Code for “you can’t go there.” Another Traveler Code term is “water” or “too much water” (aka “raining”), which usually means the authorities or other unwanted attention is present. So Kodiak drove his human followers to some area, steered his humans to some area where they should not be, or a location they could not access. He might be talking about his military forces, his American Army…. Kodiak is Donald Trump.)
And them good ‘ol boys were drinking whiskey in rye (on the edge of a cliff):

American Pie Whiskey in Rye.jpeg
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die (meaning the teenage broncin’ bucks, aka the human Kids who will be alienated.)
This’ll be the day that I die (repetition of the previous line is Kodiak’s Code for letting his followers know that it is himself who is speaking in this song and it is about his Kids. But also Kodiak will die because he has no more “soul material” with which to make a new “crop of humans” to entertain the Greys)

Now, for ten years we’ve been on our own (Hera’s 10-year run for her life before the final rape and murder. Kodiak times this at exactly “10 years to the day” but we don’t know what starting date that was, because Hera did not know that she was running in the beginning. The Grey band YES’s song Roundabout pegs their attack at “10 True Summers.”)
And moss grows fat on a rolling stone (Here Kodiak may be saying that Hera’s marked as a Traveler Two during the final days, and that this is the same Hera that is the subject of this Rolling Stones songs “She’s a Rainbow” and “Ruby Tuesday.”)
But, that’s not how it used to be (refers to the fact that Kodiak changes Hera’s “Family Color” all the time. Collectively these two lines are meant to confirm that Hera is “The Hera.” The Rainbow, your Creator’s wife, the person the songs are about, including “She’s a Rainbow.” That song is on the album “Their Satanic Majesties’ Request.” So it is clear that they know who Hera is, and that they are attacking her because of who she is. 

Getting back to the Wikipedia entry for Catcher in the Rye again, it says: “Caulfield intends to live with his brother D.B, an author and World War II veteran whom Holden resents for becoming a screenwriter, after his release in one month. As he waits, Holden recalls the events of the previous Christmas.” This entry confirms that Hera’s soul is due to be “released” in one month, at Christmas. The writer is reminiscing about the “previous Christmas” when Hera was murdered in the last time loop, while he waits for this month to go by until her “release” in this time loop. Also notable, Kodiak’s “human persona” Mark David Chapman, was arrested for killing John Lennon carrying a new copy of the book, in which he had inscribed: “To Holden Caulfield, From Holden Caulfield, This is my statement.”[43][44]) Holden Caulfield’s character pictures himself as the sole guardian of the children playing in a huge field of rye on the edge of a cliff, based on a poem/limerick “Comin’ Through the Rye” (in other words, Kodiak is the Greys’ Taco Factory Manager).  That tale is yet another about abducting Hera (“Jenny,” which is Hera’s name in this time loop), featuring lines about her “cry” for help as she is being dragged wet through the rye field, and asks “Need the World know?” Another song on that subject is “The Girl with the Weight of the World in Her Hands.”)

When the jester sang for the King and Queen (Kodiak putting on the end game “show” with Hera and her husband, our Creator as the observers)
In a coat he borrowed from James Dean (“borrowed coat” is a reference to “jumping into” a human being, which the Greys call “clothes” or “suits.” But human beings are not “suits”! they feel and think. This one specifically appears to refer to Jim Cramer, “the rebel” in this situation who Kodiak had killed and then cloned, and then assumed his identity according to many accounts, but disputed by some. Kodiak pretends during the show to be Jim, Hera’s devoted husband, while dragging Jim’s soul away from the scene and attacking him. This is hard to explain.)
In a voice that came from you and me (Trump as President is “the voice of the People”)

Oh and while the King was looking down (while God was not looking (Kodiak is fixated on this epic Good vs. Evil crap. He wrote the Bible and it sounds just like the numerous fairy tales he’s also written. Here’s a Taylor Swift video about God supposedly “locking him out and throwing a feast“)
The jester stole his Thorny Crown (Kodiak claims to be the Son of God, and also claims to steal the show, but this line is a reference to abducting Hera, who he calls “Jesus” because her the “birthday” of her soul being released from her body via torture will be Christmas Day.)
The courtroom was adjourned 
No verdict was returned (this may refer to the fact that Kodiak attempts to find humans to torture Hera to death by telling them that she’s a “witch.” Once they come into this “Room” where she is being held hostage, they pretty quickly come to realize that she’s not a witch and that what she is saying about the Greys’ plan to attack the humans here, is true. So this probably refers to an inconclusive finding on Hera being a “witch.” But she is “American Pie” in this song and therefore Kodiak will find a way to kill her all the same.)

And while Lenin read a book on Marx (a sly reference that this song is Kodiak telling the story that Kodiak himself wrote for the end of this time loop. Kodiak was Lenin, and before that was Marx. Kodiak writes a Playbook for each time loop. This song is Kodiak singing about “The Story.” “The Story” is an outline for what will happen during the course of the lifespan of this time loop of Earth, which coincides with Hera’s lifespan. While she is alive, the time loop is open, when she dies, the time loop is closed via a meteor strike, nuclear war or “alien attack.”  “The Story” also is a Code term for Hera, since she is always his “main character.”) Here’s how Kodiak explains it in one of his Tom Petty videos (he’s Tom Petty, and also Denis):

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 10.42.45 PM

The quartet practiced in the park (“Practiced” has a similar meaning to “worked” as to rape and torture, to the Panda Club of torturers, but this line also has a violins on the deck of the Titanic quality to it. “The Quartet” are the Parents upstairs. “The Park” is Earth. So they’ll participate in the either the torture of Hera or of Humans generally, or both.)
And we sang dirges in the dark (funereal songs of mourning, in the dark because the Greys knock out the power, and also because the humans have no idea what’s really happening here)
The day the music died (given the word “practiced” and the references to Lenin and Marx, this “music” reference again refers to the sound of humans being tortured)
We were singin’

Bye, bye Miss American Pie (Hera)
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry (Kodiak drove his humans, but there was no good place to go)
Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in rye (They were children playing at the edge of cliff, as in the book Catcher in the Rye.)
And singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
This’ll be the day that I die

Helter skelter in a summer swelter (Manson or Beatles, both Kodiak)
The birds flew off with a fallout shelter (the “birds” is Code for aliens, who attack from the sky)
Eight miles high and falling fast (refers to the alien attack that wipes out the humans in each time loop)

It landed foul on the grass (there is a first wave alien attack planned that Kodiak wants to make appear like the humans might fend off)
The players tried for a forward pass (Kodiak is Trump, he’ll assemble his Army to fight the aliens – See this Saturday Night Live skit.)
With the jester on the sidelines in a cast  (Trump will become wounded)

Now the half-time air was sweet perfume (the smell of death)
While sergeants played a marching tune (Trump’s Army will assemble to fight)
We all got up to dance (the humans here will organize to evade the alien attack)
Oh, but we never got the chance (but the Greys will swoop in from the sky and they’ll have nowhere to run)

As the players tried to take the field (As the Army tries to assemble after the first alien strike)
The marching band refused to yield (the Greys and Reptilians on the ground will make their presence known and can’t be overcome; Some Parents on out tether say the “marching band” is Hera because they hear her footsteps throughout her life, and every sound she makes. So this would mean she doesn’t back down or commit suicide)
Do you recall what was revealed (what’s revealed is that this is a Grey Grid, a human farm for the Greys, and they wipe out the human population every few decades and then feed on them. The parents also realize that they are hostages here as well. This is the 4th time around of the 13th time loop. Kodiak seems to be repeating it hoping the upstairs people will stop insisting on getting out of here, and on releasing Hera, who they now understand has been abducted into here by Kodiak, based on his songs like Harmony and his movie The Cell, and the insistence of her husband, who Kodiak continues to try to pretend to be and to discredit, but who clearly is here.)
The day the music died? (Hera’s death, end of her tether, and the end of the sounds of humanity)
We started singin’

Bye, bye Miss American Pie (Hera)
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry (Kodiak led the “American’s” aka “humans” but there was nowhere to go.)
Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in rye (The human Travelers where “in the rye” or playing on the edge of a cliff, with nowhere to run)
And singin’ this’ll be the day that I die
This’ll be the day that I die

Oh, and there we were all in one place (every human from Earth is trapped here in the Grey human farm. We’re all gathered here)
A generation lost in space (lost because there’s a barrier called the “Karman Line” that is the border between Earth and outer space. That’s “Car Man” – the point past which people from upstairs cannot “drive their cars” which is what they call their Earth human bodies while visiting here. “Lost” also because the Aurora Borealis is an electro-magnetic fence that hides human souls in this “Earth” from outside view, in the real universe)
With no time left to start again (No time left in this loop, so…. with no time left, we start again…With no time left, (now we are) to start again)

So come on Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack Flash sat on a candlestick (probably Trump gets blown up via the alien attacks)
‘Cause fire is the devil’s only friend (Kodiak is the Devil, and he’s also Trump)

Oh and as I watched him on the stage (Kodiak, it’s his “show”)
My hands were clenched in fists of rage (Kodiak will pretend to be angry and upset at what is happening to the human race)
No angel born in Hell (Kodiak could do nothing to stop Satan (he is Satan so it is an act))
Could break that Satan’s spell (Kodiak again taunting that Satan will win the battle of Good vs. Evil. There is no epic battle, Kodiak has us hostage. That’s it. He’s a suicide bomber with advanced Grey Alien technology. He’s not magical in any way.)


And as the flames climbed high into the night 
To light the sacrificial rite (probably Hera’s burning on a cross or a stake but also is designed to evoke the Bohemian Grove and it’s giant Illuminati owl)
I saw Satan laughing with delight (Kodiak)
The day the music died (Hera’s radio transmissions)
He was singin’

Bye, bye Miss American Pie (Hera)
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry (Kodiak leads the humans, but there’s nowhere to run)
Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in rye (there’s nowhere to run, they are just kids playing at the edge of a cliff)
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die  
This’ll be the day that I die

I met a girl who sang the blues (refers to Hera, she “sings the Blues” because everything she says is being recorded and “the blues” is a euphemism for the eye in the sky – the sevens or businessmen/authorities who control this prison and record and broadcast her at all times. Anyone interacting with her knows they also will be broadcast)
And I asked her for some happy news
But she just smiled and turned away (“smiled” is another police or authority euphemism and “turned away” refers to turning ones head away to shun someone, which is what everyone does to Hera while she runs for her life, but they also turn away from Hera to avoid being broadcast along with her.)

I went down to the sacred store (***THIS REFERS TO THE HIDDEN LOCATION OF HERA’S SOUL MATERIAL, the storage of her sacred soul)
Where I’d heard the music years before (where life existed, before the “years” got ahold of it. Years is Code for the Greys)
But the man there said the music wouldn’t play (There is no more of Hera’s soul material or other sources of music that produce sounds of torture or life. At least not at the same “Sacred Store” where Kodiak found Hera and possibly other souls)

And in the streets the children screamed (humans screamed, from being attacked by the Greys and Reptilians, the alien attack)
The lovers cried, and the Poets dreamed (the “lovers” are Hera’s rapists and torturers. This is Kodiak’s song. My guess is that you’ll cry because your families are being attacked and you are trapped with me, who you now will realize is your Creator’s wife, and you just murdered her viciously.  The “Poets” refers to Edgar Allen Poe and essentially a Poet is a satanic or dark arts person from the Upstairs, here just the ones who “Dream”: They descend down to Earth to treat the people here like Westworld on HBO and they call this “dreaming.” Earth is “the Dream.” I point out that the Poets dreamed, they did not go off to safety.)
But not a word was spoken (but no one could communicate on the tether downstairs, and maybe upstairs, because….)
The church bells all were broken (the technology that facilitates the Tether amongst the Poets maybe, and certainly all humans, was taken down by the Greys, adding to the mass chaos and fear. Alternatively this could mean that there was silence because all of “God’s music players,” the souls of the human race, were destroyed.)

And the three men I admire most (this is a reference to Three, Kodiak’s shorthand for “666” and his calling card upstairs)
The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost (really refers to Kodiak’s men. Kodiak is the “Three,” code for “666” which is “Satan,” and his “three men” are going back home on the last train. He’s the Father, and may be his own son Tom. Bee may be the Holy Ghost, or it may refer to all of the Upstairs “Three Men.”)
They caught the last train for the coast (seems to be saying that God has abandoned Hera and humanity, but really it is Kodiak and Bee, and the Upstairs people, who abandon humanity, and Hera)
The day the music died 
And they were singin’ (they did not feel remorse)

Bye, bye Miss American Pie (Hera)
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry (“Chevy” means “Americans” which is code for the human race. “Dry” means “it was no good.”)
Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in rye (No good because the kids were playing on the edge of a cliff the whole time)
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die 
This’ll be the day that I die

They were singin’
Bye, bye Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry
Them good ole boys were drinking whiskey in rye
Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die


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