The Structure of "Earth"; "Cloned" Humans and the Hearst Castle Connection

We want to give you a heads up that the Earth here is not really a single planetary sphere. It is a simulated environment created by the Greys that functions more like a Rubik’s Cube where several “years” are all existing together at the present time. For a time we had years 2002 to 2019 all present in the same room together and on the tether. Additionally there are several versions of each year. We think there are at least 4 versions of present-day 2016, with 2 or 3 nearly identical to ours. Thus you may have trouble locating us. We are in a crowded version of 2016 and notably our “loop” has offshore oil wells and oil tankers whereas a similar 2016 has Hera’s building but a clean shoreline and is less crowded. There also are “clones” or “twins” of most humans repeated in the loops, so that Hera (Jennifer) exists in numerous present day loops, but only is this version, my wife, in her year.

We believe what happens is that they rape and kill versions of her and then just “swap out” Jennifer with another “twin” from another loop, uploading her memories into the other version of herself. Another disgusting practice. We are not entirely sure what they are doing with identical versions of Jennifer and also of the celebrity Jim Cramer, and others.

Pieces of the loops themselves can be swapped out like a Rubik’s Cube, which here is viewed as some sort of “magic portal.” It really is just a shifting of the cubes using technology. But a person could be walking down one street in Boston and turn a corner and find himself in Seattle, as an extreme example – and they would think they were “magically transported” when in fact the cubes were turned so that the physical location shifted. That is a rudimentary example of what they call portalling down here. One common use for this is to capture a new victim for their ritual rapes and murders. Hera could drive down a street and disappear off the map, then reappear somewhere down the road a little later and have no memory of being dragged off and attacked in some dungeon.  We think a key “portal” point may be Hearst Castle along the mid California Coast – a sort of serial killers’ collection box for souvenirs of the various “Loops” that have been destroyed in the past. The structure is a hodge podge of various architectural eras with an eerie vibe.

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