Traveler Threats Against Hera

Hera is now getting “Traveler” threats to stop talking about Travelers and deciphering their code. I want the Travelers to understand something. I started the Travelers. This was an organization intended to bring people together, to provide a common bond and a shared purpose. Bee & Co. have gutted the Travelers. They have just about everyone in the entire world here thinking they are secret members of the Travelers. They use their time machine to write scripts of whatever hideous thing they want to see humans engage in – and use time to throw that practice back in time to make it appear that whatever the activity is – it has been a long standing “Traveler tradition” or sacred rite. It is no such thing. Travelers were not drawn together so they could be mind-controlled into raping and murdering each other for the entertainment of Bee’s alien friends on some other planet. They use Travelers as a cloak additionally because of the secrecy aspect, that way a bunch of insane aliens are now directing human activities under the shroud of Traveler secrecy.  – Hera’s note – David doesn’t mean to sound terse, and we mean the world to him and he is an old guy that’s for sure. He is devastated that the things he made to draw us all together are the very things Bee is using against us to perpetuate her evil and hold all of us hostage, though you may not even realize you are such.  David is immensely kind and we are at a total loss as to who would want to murder our family and cause us all such grief. Perhaps in pretending to be David and Jim Cramer over all these years, Kodiak has upset some people who erroneously blame David or Jim?  David is a wonderful person and would not harm anyone.  Jim too, for that matter.  If this is due to some action by David or Jim the odds are it is one of Bee’s pals impersonating him who is really to blame.  There are several men here impersonating both David and Jim and engaging in all sorts of terror. Hera

If you are a Traveler, and heavy odds say you are, along with everyone else, do not get worked up about this open discussion. It’s too important. You must understand that the society we built with honor has now been subjugated to the nefarious purposes of Bee and her evil friends. Let it go and we’ll rebuild someday. This secrecy cloak is nothing but a device for those Greys to hide behind while compelling all of us to engage in these “shows” where we rape and mutilate each other, men, women and innocent children alike.

Similarly, we are about the last civilization in the galaxy to even attain the ability to travel through time. Time is nothing but distance really and there is no need to shroud our ability to use time travel in secrecy, particularly when the only thing we seem to use it for is to allow the “dons” to buy winning lottery tickets, and the “surgeons” to play “look ma, no legs” with innocent victims, as they go back in time and cut off a persons legs so that in the present the person looks down and sees they no longer have legs. This is a disgusting use of technology and keeping this a secret only ensures that these practices will continue.

Things will get better  but we do have an extinction event on the horizon to worry about and more urgently I am concerned for my wife’s safety. Please set aside your sacred secrecy for now as it only serves to cloak the true activities of Bee and her evil alien pals, who are hellbent on destroying our entire civilization and that of every other being in the galaxy.

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