Westworld on HBO – a "fictional" account of our situation "down here"

Westworld is a new HBO show that describes a “world” where people from above pay to descend upon the unknowing “android” populace to live out their darkest fantasies. Unfortunately, this is the situation we are in. But we are not androids here. You are hurting real people, many of whom have been “abducted” from upstairs as they now cannot wake up from this “Dream.” We “people” down here are not indestructible – we are being cloned. The “alien attack” is not some scenario, even though you see us all alive and well the following “day” – those are new human beings cloned by Bee & Co. You are just as precariously perched as we are. Bee is there too. She has murdered my family up there. And trapped me in a dream state down here. Please try to get help and find me and wake me up. You will be next if I do not stop this person up there who has stolen my creative access to turn our world here into the Game Room. It is hideous. Please get help right away. David

This is not some science fiction story. Those of you who know this, please act before it is too late for you as well. Try to wake up, and see if you even can. If so, get help.


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