Westside – Hera's (Jennifer's) Username on The Street Blog; WesCyde – One of Stalker Psyche's (Bea's) Usernames on Amazon.com

Psyche, Nymph, Bee and Kodiak all stalked Hera (Jennifer) her entire life but began overtly doing it to where Jennifer became aware of it in 2007. This is when they began pushing the theme that Jennifer had “stolen” celebrity Jim Cramer’s affections. Jennifer had never met celebrity Jim Cramer, but in early 2008 believed his Blog/Online Company had offered her a research and writing job. This “job opportunity” probably was orchestrated by Psyche and Bee, since it never materialized and they have been openly stalking Jennifer ever since.

Following “Dee Martin’s” Amazon review of the SunrisePro knife sharpener discussed in a previous post, we stumbled on “WesCyde’s” Amazon reviews. This is typical of how Psyche and Bee stalk Jennifer online and in person. They do it in ways obvious to us but any person not involved would strain to see any connection at all. This is one of the reasons we are spelling out the connections here.

WesCyde’s SunrisePro review:

WesCyde reviewed a product.
Apr 11, 2016
SunrisePro Knife Sharpener, USA patented, Original
Sharp Never cost so little!
Could not ask for a better knife sharpener at a better price. Brought all our knives back to life In a couple minutes. Watch for the fake one on here and stick with the sunrise pro!!!

As I mentioned before, Bee (“Dee”) and Psyche (“WesCyde”) claim to be Earth’s “Supreme Rulers” (see the pict above – “Supreme Knife Sharpener”); and each lifespan of Hera’s in these time loops is what they call a “day.” From birth (“Sunrise”) to death (“Sunset”) is one of Hera’s lives here. So the “SunrisePro” knife sharpener would specialize in creating a new “sunrise” – in other words they are looking to kill Hera so that the sunrise may begin again. A “pro” refers to a business man who is willing to maim and torture.

Deciphering the review:

“Sharp never” – is a witch “er” or “Don”; “So little” is a “seven” or “business man”- little and “So” means one of authority. “Better” is the same as “good” – asking for a human or “demon” business man as opposed to “best” which is a female other – “witch” or alien depending on the context. “Brought all our knives back to life In a couple minutes” probably refers to killing her and then restarting her in a new time loop, which causes her to be “brought back to life” so they can rape, torture and murder her again.

“Watch for the fake one on here” – I am a “one” from “upstairs” meaning that I originally created this world that now has been illegally cloned and abducted to hold us all hostage as a hideous “Game Room.” As “creator” I therefore am the original “number” and “father” to all of the numbers or “colors” assigned to various humans down here.  Confusing if you don’t know what I’m talking about but some do. I am the only “one” besides my wife. Psyche and Bee seem incapable of grasping that I am the Creator from upstairs. They think I am my son David and they think both of us are also Jim Cramer, the celebrity (which we are not). So “watch for the fake one on here” seems to be a warning to her co-conspirators to watch out for me, as I claim to be a “one” and she thinks I am faking, and my name is Jim Cramer but not one of the numerous “Jim Cramer” characters “playing The Game.” She has had it in her head that the movie Argo was some secret message by me that I had hatched some sort of plan down here to “bluff” Psyche and Bee into thinking I am the Creator, the “real Jim Cramer,” and releasing my wife.

These women are killing me and my family and yet can’t seem to understand who I am. For my part I do not know them either. My understanding is that Bee in the past was friends with my son David. Nymph in the past has made many passes as Jim Cramer, the celebrity, which is apparent from her blog posts in 2007 and 2008, and possibly continuing but we are not subscribed to the blog and Hera (Westside) hasn’t been there in nearly a decade now.

If you know both me (David Sinclair from upstairs) and these women (Bee and Psyche) and have any relationship with them, please try to straighten them out if you can. I cannot tell if they really don’t know the difference or are just insane or playing games. They are killing us. They have numerous men down here all going by the name “Jim Cramer,” which is a name I used to use here before the “earth” was cloned and abducted, and alternatively am known by up there. They must have come up with these characters here because of that and they certainly are up there because we know that in the future they will be tried and executed for murdering my sons up there. But they seem to be targeting me up there based on a friendship long ago down here that my son David had with Bee.  They need to let go of me so that I can wake up and they need to stop trying to kill my wife down here. Hera was murdered up there about 20 years ago and we now understand that Bee also committed that crime and has been stalking my family all this time, up there for about 23 years and down here based on her relationship with my son David for 2000 years. One thing that may be helpful is that Bee said she would “see me at the office” up there.  I don’t work from an office up there but maybe that will provide a clue to someone.

Finally for the SunrisePro review’s parting words “and stick with the SunrisePro!” – this obviously is a reference to Jim Cramer the celebrity who often says “stick with Cramer” on his TV show Mad Money. Psyche is telling “players” not to listen to me but to follow the lead of their own “Jim Cramer,” whoever that may be. Notably in the coexistent 2010 time loop the Jim Cramer of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money is Kodiak and resembles Kris Kristopherson (and Jennifer’s uncle). We think they steal Jim’s talents and just run his show with a holographic Kodiak edited in as an overlay. Bee is married to 2010’s “Jim Cramer” and probably others as well. We are concerned for the celebrity Jim Cramer, but this story is so bizarre just trying to explain it coherently would take more time than we have. If we can stop Bee, Psyche, Nymph and Kodiak and regain control upstairs of my creative access, that will solve the problem for my wife and any persons out there named Jim Cramer who may be targeted by these stalkers. I am certain they use other names as well and probably stalk every man on earth unfortunate enough to be named “Jim Cramer.”

Also note that they hack Amazon and so their reviews can be written today but show up on there as several years old. This one is dated April 11, 2016 and decoded that means April is the 4th month – “411” – or “information” from “WesCyde” – and the information being “watch out for the ‘fake One’ down here” in their hideous “Game Room.” I assure you Psyche – I am not fake.

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