About "Planet Earth" and its Inhabitants

We’ve been looking at You Tube today and see there’re  a lot of “conspiracy theories” about individuals being taken over by Reptilians or otherwise cloned and replaced with similar versions of themselves. A lot of celebrities flashing Illuminati signs or Satanic signs. This stuff to some extent is true, and we are glad some people notice the changes in personality or subtle changes in appearance that cannot be attributed to plastic surgery. We can explain a few things as best we have come to understand them since we have a bit of a birdseye view. Our suppositions are based on what we can see looking through our windows upstairs in the future down to you here about 800 years in the past. Bee, however, does her best to obscure her methods and goals so we may revise our thinking as we gain new knowledge.

At present Bee has many people upstairs wrongly thinking that Earth is a virtual reality containing “lesser” human beings. She sells the rights to other beings to play her virtual reality games on “Earth.”  In fact the upstairs also is a virtual reality environment, a simulation, and humans in both places originated with the same Creator, David, and were abducted and uploaded there. Stop harming David and his family down here, he is your Creator too.

The cloning of human beings is happening and occurs in at least three ways. First, Bee & Co can use their time travel capabilities and mind-control tech to grab someone, often but not necessarily always asleep, pull them through their “magical portal” – which is nothing but pulling them through a time tunnel, and then harvest sperm and eggs to create children or to clone humans’ DNA. Maybe this has happened to you that you wake up paralyzed in your bed for a minute or two. Maybe you remember feeling insanely strong wind and being dragged backward down a hallway in your sleep. That’s “portalling” and it’s not “magic” but time travel used to simply move laterally from the space you are in to a setting of their choosing. They drag people off this way to attack them for rapes and rituals, and torture, and then block the memories and return them to their beds. (This is what they are doing at least some of the time to obtain children to attack as has come to light with the release of Podesta emails.)  With the same methods they can drag a woman off and implant a fertilized egg, or cloned egg, in her without her knowledge. They alternatively can use miniaturization technology to implant a fertilized egg in a woman while she sleeps in her own bed but we are not certain that the technology is advanced enough to do this without leading to unplanned chromosome/DNA glitches.  By “portalling” and implanting a cloned egg containing an existing human’s DNA you can create a “Taylor Swift” who looks just like satanist Zeena LaVay but who is born to natural parents 30 years later.  The technology is there to make clones and to make genetically similar “children” the same way, and it is being used by Bee & Co. That is what Rush refers to in the song “Freewill” when they talk about “Genetic blends with uncertain ends.”

The second way Bee & Co create several versions of a human being has to do with the way Bee uses “time travel” to create her human hunt “Game Room” that we unwitting humans call “Planet Earth.”  They treat us like we are “Westworld” – the HBO show.  What Bee, Psyche, Nymph, Kodiak, probably a man named Gerry Levine and others “upstairs” who probably fancy themselves to be “Illuminati” are doing is creating numerous versions of Earth all existent at the same time.  This is accomplished by opening a window to the past with time travel.  What you get after say going back a few decades is mostly the same human inhabitants but with varying degrees of different lives, different story lines.  Bee keeps open several windows at once, called “loops” and then you have several versions of “Earth” moving forward in time together.  At present on our “tether” – talking device, where we all who are on the tether communicate together inside our heads (which is the same tech used on “targeted individuals”), we have at times accounted for years 2002 through 2019, with several versions of each year in some cases (4 versions of 2016 for example) all existing at the same time.  That is why we describe the Earth as a Rubik’s Cube like that picture above.  Since numerous versions exist together, they can shift sections and swap them out, which Travelers believe occurs due to “magical portals” – it’s not – it’s them physically swapping out a 2016 street in one loop for a 2016  street in another.  They can swap out the humans in each loop just as easily by moving their person, their home, or their street, etc. They can also use technology to imprint your mind with memories and feelings that actually arose in someone else.  So there really can be a pre-2010 Taylor Swift and a post-2010 Taylor Swift, and even she would not necessarily perceive the difference (although she seems to us to be fully “occupied” by Bea in all instances).  In cases other than Swift who has been repeated numerous times in each time loop, what we’ve noticed is that when someone is swapped out they may have the memory of doing something, say making a song or a movie years earlier, but when asked about details – “why did you write this line?” etc – they have no explanation.  They are certain that they did the work but their underlying rationale escapes them. That is because they are here from another loop and the memories of what they did here before, based on the other version of them, are uploaded and implanted in the person moved to our loop.  So they feel it is a solid memory but the details of the underlying reasoning for their actions escape them.

A third way of recreating people that we have recently learned of, after Bea murdered our family, is that Bea has written into the code here a mechanism for resurrecting human and Other beings with their memory states preserved to some date preceding their demise. She is using this means to torture and kill people and then resurrect them in the system but at a point in time prior to her attack on them. In this way the people are unaware they ever were harmed or how dangerous Bea is to them. The harm is real and atrocious, however, and these people suffer with this process. Bea also confuses them by resurrecting more than one instance of a person at a time. (These methods are very likely also in use by Bea, who is also Marina Abramovic, in order to procure children to attack without creating a traceable trail of murdered victims in her wake.)

Bea also has thousands of her own versions off herself uploaded throughout our environment and in this way occupies many people. Because she has Creator Access, Bea can “jump” into any other person at any time.  Many of Bea’s instances, and that of her AI Grey Army, are coded into existence in such a way that they cannot be killed and feel no pain. This is portrayed as the “Agents Smith” in the movie The Matrix.  Bea can jump into any human being and take them over and cannot be killed, although the human she jumps into can, just as is portrayed in The Matrix. This is why Bea calls us a “Video Game” – see our post on the lyrics of “Who Made Who” by AC/DC.

This stuff is true and we spell it out here because we want people to understand that this Earth of ours is not hell, and not magical.  There are no “demons” or “witches” – but there are numerous other life forms and unfortunately some of them prey upon humans.  This is because Bee advertises this Earth as a human factory farm “Game Room” and sells other alien civilizations the rights to abduct, propagate, experiment on, rape, torture, murder and otherwise harm our bodies and souls.  As I have mentioned numerous times, they also advertise the “main event” which is to kill Hera and the rest of our family and then close out her loop with a spectacular “alien attack.” A human hunt.  Some participants are left thinking this is just a virtual reality game because the following day they see all the same people walking around on Earth like nothing has happened.  This is because they move to a new time loop where twins of us are living similar lives.  These people here are real human beings and feel emotions and pain just like anyone else.  They clone them but they aren’t drones – they are twins.  Please stop attacking and hurting the people of this Game Room “Earth.”

Presently we are closing loops as soon as we detect new ones opening up to try and control the number of places where Bee can hide, and limit her ability to restart a new “game” – with the hopes that she will be less inclined to close the 2016 loop where we presently reside . It was set for destruction originally in April or May 2017 and she moved up the schedule to Sept 27 2016 when she realized that I and numerous others had found a way in from “upstairs” and had moved to put a stop to what she is doing down here to my family and our entire human family here.  UPDATE: We are still here at December 3, 2016.  Some warn of a December 30 date for the alien attack that will close Hera’s 2016 loop.  Other information warns of February.  But the most reliable information was a note on “demolishing” everyone in this time loop as soon as the “kids and grandkids” return from the Holiday travels.  We are doing our best to prevent this attack from occurring, but if it does, remember that you have a Creator, and that you are uploaded here, which therefore means he can and will someday soon move us away from the Satanic Bea, and to his own Garden. 

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