Please Pay Attention if You Have Just Come Through the Window – Hera/Jennifer is abducted from upstairs and is my wife – please don't harm her – read this blog at and stop and listen to what is going on here. Bea has trapped you here too now and we are all relying on each other to find a way out. Don't attack or harm anyone down here. Try to wake up IMMEDIATELY or you may never, then get help.

This is my wife, she is not a virtual reality fake “victim” down here. She’s a real human being abducted from up there by Bea. Please no further participation in these hideous “Games” down here – there is nothing “virtual” about any of this – we are from up there too and this could just as easily be your own family, but either way, this is not a “Dream world” – the people are real and Bea uses alien technology from some version of The Greys -there are several types down here – to block their memories and to clone these humans – they are real people and the pain and harm is real – they do not “die” and “relive again” the next day – they are cloned and each is a different real human individual – do not touch any of them.  David Sinclair/Jim Cramer from upstairs

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