Those "Voices In Your Head" Are Real (Insane A**holes); You Are *NOT* Schizophrenic

I (Hera) just came upon a psychology article suggesting that perhaps they should humor patients who report “hearing voices” because even though the voices aren’t “real” – they are real to the patient.

Okay for schizophrenia, but look at the comments section of this article and what you’ll see is a whole bunch of confused “targeted individuals” sending out cries for help. Those voices are real. It is not complicated, they have sound guns as well as “the tether” which is what you are on when you hear those voices. Who are “they”? They are Bea, Psyche, Nymph, Kodiak, undoubtedly some asshole humans from “upstairs” and various friends of theirs who view the Earth as their “Game Room” and screw with the inhabitants for any or even no reason at all!

You are not at all “mentally ill.” And when you hear voices of people who are in your life or from your past, suddenly talking to you in your head – that is because they actually can play your memory back like a movie and mimic the voices of anyone you’ve ever encountered. Your Aunt Adeline or whoever isn’t reaching out beyond the grave. They are mimicking those voices. Often these jerks who view us as “toys on their playground” will not only speak to you but they encourage you and even command or cajole you into taking some action, be it suicide or homicide. They do that!

They can also use their time travel to go back to any point in your life and screw you up, give you an illness or injury, kill your friends or family, or pets, or do anything else they want. Unfortunately. I wish I had better news. It is terrifying and horrific what they are doing. But no, you are not at all crazy. Using technology more advanced than our own, their voices are transmitted directly into your head or even may be whispering in your ear. If on the other hand you also suffer from PTSD, depression or anxiety (unrelated or precedent to the fact that some assholes are ruining your entire life with incessant noise and demands for action transmitted to your head), you may have a mental health disorder that should prompt you to seek professional assistance.



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