Psyche is Bea and is a Grey alien; She is sending very high voltage electric shocks to David's mind. She is destroying him; This is David from upstairs so if you have any way to intervene – to make it stop – please do so – he is YOUR CREATOR (Greys) and ours – and we, and you, will not last long without him.

He came here to find his son David and learn why we are extinct from where he was sitting. He came 800 years into the past by opening a window down and this is the first sign of us. Thus we have been EXTINCT for 800 years. He hoped to fix this. I think upstairs and down are now in jeopardy. Please find a way to get her off of us down here and to wake up David up there, David Sinclair or Jim Cramer upstairs. The Bosses around here too cannot wake up upstairs. Get the authorities -do not wait or this may be your last opportunity to help us or yourself. Bea also is up there! Please help us right away. Get the authorities. Please broadcast these blog posts up there so that maybe someone further along in the future might be able to help us someday. Please do that. Hera

PS: I AM SEEKING HELP FROM THE AUTHORITIES UPSTAIRS, IN THE FUTURE, NOT THE “AUTHORITIES” HERE IN 2016. THEY WILL JUST THINK I’M NUTS AND CANNOT DO A THING ABOUT THIS ANYWAY. They probably don’t realize they live inside the Mirrored Fun House. So don’t bother fetching authorities in 2016. Thanks.

By the way, to you – I saw the stricken sickened look on your face. I know you realize the odds are not in our favor. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to do more. I can’t imagine how you came to realize where you were in the first place. I am sorry that you are correct. Hera

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