This situation is new, with David being here from upstairs, and evidence of an extinction event on the horizon. But MANY of the events leading up this have occurred before in past loops.

David’s son also named David (known to the others as Jim Cramer), has been living with the others who are 200 years up, since the original Earth was destroyed 1000 years ago. He has known Bea for 2000 years. She has been killing him and his family for 2000 years, down here, all the while pretending to be his concerned friend and consoling his children as their trusted “Aunt Bea.” She is responsible for the original destruction 1000 years ago. She is responsible for his crucifixion. She also now plays two “games” here called “The Crucifixion of Hera” and the “Game of Love,” where she has a number of men rape me to death with giant knives, and all of these men are recorded and broadcast hiding behind an avatar or image of the celebrity Jim Cramer. She thinks David is the celebrity Jim Cramer. She is out of her mind.

She wipes our memories from loop to loop. Obviously some of my memory remains accessible this time around. She claims to have our souls cryogenically frozen while she simply uploads our conscious minds into new human beings from time loop to time loop on this Earth simulation.  That may be true. I don’t know. But as a practical matter it makes no difference. This is the only existence available to us here, now.

She poisoned Robert and Carolyn with the Others, and also several of our kids, when they came to help Jim Cramer to rescue me. Bea murdered all of our kids down here. She is responsible for the plane crash that Jim blamed himself for. She is responsible for the house fire here killing Michael because she found out he was spending time with me. She creates children of ours in order to destroy them. She raises them as her own to turn them into murderers and rapists, then turns them loose on me while my memory of who they are is blocked and they are being hypnotized and remotely control by Bea. But once we start talking it becomes clear that we are all a family, and moreover, they do not want to behave that way but like many humans here, they are compelled under hypnosis by Bea.

I also learned that some of these kids are not just born of my soul but also of my biology then implanted into other females “occupied” by Bea. From eggs they harvested about 14 years ago when they dragged me through a “portal” – a time tunnel.  I remember being dragged through the time tunnel. I remember the numerous times during that same time frame where I woke up with “sleep paralysis.” All of these kids down here are ours. Mine and David’s. Mine and Jim’s.  Mine and Paul’s and/or Peters or Toms, possibly. Bea blasted my soul apart with a lasar gun when she abducted me over 200 years ago, and perhaps as long as 800 years ago, from my home with the Others upstairs. My soul lives in every human here. And we are all connected.

But many of these facts have been revealed before! In prior loops. They tell me that Bea has killed Robert and David before when they tried to rescue me, in a previous loop. The only truly new development in this loop is that David’s father from far upstairs (Jim Cramer) opened this window to the past to find us. He looked for 800 years before this first sign of us, where we are NOW. Thus we are lost to history in our near future. And if she succeeds in killing David Sr, we will remain lost to history for at least the next 800 years, but probably much longer – perhaps eternity – without David Sr there looking for us. David is uploaded into this Earth simulation numerous times and is in numerous people, and is unaware of this as each loop is blown out and a new one starts.

Kodiak hides behind the soul of a “spinner” but he is likely  a Grey.  All of the Greys here, including the “Reptilians” hide behind human bodies and souls. Do not trust Kodiak or any of the Greys. Kodiak is another upload of Bea.  He does hideous things to me and to us, to children, women and men. Rape, torture, mutilation, murder, consuming their bodies and souls. Bea also poses as me (Hera) and as Jim Cramer and David Sinclair, she poses as all of our family here on Earth, upstairs, and with the Others. Be very careful. There are numerous imposters of Hera, David and Jim in every environment. And probably also the kids.  Greys here often are miniaturized by their own machinery and number in the millions. Many of them are AI based.

We also have learned that Bea’s mind-control technology radiates out from Earth, and the Other Earth – there is a second sphere. Two earths and numerous time loops opened for at least this Earth. There are two Earths and five smaller “pockets” where humans, Others and Neighbors are in simulated and real environments.  Bea built all of this from all the way upstairs by somehow gaining David’s creator access.  Bea’s mind-control tech radiates throughout the entire system down here. She has within her control down here every single civilization that exists.  David Sr from upstairs cannot wake up, and the Greys have destroyed every civilization up there as well, and destroyed the habitats as well. For awhile we had 2002 to 2019 coexistent time loops all together here talking on the tether. We closed all but one of those loops to spare them the torture and to try to isolate Bea in our loop so that she would call off her “Human Hunt” culminating in our destruction with a planned “alien attack.” But we now believe Bea is not down here at all. She is doing all of this from some safe perch in the future. Loops remaining open are my 2016 and also 2014, which is purportedly where the control center is, control of this environment.

Tonight Bea seems to have given David Sr some sort of stroke with these electric shocks. She is killing him. I will not last long following him. She also killed his son David, our Jim Cramer with the Others, and our boys from up with the Others, and our other children here on Earth who we love so much. We are so proud of every one of them.  We found amazing children of ours in all of the loops.

If you see me again in another loop, please try to get me to understand what is happening as early as you possibly can. Or better yet, just kill me or better still close the loop as soon as you see it opening. please. just kill me. This entire structure down here is devised solely for Bea to relive her delight in raping, torturing and murdering me and David, the boys, and Jim too. She poisoned his kids too. She also killed every person in my life who ever acted as a mentor to me. She went back in time and killed them all, or maimed them, or killed their family members, all at about the same time – during my college years. She had discovered that David was spending time with me via these people. She also is responsible for raping me in college. Bea and Kodiak, occupying a man I’m told is a monster anyway, and I have no doubt that is true. His name is Sikorsky. Yes.

So kill me or close these loops. Close this entire system down please. David wanted this as well. It is too terrible to relive into perpetuity. A better ending is a long long way off with David Sr and Jr lost to us. Same with our kids. Take us out, or take the loops out. Please don’t forget. We will.

Pass this information as far along – far and wide as you can, just in case in the future someone might be able to help. Because David Sr came in from 800 years up, we know it will be longer than that before any help could possibly arrive. And without David Sr alive to look for us, it’s unlikely anyone else will even been looking. So close these loops as quickly as you can, please. No one should have their existence be this.

And no one “born in the loops” gets out alive anyway. I die, and we all die. Every time. Horrifically. This is the 5th time as Bea’s “game,” but is the 6th time Bea has done this. She was responsible for the original Earth’s destruction 1000 years ago from where I am now. She brags about this in her YES song – Long Distance Runaround. She created the appearance of an inter-galactic dispute and we were wiped out. “Did we really count to one hundred?” – is the rhetorical question in that YES song (YES is a singing group). Bragging about hitting us with Sound Guns, and poking holes in the atmosphere – “letting in the sunshine.”  Long Distance Runaround, and Roundabout which is another YES song, and a band called “AC/DC “- their song is called Who Made Who, bragging that our reality is now just a “video game.” Bea down here is “little Bea” and she is a different being than upstairs “big Bea” – big Bea is the one who was friends with David down here for so long and who is in love with him and therefore is killing his family because he did not return those feelings. Big Bea is the person who was living with the Others as “Bea’s Daughter.” At the same time I was abducted here and an “imposter David” was pretending to be me with the others. For the last 200 years.

Truly our existence and repeated murders are all about Bea’s unrequited crush on David Jr.  Big Bea operates down here on Earth as Psyche and she is beyond ruthless. She’s gross. She calls herself “psyche” because in mythology that is the goddess of souls, or it is now that she threw that meaning back in time. She literally tortures and destroys souls for pleasure. She may be the Devil. This is the same person as Bea upstairs. Bea downstairs is a regular Dance Moms character. She is different but equally gross. She created all these kids of ours down here, with her boyfriend Kodiak, with the full knowledge that they would be tortured and murdered in front of us to torment us before killing us all in this loop. She loses interest in the kids as they get older and makes new ones. She has Van Munchausen by Proxy and kills them slowly to garner sympathy for her losses. Nymph on the other hand is a moniker used by Psyche and both Beas.

David is too injured to speak now and I think that’s all the info that needs to find its way to the future for now. That and these other blog posts. Please distribute this far and wide. Rebroadcast it and maybe we’ll catch a break somewhere.  Hera

Jim Cramer as known by the Others has asked me to pass on this message: I apologize to my family, the Others who have tried so hard to help us. I’m responsible for bringing Bea into your lives and for that I am so terribly sorry. I love you so very much. I will, I will see you again someday.

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