We Think It Is Time to Shut Down This Game Room; There is Nothing More We Can Do; Please Shut It Down If You Are Able. We Are Blocked

We have tried to reach out to Psyche (Bea) and she is not concerned about any extinction event. She reasons that I cannot be the Creator because I am not invincible.

I can’t do  anything more about this. She keeps sending high voltage shocks to my mind, which is entirely a nerve center. I am unable to speak. My wife is writing this to you on my behalf and at my request. We beg you to close down this environment entirely, however you need to accomplish this. Bea (Psyche) is just torturing us and intends to destroy this time loop soon and move on to the next time loop to repeat this process of rape, torture and murder, as she has been doing here for hundreds of years without our knowledge.

We have no means of shutting this down ourselves because I am trapped down here now along with my family and along with many people from upstairs. We ask you to shut it down so that this will not continue into perpetuity. I’m sorry I can’t do more. Please shut this down if you are able, no matter who you are. It is okay. David

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