Secret messages are everywhere (that I go)

I thought some of you would like an example of how secret messages are sent among us, or from Psyche and Bea, it is hard to say who is doing it, maybe a number of people. This combined photo is comprised of things I encountered the other day on the first day I have driven since I started this blog. It was a short trip.

The first car in front of me in traffic had a license plate that said “My Other Car is an Invisible Jet” – that car remained in front of me for a couple miles. On the way home there was an ambulance, as there often is, as someone tried to discourage me from driving on freeways, not sure why. I often get these safety warning of an ambulance but for added emphasis this time the name on the ambulance was “Lynch.”

At the freeway exit ramp I next encountered a plate frame that said “Brittany Boss” – this is a very old reference (10 years) actually to a photo of Britney Spears after she shaved her head and had a bit of a meltdown. Bea/Psyche often is referenced by we who know her as “Britney” for that reason (although now I realize that is unkind to Ms. Spears.

The final picture in the collage is a statue off the 405 freeway in south LA, and it happens to be what a “GET” looks like in Magical Traveler Land, which is where many many “Travelers” think we are living (that or Hell itself). WE ARE NOT IN HELL OR IN WONDERLAND, there is no “magic” – we all have been abducted here by insane aliens. It isn’t “worse” because Technology can be, eventually, thwarted by superior technology. Magic just leaves us screwed here, helpless victims of Magical Queen Bee and her Satanic Male Underlings. NO! It is alien technology, not magic. Anyway that statue of an old guy in a tux or “penguin suit” complete with a “top hat,” pointing up while looking down, and holding a sledge hammer, on top of a sign for “extermination” services, is what the Travelers call a “GET.” As in “gonna get you.” GETs are believed to be magical and vicious beings who gain that status by doing particularly evil things and/or engaging in certain rites that involve being tortured to death, to my knowledge. They ain’t magical, however, that is Psyche’s sim-Earth computer system actuating their thoughts at lightening speed. They think it, the computer makes it happen instantly. So the Gets think they are magical and so does everyone else who ever heard of a Get. Gets also are “eternal” and that is accomplished by Bea/Psyche taking your consciousness/soul and moving into a new body at your death (or before, depending on who you are). Anything is possible in OZ. But look out for the LIZARD behind the curtain.

Bea/Psyche is 3000 years old and she is not human and claims to “not be carbon-based.” Is that AI? Is she the Devil. I don’t know. She is awful though and does not share a human soul with the rest of us. She destroys them for sport and for no reason at all. She really is the most disgusting entity in the entire history of time itself.



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