Some "7" just told me I "sealed my fate" – by talking about the "time machine"

Yeah, no. My HUSBAND created the very Earth itself, and the UPstairs. He is FATHER TIME. H e created the structure of linear time itself. We are THE ORIGINAL SEVENS. ONES, and parents to every number that follows. Every human being on Earth is propelled through life with the energy taken FROM MY SOUL. So don’t threaten me. We were not created by God to be raped and tortured over and over again as the “victims” of some “upstairs” reality game. We were abducted. Bea is responsible for our actual Earth’s destruction 1000 years ago. Bea then reopened a window in time to our extinct human beings from our decimated Earth and copied us and then created this simulated environment based on simulated human beings she copied from the past.

Bea is a FUCKING LIZARD. A lizard. She is GODZILLA. Kodiak is almost certainly a GREY alien but is also KING KONG, a giant APE. These insane and ruthless beings have abducted numerous other lifeforms, including humans, and have sold tickets to all their friends to come and join the “human hunt.”

My “fate” has been sealed for at least the 200 years that I have been the unwitting repeat “star” of these “Games” for the reason (only) that I am David Sinclair’s wife (Jim Cramer’s wife) and therefore Psyche (Bea) will make me suffer because she saw him first. 

The ONLY WAY we will get out of this spiral is if someone upstairs shuts this entire Game System down. David Sinclair from up there is trapped here with us. He is the Creator of both environments and the only person who can help us by deleting Bea from this environment (even if just moving her to her own) and rebuilding our world free of assholes with “time machines” that are only used to cut off people’s legs in their past so that they can make it look in the present like it is a magic trick. That’s gross. This is gross. And God can’t help us if she succeeds in killing him, which at present SHE IS DOING.

SHUT DOWN THIS GAME ROOM IMMEDIATELY. The folks upstairs are being lured online here and cannot wake up. You also are being killed now. David and I are from up there too. Now we are trapped. Shut this down. Please. Hera.

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