The Several "Davids" and "Jim Cramers"

In the last 10-15 years there have been numerous versions cycling in and out of my life of my husband David and Jim Cramer. Kodiak pretends to be both, and so does an imposter Jim Cramer who has been pretending to be me (Hera) while residing with the Others and waiting for Jim to be killed here to assume his identity with the Others, and we think there’s yet another David Sinclair imposter also acting “upstairs.”

Down here the Others know David as Jim Cramer. Bea’s plan for our Simulated Earth was to kill me and Jim Cramer (aka David), and our sons Michael and James, and then assume our identities with the Others, about 200 years into the future. To this end she and Kodiak dragged me through a time portal and harvested my eggs about 13 years ago and from that created several children of mine here. One of them they raised here themselves as “Michael.” I call him little Michael but before we knew he existed just last year, he had been around me most of my life without my knowledge that he was there. Whenever a Michael was talking to me but sounded childlike, Bea and Kodiak said, “that’s just (my older son) Michael, he sounds young sometimes, he is young-minded.” They killed older Michael in a house fire. Little Michael was to take his place with the others, while Bea pretended to be me and Kodiak or some other version of David (Jr.) pretended to be Jim Cramer.

Bea’s plan for “upstairs” about 800 years in the future was to kill me (which she did 20 years ago), kill our sons Michael and James (which she did about 4 weeks ago) and kill Jim/David (she is at this time preventing him from waking up there, which will kill him there), then have her imposter David assume his identity and control of his financial holdings, which are substantial. David was known as Jim Cramer upstairs but switched to David Sinclair down here when he saw numerous Jim Cramers co-existing in the numerous time loops.

As for the sim-Earth plot, there are numerous other Jim Cramers here in the various sim-Earth time loops; some are Kodiak and some are a man named Jim Cramer. Some of them are the celebrity Jim Cramer whose TV show is called “Mad Money.” In the coexistent 2010 time loop Mad Money is broadcast but that “Jim Cramer” is actually Kodiak and looks like Kris Kristoferson. In addition there is a core group of men who jump from loop to loop as the loops are destroyed in the “alien attack” (or the other “shooting marbles” or “shooting pool” with the planets scenario). These men all pretend to be celebrity Jim Cramer and spend months talking to me while assuming that identity, while Bea floats in and says “see you don’t even know who your husband is!” Bizarre but true. These guys mine my memory with the goal then to create conversations that may seem genuine to me based on my experiences and conversations with David. These guys collectively are called “Pam.”

There’s a current split in their or Bea’s “storyline.” Real David (Jim Cramer) from up with the Others, and Michael and James, believed I left Jim about 20 years ago down here because of grief over Jim killing James in a plane crash (which turns out to have been Bea causing a mechanical malfunction) and because Jim supposedly would not commit to me. But Real Jim Cramer also was recently now murdered by Bea (Psyche) and implored me to kill myself as quickly as possible because he knew from experience that these time loops always end with me being gang raped to death with knives and tortured for weeks in the process. But if Jim knew that, he surely also would have no reason to think I left him just 20 years ago (our time) in grief! He would have known I was abducted from up with the Others 200 years ago. So which Real Jim is the real Jim?

And there’s another Jim up there with the Others now pretending to be Jim and he is a Grey hiding behind a human soul. There likely is another imposter David (Jim’s father) upstairs by 800 years there with Bea.

One answer is simply that Bea has created numerous Jim Cramer “copies” based on a transfer of his consciousness. As with everyone, she swaps them out when it suits her purposes. But aside from all of that there is only one David from upstairs, and he is Jim Cramer’s father. He doesn’t know Bea. Bea may be confused in thinking he is David from down here (the Jim Cramer with the Others), who has known Bea for 2000 years.  Alternatively perhaps Bea just wants David dead to assume his identity and gain control of his fortune upstairs.



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