How did Psyche/Bea come into our lives and how long has she had Creator Access to our Outside universe to make this Simulated Earth?

We now know that The Greys attacked our family both upstairs with David Sr and downstairs with Jim Cramer from the Others. They are holding us hostage here in this simulated environment to be raped, tortured and murdered over and over. They say it is in retaliation for David Sr trying to kill them upstairs. But the Greys have destroyed not only every civilization but also every environment so that there is nowhere left to go to rebuild. Furthermore they now hold David Sr. hostage down here as they somehow block him from waking up upstairs.

These are notes to my father, and possibly my future self as we’re trying to figure out who Bea (Psyche) is and where she came from. How did she end up infiltrating our lives upstairs, downstairs and with the Others?

Hera was murdered upstairs 20 years ago, now we know almost certainly by Bea (Psyche). Hera was my wife upstairs.

On the original Earth I created, Bea befriended my son David 2000 years ago. She did not know from where she came and thought she was about 1000 years old at the time. We now know she was responsible for turning the local peoples against David with the result of him being crucified. This is the story of Jesus Christ reflected in the Bible.  We believe her responsible given her behavior since, the fact that she was present and yet “helplessly” stood by. Since then she has murdered my family over and over and one of the murder games she puts Hera through is “the Crucifixion of Hera” where Hera is raped and tortured to death tied to a cross and the attackers all are cloaked in holograms of the celebrity Jim Cramer.

1000 years ago my original Earth was destroyed by an “alien attack” that we now know was staged by Bea using time travel. She essentially created the perception of an intergalactic dispute with a neighboring race and led them to believe that Earth’s inhabitants planned to annihilate them. “Did we really count to one hundred…letting in the sunshine”? The rhetorical question in the YES song “Long Distance Runaround.” I was the only person to escape the attack, other than Bea. We moved to living with the Others, who also know my son David (Jim Cramer) as their Creator.

After 1000 years of my son Jim’s (David’s) friendship with Bea, and 1000 years ago now, I brought Hera’s consciousness down and created her as David’s wife here with the Others. This is the story of genesis and Adam and Eve depicted in the Bible. Caveat: I wrote the Bible for the human race to set forth a guide to live by and also to explain the origins of my family, and our human family. It has since been thoroughly rewritten to suit the evil purposes of Bea/Psyche and Kodiak. It no longer serves as a reliable guide to anything. The creation of Hera downstairs spurred Bea to murder Hera upstairs. The murder of Hera upstairs left me with time with my wife, and the boys with their mother, only via Hera’s consciousness downstairs. Bea has been attacking her and the rest of our family both upstairs and down for 2000 years downstairs and at least 23 years upstairs. But because I am not my son David downstairs (he is my son and my proxy but is not entirely me), I did not know about a Bea “upstairs” or down wreaking  havoc in all of our lives.

My son David: 600 years ago down here in Others’ time, our human son James was killed in a plane crash, for which I blamed myself as too careless. We now know Bea caused that by creating a malfunction on the plane. My wife was so bereft that she turned away from me in her grief. Finally, Hera purportedly left me with the Others to spend a lifetime on Earth “forgetting” about her grief. This is the story Bea told me, and was at the time still considered a dear friend and in fact called me “Dad.” We now understand that Hera was abducted more than 200 years ago away from the Others and Bea has been impersonating Hera up with the Others, while torturing and murdering Hera over and over again here in the time loops for the same 200 plus years. Bea also was with the others posing as her own “daughter” Anna (who also called me “Dad”).

About 3 weeks ago both of my sons were murdered upstairs (all the way up, about 800 years), by Bea. She in the future upstairs will be tried and executed for those murders.

Down here, my son Michael as represented downstairs was murdered by Bea about 20 years ago in a house explosion that she blamed on Hera. Bea has since told Hera that she murdered Michael because he “broke the rules” by spending time with Hera here on Earth where she is Bea’s hostage. No one knew until last year that Hera was Bea’s hostage. The story Bea told David and Hera both downstairs was that Hera was voluntarily on Earth to spend time recovering from the death of our son James, and had asked Bea to wipe her memory to help her deal with the loss of our son James. Our sons represented by  James and Michael  down here both were murdered by Bea upstairs about 3 weeks ago. This story is so utterly insane that it seems too much to believe. But it is true.

Bea equates my son David’s friendship with her to a marriage and blames Hera for “stealing” David’s affections from her. I upstairs did not know Bea. Bea thinks my son David down here is the same person as me, David Sinclair upstairs, but that is not the case. Bea has numerous men down here pretending to be my son David (Jim Cramer) downstairs on Earth and with the Others. She may similarly have someone upstairs impersonating me (David Sinclair). She also has numerous uploads of my son David’s consciousness, so that he is genuinely David or Jim Cramer but each version has a slightly different understanding of the facts and the history of this situation. Bea claims to have the real David, Hera and our boys cryogenically frozen down here somewhere, while she tortures and kills humans who carry their uploaded consciousnesses. But Hera’s soul and David’s soul both have been destroyed here, because pieces of their souls are living in every human being on Earth. Some humans also are “spinners” which denotes carriers of larger souls, and would therefore be direct “children” of Hera and David. We consider all humans with souls to be our family.

Hera and I can “call home” our souls when Psyche is torturing humans here, which will cause these humans to die and avoid the torture. But several days later the same humans will be brought back into existence by Psyche (Bea) with no memory of the past months of torture. Thus she is reanimating their consciousnesses in new form, with selective memory. They are not the same children of ours, but they still are our children as well. We “called home” Kodiak at his request a few weeks ago but found out a few days later that he had not died. He may have died and been reanimated by Bea without the memory of the death, or he may never have died, which means he is not a child of ours but some other being (a Grey probably) hiding behind layers of a human soul to impersonate a child of ours.  Kodiak also impersonates my son David with Hera and the humans, and with the Others upstairs. We’ve no doubt Bea will continue to create children of ours and new versions of us to torture and kill over and over again. The only way to stop this process is to close all of these time loops, close all windows to the past, and to actively seek out the energy source for this simulated solar system, this Game Room, and shut it down permanently, from upstairs. 

I am David Sinclair from upstairs. I do not know if I still remain alive upstairs and simply cannot wake up, or whether Bea has killed me up there as she has done to the rest of my family upstairs. I may only exist down here now. I cannot fix this stolen Earth from down here. Please try to find me upstairs and wake me up. If I am up, explain that our consciousnesses are held hostage down here. Get help from the authorities. Or simply shut this system down. David


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