Is the Earth actually spinning? Why can't we feel or see the Earth's spin?

In the midst of watching my loved ones being tortured and killed, last night I had to fulfill a family obligation to take my nephews to Knotts Scary Farm. We rode the White Water Rapids ride like that in the picture. When you get on the platform to climb into the rafts, the platform is spinning slowly, rotating the rafts around it for people to embark, disembark. Thus you step from a stationary point standing in line, then onto a rotating platform and then into a “raft” that rotates alongside the platform at the same speed as the platform and so therefore, to you, is stationary.

With that in mind, how do our rockets on Earth, spinning at 1000 mph, fly straight upwards and wind up in stationary space without coming apart? The earth is turning at 1000 mph, so stepping off of this fast-moving object and into stationary space (past orbit) certainly would be akin to hitting a cement wall. Or jumping from a moving car? How is that explained?

The reality is that we live in a simulation of a solar system. But how is that explained under the assumption that the solar system is a solid physical object? Someone, can’t remember where, put up official images online of the Earth taken from different perspectives, but the relative sizes of the continents differed within the sphere images. So accounting for distance and perspective, putting the spheres to the same size, the continents over the decades vary in size in the official photos. Here’s one of them, although it’s not the website I’m thinking of.

(Notice in the comments someone makes a crack about us all being Androids and saying that our childhoods are not real! This is not a random comment. This is how they use their “time machine” – they make all sorts of seemingly just coincidentally well-timed observations directed to things that I say, similar to my earlier post here “Secret Messages Are Everywhere (that I Go)”).

And how are these pictures and “live” videos of Earth taken if the Earth is spinning at 1000 mph? I can understand if the camera is in orbit, assuming the camera also is moving with the earth, but what about those images taken from the moon and further afield that are not moving with the earth? And even if ISO is set for high speed on a camera, do we even have an ISO for 1000 mph, and then what about “live video”? We should just see a spinning ball, not stationary Earth with well-delineated continents.

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