Movies about our *REAL* end of days scenarios: "alien attack" and "shooting marbles"

In an earlier post I pointed to a few of the movies that describe our current existence: The Matrix, Inception and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  (ugh, there is that “honey” again, which is a gross reference Psyche and these rapists use when they speak to me).

There are several movies, numerous movies either warning or bragging about how our “time loop” will be closed in the near future. One scenario is the “alien attack” that I have been talking about. Movies dealing with that scenario are War of the Worlds, Signs and most on point, sadly, “Mars Attacks.” This one unfortunately also describes what Psyche is doing to our consciousnesses, locking our minds into the body of a dog or other animal, for example, so that we don’t have speech abilities but are entirely aware of what we are going through.

Another way she closes out a time loop is by “shooting pool” with the planets. Movies addressing this end of our existence include, among others, Melancholia and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Both of these movies were made for me specifically. Every word of the dialogue in Melancholia has specific meaning and references specific happenings in my life. I will try to record it and parse it out for you. Psyche had a hand in writing it, although the named screenwriters may have had no idea she was sending them “thoughts” of dialogue.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, on the other hand, sends some lovely messages to me and the kids from my husband. The overarching theme there is that we will hold on to each other, but also within the storyline there is a man who was looking for his lost love but found a new love as the end approached and was able to let go of his loss. This is our situation. I am “Hera,” David’s wife who was murdered upstairs by Bea. Now only my consciousness exists down here. Psyche selectively controls my memory and so for all practical purposes I no longer am Hera and never will be again. I have new children I know and original children I love but cannot remember. It is heartbreaking. Hera is gone forever because of Bea. The boys lost their mother when Bea murdered her upstairs. David found me down here while looking for his family who had been murdered upstairs by Bea. I am me but not the her he knew. Anyway, we are a family and love each other deeply. But we can never get back to who we were up there together.  And in the end we can only hold on to each other.

Another movie about my situation of being broadcast live for my entire life is The Truman Show but sadly there is no escape hatch out of here that I can find.

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