The "New" Hostages From Upstairs… Still Hostages Down Here but Possibly Also Awake Up There and Unaware That They are Being Tortured Below

The persons who originally assisted Bea in setting up this Game Room version of Earth are trapped down here with us now. This is suicide on Bea’s part, since these men’s families certainly will notice their absence and know who is responsible if they never wake up upstairs. Psyche/Bea doesn’t care. In fact she is torturing them too now, her business associates.

It’s possible that she does not care about repercussions because these men being tortured down here, including David Sinclair and Jim Cramer, and the “bosses” from upstairs, are actually awake and walking around up there, unaware that she has retained a synthetic copy of their consciousness down here. These copies of them are the “version” being tortured and killed down here. For us down here, this is very real and very painful.  For David, Jim and the other men from upstairs it feels as though they are being tortured and killed while Psyche somehow is preventing them from waking up upstairs.

There is no part of yourself that you would want to leave down here helpless to be tortured for months by Psyche. She will kill you eventually and then restart you again in a new time loop. You will be tortured for eternity here! So please if you have any means at all of shutting this Game System down, DO IT NOW. Do not wait. We’re all from up there and now being tortured and killed, over and over again down here. PLEASE SHUT THIS GAME ROOM DOWN IMMEDIATELY. Pass this information along to as many people as you can. Get the authorities upstairs. No one here will mind, WE NEED HELP. Hera and David, and your friends from upstairs.


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