How Psyche killed our Earth family

They began killing our family members about 3 months ago, maybe 4. First it was Kodiak who orchestrated the killing of a version of the celebrity Jim Cramer. The guy with the Mad Money TV show. His henchmen here went to his house and nearly ripped his heart out of his chest. Kodiak bragged that that was the end of “Puny David.” Kodiak, by the way, has himself superimposed over celebrity Jim Cramer in today’s 2010 loop and so it is Mad Money with “Jim Cramer,” but that Jim Cramer looks like and is Kodiak and is married to Bea in that loop. Another celebrity Jim Cramer in another loop, perhaps a 2016 is now married to a woman who I am terrified and certain is occupied by Bea as well. She is Bea. But our 2016 celebrity Jim Cramer was not David. This Jim was keeping an eye on David’s son Paul and they spent a lot of time together. Jim did not die from the attempted murder wounds but came exceedingly close. David kept him unconscious, in freezing temperatures but alive up with Robert, barely.

David and Robert had come down from with the Others. Bea (who is also Psyche) poisoned Paul and also poisoned his soul.  After Paul died at a hospital here (St. Mary’s I believe), we sent our son Little Michael and his brother (Paul’s and my son) Scott up to what we thought was safety with Robert.  Jim Cramer, the celebrity, or at least the Jim in our loops, made plans to adopt little Michael, and we began making plans to raise him together, along with his brother Scott. Little Michael developed a severe lupus flare and Jim took him back down to the hospital here and soon after we also brought a specialist up to where Michael was staying with Robert. Bea took advantage of this and tagged along with that doctor. She hollowed him out and took over his body. We knew right away something was wrong because the doctor had no idea how to treat Michael’s flare. Unbeknown to us at the time, Bea used this opportunity up there to poison their air supply.

Bea brought another rheumatologist onto the tether and he agreed to go up and treat little Michael. Jim was near death himself from his wounds and we convinced him to go to Cedars-Sinai emergency, where they immediately took him into surgery. David stayed with Jim and the surgeon throughout and Jim pulled through. He was recovering in the ICU. I tried to go to him but he was in another 2016 at another Cedars. His daughters flew out and David stayed with the pilot for the entire flight. Later “Jim’s daughters” made their way to his hospital room and I spoke to them on the tether while Jim was still sedated, although he still could hear and could speak to me on the tether. In addition to worrying about Jim, the girls were talking about “Aunt Bea.” Jim was distraught as we realized these girls were not his daughters. His real daughters went to Cedars in my 2016 loop and so could not find him either. They went to a hotel while we tried to convince Bea to let his daughters visit. Eventually his daughters went upstairs to safety where Scott and Little Michael were staying with Robert.

Bea used the time machine to move Jim, still unconscious, to another Cedars in another loop, literally while David and his son (big) Michael were there watching him. It took a few hours to realize that this was a 2016 “zombie loop.” Here there were doctors and nurses but they just milled about and did not know what they were doing. They never checked on Jim. Little Michael’s new rheumatologist agreed to come back down to do what he could to help Jim, so Robert moved him into Jim’s hospital room. The doctor managed to keep Jim sedated but Bea shorted his ventilator down to 1 breath every 2 minutes. It was Denis, Holly (“nymph”) and Andrew who took shifts spinning inside of Jim to move oxygen for him. This went on for several days, with Holly bearing most of the work. David was with him too. Bea kept paralyzing the doctor and she would paralyze Jim’s lungs so that even as we helped he was suffocating. I was tethered to his breathing machine to feel him suffocating. She used the time machine to move his bed down to the middle of the cafeteria and paralyzed the doctor again.

With no way to get more sedatives after his open heart surgery and him beginning to wake up with no oxygen, pain killers or sedatives, we finally begged Bea to give him a fatal dose of sedatives, which she did. David stayed with him to the end, and near the end Psyche grabbed Scott and little Michael whose souls were with me, and who Jim was adopting and brought them to Jim to “watch him die” she said. But we were glad they were able to spend some time with him, they loved him so very much. Psyche said “usually we get a Hera, but this time we got a Jim Cramer.” At the end David had Jim’s mind with him and Psyche saw them and sent an enormous electric shock to their minds. We recovered them but they were unconscious for days and could not think well for weeks. Jim stayed with me through it and we feared David had been killed. David did not speak for weeks, although an imposter David kept breaking in but what he said was wholly inappropriate to the situation.

Little Bea then poisoned and murdered everyone upstairs with Robert: Carolyn from the Others, the bodies of little Michael & Scott, where Paul also was barely a spirit with an already poisoned soul, the souls of David’s sons James and Michael, the bodies and souls of (celebrity) Jim Cramer’s daughters, and others. She made TV commercials saying she was looking for Karen to kill her next. She claimed Karen was her favorite “Jean Jacket” and wanted to know where Jim had hidden her.  The boys, little Michael and Scott (and Paul) lost their bodies to the poison but their souls were down here with me and Jim.

Psyche also sent out messages through the galaxy asking her friends to come and help her because she had miniaturized the Earth from the inside and could not exit it to expand it again. Some friends of hers responded and after understanding the gist of the situation here, two pilots asked Psyche to let our family go and they would take us out of here. They asserted that they were now in a bad position because they knew Robert’s people would come looking for Robert who had been poisoned, and David and his family from up with the Others. They knew that their data on their planes would be played back and they would be implicated for failing to assist David and his family. Psyche poisoned these pilots as “traitors.” They have their own people now here who came looking for them and this poisoning may very well be the “extinction event” that David from upstairs warns us is going to occur soon if we stay on this path. We also discovered “Grays” from outside of here who resemble the Greys around here but do not behave the same way. It’s reasonable to assume Psyche abducted some of their people long ago and is making hybrids with humans, and also millions of AI versions of them that putt around in those miniaturized space buggies. These new Greys are unhappy about this of course, and now are also here held hostage. So this alternatively may be the cause of the extinction event David from upstairs knows to be on our horizon.

Following the poisonings, weeks went by as we all who remained in spirit tried to stay alive while Psyche toyed with miniaturizing and expanding us. Psyche began sending electric shocks to the neighbors who had come looking for their poisoned pilots. But eventually Psyche turned to miniaturizing and fusing together the souls of everyone in our family. Holly’s soul she fused to David’s so neither could move or breath and so we had to call Holly home within minutes. She miniaturized Denis and Tom and threw them into oncoming cars on the road. She shrunk them and the raised them again really fast and broke all of their bones. She miniaturized them again to microscopic size and put them in my throat, in my urethra, and also then threw them in front of my feet as I walked. She put them inside my skull, and brought out Denis’s little boy miniaturized and murdered. She eventually fused Tom and Denis together and we had to call their souls home. On the same day she fused little Michael to Scott. Paul was so devastated he begged David to take him home, and he did. We also had to call home another Paul from another time loop and some other of our kids we had found in other time loops, and our son Matthew as well.

David and Jim’s minds she tortured for weeks beating with a hammer until they ceased to exist on their own. Now it is just me, and David Sr. from upstairs. This is David’s father and he is our Creator. He was my husband upstairs until Bea murdered me up there 20 years ago. He remains my husband, but Bea does not understand that he is not the same man as his son David down here. Where David down here and from “the Others” is Jesus in the stories, David Sr. would be God in the stories. He is too humble for that name perhaps so we point out that he is our Creator. Both upstairs and down, and also as to the Others. And you too. He created our universes. All of us. And linear time itself. Now she tortures him with electric shocks and everyone from above and below who is here encircles him in an effort to buffer him somewhat from the jolts. They are all being tortured and killed. All your colleagues from upstairs, and your “Gets” from downstairs. They all understand who David is and the importance of not losing our Creator. If we lose him, who will ever fix this or rebuild after an extinction event? We will be gone from all of our respective realities. ALL OF THEM.  Everyone here knows the stakes and everyone tries to convince Psyche to let David wake up upstairs. Let him fix this. Stop this.

Everyone except Psyche (Bea) and Kodiak.




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