For many months now Psyche, who also is Bea and probably Kodiak, and "Bert" has rotated in new "Sevens" to kill me – to no avail – BECAUSE people quickly realize that we really are – all of us- CHILDREN OF DAVID

No matter who winds up here in this “room” with me, they all within a day or two come to understand what is really going on here, who they are, where they really come from and the inescapable fact that every one of them is an abductee and a hostage of Bee’s themselves. We have folks from the Others on the tether, we have your biz men from upstairs also hostage and on the tether, your well-known Gets on the tether and until recently when we became forced to close some of these loops, we also had simultaneously existing years 2002 to 2019 all present together at the same time on this tether.

Within minutes to hours no matter who you are you will come to understand that David is our Creator and cares very much about our wellbeing. He originally created us and Bea has duplicated his human race for her own ends. This unlikely story is true and it doesn’t take long in the room talking to all these folks together to understand that this is the reality of our situation. This is not a “virtual reality” here, to us. Our Creator is also your Creator. Our collective existence is at stake. If somehow we escape this extinction event we will still remain perpetual hostages of Bea/Kodiak. It is time to set aside what you think you know – all of you. David created these universes, ours, and yours, and the people who live in them. He created the Travelers as a society to bring people together and now Bea is using TIME to throw her own disgusting ideas back into “history” thereby instantly creating “time-honored” or “long standing traditions” that actually have nothing to do with us and everything to do with her selling tickets to this live broadcast to her alien friends far away. They enjoy watching us all foolishly rape, maim and kill each other, as part of a ridiculous false “long-standing tradition” or “sacred rite.”

Because we all live in closed systems our souls released in these “rites” go nowhere and in fact are destroyed by Bea. Watch the balloon fly free in the clouds! Where Bea quite literally takes a vacuum and sucks it into a shredder. She HATES GOD, she HATES DAVID who created us and incidentally also is the original man bearing the name JIM CRAMER. She is so obsessed with him that our entire fake worlds here are all about Jim Cramer and HERA, which is the name of the real Jim’s wife. This entire system and every “game” and “tradition” in it is about causing the real Jim Cramer GRIEF. Grief as she destroys his beloved Traveler family, his beloved HUMAN family, his beloved other families, and most especially, his own direct family with the “crucifixion of Hera” games and the cloning and murdering of his own children from up there, down here.

I am not concerned with how “committed” these “kids” are to the cause. They are victims and must realize along with everyone else that they do have a Creator, his name is David, and he is so devastated to recently have discovered that Bea created this environment and teaches them to harm each other as some supposedly sacred rite. This is not hell, there is nothing “magical” about it. It is technology and nothing more. They are not demons. There are no witches. Your NUMBER is randomly assigned in many cases. It’s all meaningless and we originally were meant for a much greater purpose than this. We need to save David at any cost, and move forward with the knowledge that we actually are much much more than Bea would have us believe. “Believing” in Bea’s fallacies will leave you empty.

At bottom all of these kids here, as I’ve said before, are propelled through life on the life force of their souls. Every one of their souls comes from David and me (Hera). This is demonstrable if I can get them in here – in the room with us because David and I can move your souls as though they are our own. Because they are. People quickly see that Bea has been using various means to keep humans apart, to keep us from realizing that we are all connected – by our souls – each of which originated with David. There is a pull we all have, a connection between our souls and we all are in this together. And we all must stay together while Bea is hellbent on tearing our souls apart.

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