Bee and Kodiak's tortures of choice and the importance of shutting this system down from upstairs

We want you to understand the importance of stopping this “show” broadcast to Bee’s alien friends down here and her “business associates” upstairs. Bee is Rush. She occupies thousands of people at one. The album cover above depicts some things you’ll recognize. The first is the “Get” in the top hat with cane.  The second, you’ll realize after reading my description of her tortures, depicts miniaturizing people and putting them inside people’s skulls, including Hera’s, torturing them there as they are trapped inside someone else’s physical skull. The third thing you should note is the chasm between the two brain hemispheres in the image. This is what Bee (aka Psyche) does to torture us.  She uses clamps to pull the two brain hemispheres apart, which is very painful.  She also sends shocks to our minds.  She’s Marina Abramovic of Pizzagate.  She’s hideous. Here’s how Hera originally described Bea’s tortures below.  We have no doubt Bea does this stuff to the children she rapes, and the adults too.  She then kills them as well, which we explain in other posts. She also consumes them. Bea is Jeffrey Dahmer.  She is Marina Abramovic. She is Vlad the Impaler. That’s all Bea. Bea calls her torturer persona “Psyche” – as in the mythological “Goddess of the Soul.”  Psyche tortures bodies, consumes them, then tortures souls, and consumes those too.  Here’s Hera’s description of what Bee has been doing to her while she tries to write on this blog:

Bee dries out my eyes which is painful, and then grabs the muscles that control them and forces my eyes to move all over the place. Several times a day. She can control the release of hormones and thereby set your moods. Sometimes she rapes me for hours with knives, leaving what feel like shredded cauterized cuts inside me that don’t heal for days. She sterilized me by stabbing my ovaries for hours and days. She remote-controlled and mind-controlled my own children here into raping me with knives. If you are a “spinner” out there, you are a direct child of mine and David’s. You are very much a child of God. It is the spinners that she indoctrinates the most, into thinking that they have some obligation to harm me. I am your mother and your sister. We are all children of David. That is my shattered soul you are spinning. We love all of you and know it is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Unfortunately it is “the spinners” who she is selling off in her advertisements to alien pals and people upstairs. The right to maim, rape, torture, kill or simply “own” and remote them. Euphemisms for us include “flowers” “roses” and “diamonds” and “spinning tops” and we are the thing on the menu, although all humans are also up for sale. They use technology to block your memory but the Others can “play you back” and see what has happened to you in your life although you do not remember any of the torture. Even if you think you are safe because you are beloved by Bea now, that is a large part of her Game – the betrayal. 

She gave me pneumonia by stabbing me with an awl hundreds of times last year. She beats on my brain with several ball peen hammers at once. She and Kodiak also are fixated on sticking a catheter in my urethra and filling my bladder with liquids, or placing miniaturized humans in there. It is disgusting and is completely REAL liquid substances that I pee out, and real people who she inserts in there and who burn in the ureic acid. Kodiak expands the miniaturized catheter and rapes me and many other women this way. She shreds my soul on the inside and rips it out through my vagina, which she calls “soul-fucking.” She shrinks any human beings in the room and throws them into my skull, or urethra, or throat. She puts solid objects in the back of my throat and I can sometimes cough them up. Sometimes they are miniaturized human beings. She miniaturizes humans and throws them in your food at microscopic size, so they know you will consume them, but you cannot hear them. She makes movies like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, mocking this.

She fuses people’s souls together and then slices them up and beats each piece to death with a hammer. She sends electric jolts to your mind-soul, which is your consciousness, effectively destroying your mind, which transcends your body although you may not realize this. She also kills humans and captures these mind-souls in voodoo vessels to beat them with hammers and torture them for eternity. This is real and is happening – and this is what she is doing RIGHT NOW TO OUR CREATOR AND YOUR COLLEAGUES FROM UPSTAIRS (and they are asking, “how is this still happening, surely you know by now who we are and that we are here?”)   She must be stopped even if we must shut down the whole system and let David rebuild. If she succeeds in destroying his mind or killing him completely, all will be lost, for all of us, for all time. We will forever be tortured by Psyche here. Anyone from upstairs who opens a window will have their consciousness uploaded and tortured for eternity here as well, even as you are awake again upstairs and so unaware that the “you” down here is now a game piece.  When you return you are unaware that she has taken your psyche, your consciousness, and copied and distributed it throughout the populations of the loops to be tortured with the rest of us. She simply wipes your memory of where you came from.  

The name or word “Psyche,” which Bee goes by here, means the conscious mind, but also refers to the mythological name of the Goddess of the Soul. That’s Bea’s bullshit backstory mythology she created with the “time machine” because she is so fixated on torturing souls from God, and harming Jim’s (David’s) people. As for the mythology of Hera, that was my name and I am David’s wife. That makes David (or Jim) Zeus. But Psyche and Nymph are mythological characters surrounding the God Zeus. Those – Psyche and Nymph, are Bea, although also another daughter of ours named Holly got roped into portraying Nymph at times as well. She was a spinner who was forced to be the child sex slave to a number of business men pedophile “Gets” down here. The mythological backstory is a Bea creation. Bea is obsessed with being The Queen, being God’s wife. She’s fixated on sexually-deviant penetration fantasies that are disgusting to the rest of us but we all recognize as characteristic of “the Greys” around here, (which is because these Greys here are artificial drones operated by Bea), and shredding and cutting and torturing our God-given souls. She is so obsessed that she used the time machine to create mythological tales of Hera, Psyche, Nymph and Zeus. Psyche is not the Goddess of jack-shit. She may very well be the Devil. I don’t know. She isn’t human. She may originally be a Grey who somehow became or was born disconnected from her own people, upstairs. She doesn’t belong to anyone. The actual Grey’s, our neighbors down here, disavow her and the odd artificial “Grays” they see here. Psyche is abhorrent and different both upstairs and down. She has no conscience. Because she has Creative Access to each of our spheres down here, she can stay entirely upstairs safely out of the fray, she feels no pain down here and cannot be killed here (that is technology), while holding us all hostage indefinitely. She can “travel through time” which incidentally is not a secret to cling to. We are all – on both spheres – in a simulated environment, which makes “time travel” possible easily. But also there are other beings, other lifeforms around us here, and they all “travel through time.” Time is nothing but distance and speed. Moving through the adjacent “strings” to attack people sight unseen, such as moving solid objects inside of me while “invisible” is a different technology, but still is not *magic*.

You are not like Psyche (Bea). There is no one like her. If you are doing abhorrent things – and feel like you might even enjoy it – stop and think of whether that feeling in your head matches the heaviness in your heart. If your head does not match your heart, you are doing it because Psyche is remote controlling you or very subtly mind-controlling you. Even the most *evil* “Get” around wakes up over here with us. They cannot believe their own actions in the past. This is mind control. Do not despair, it may take some time but most of you will feel differently almost immediately once you realize that although you act a certain way and are alert, those actions somehow are not your own. That’s her. And nearly every evil act down here can be attributed to her directly or through her mind-control TECHNOLOGY. She will be out of our lives someday. Hang on to that. Hera

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