A Message From the Others (at bottom) and Why The Air is "Heavy" Here – Bea uses nanoparticles within the oxygen we breathe to keep us under control and to poison us. It is not *magic* – it is technology.

The air here is poisoned as is the water. The “sky is heavy” according to the Grateful Dead song about our situation (“Box of Rain”) because it is both positively charged air, which powers these mini space buggies that the AI Grey prison guards putt around in, and because the molecules of oxygen also contain gases to control our moods. In this way she can create a “microclimate” inside of any space big or small and can poison anyone. She most often makes the air around me “oxygen poor” so that I am breathing but not getting enough oxygen to keep my body and mind going at full capacity. Incidentally this is one reason if you can see what I am doing – I am spinning David from upstairs and all the business men who are shielding him – to try and give them better air to breathe. Another reason is that it randomizes the electric shocks she sends them so that she cannot focus on all of them at once, or doesn’t although she probably can kill them all instantly if she really wants to. It’s long, drawn out torture though that she enjoys and it may be what is keeping them alive.

If you feel trouble breathing like this go and try sitting at an “Oxygen Bar” in the nearest city and that may help. Another wise thing to do is buy yourself a carbon-filter or charcoal-filter gas mask and a refill set of filters. A mask that filters paint fumes may suffice, they are 25 bucks at Home Depot. Keep gas in your car and a few bottles of water and some energy bars in your house in case we lose power here. That’s about all you can do. The rest depends on whether Bea succeeds in pulling off her usual “alien attack” game to wipe out our 2016 time loop.  In that case there is nothing we can do that can help us, unless we convince the folks over or up to shut down this System.

We have several neighbors who you would call “aliens” I suppose who are trying to help us here. They have been trying for a very long time. Do not assume that someone foreign is here to harm you. To anyone including our neighbors and the people upstairs: Closing out this time loop in the event of a staged “alien attack game” instigated by Bea, would be appreciated. But do not close it now thinking this will help your friends from upstairs who are trapped. It may, but it may not and David as our Creator is everywhere at once down here so closing this loop will not wake him up or help. Indeed we already have closed many of the loops to isolate Bea before realizing she was entirely upstairs, and also to dissuade her from letting this loop go under an “alien attack” now that she has a shortage of new loops to play with.

The Others who are neighbors to Earth “down here” add that “We will continue to close these loops as Bea attempts to open them. We are very sorry to see what she is doing to our human neighbors and to Jim Cramer’s family. Jim is our Creator too and we love him very much. She has killed Robert too, and he was our “Father” here and Jim’s brother. We trusted Bea. She has killed many of us who came down to help the human race. We are there among you as well, trying to help find a solution. This is very tragic and we hope that it is possible for someone to control this situation or wake David upstairs.”


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