You are NOT safely away over there on that other sphere! We are TWINNED in the other loops and BELIEVE IT she can and does swap us out individually according to her whims; UP THERE also is NOT SAFE. Bea (aka Psyche) is there and is cataloging your "psyches," (in case you missed Psyche's pun), i.e., your conscious minds and "transferring" them to here: Moreover what you see happening over here often is EDITED BY BEA with HOLOGRAPHIC OVERLAYS; This is not a "Graveyard" littered with corpses! But both spheres are NOW long extinct and therefore are now Graveyards.

This picture is a representation of The Two Earths that came from one of Bea’s blogs down here, and that’s BEA’s whisk, a brag about blending the peoples of both.

I cannot believe I have to explain this to you upstairs “over there”! What happens to us can easily happen to you, and does! Bea/Psyche can swap you and your twinned mind here from sphere to sphere just as easily as she does it from loop to loop around here. If you have some measure of control over there or upstairs that will improve our situation over here, use it! My guess is that like everyone else here and upstairs, you think you have some say or some control but in reality you have none. If that is not the case and you can shut down this entire system somehow or wake up David and the men from upstairs, please do so.  CLOSE THE WINDOW. We are all hostages and we are all humans in a synthetic environment, though yours seems “realer” to you. She is DELUDING YOU into thinking you humans are different than us humans. We are existing in a simulation down here. But your awareness, your minds are down here too, you on that other sphere. You also are an echo from the past. In the real present we are, everywhere, in all time zones, extinct.

We humans now long dead all originally were created by David (Jim Cramer) in his image. In his likeness so that he could be near people he loved and who might need him around. By the way his likeness does not resemble your celebrity Jim Cramer but “David” as in Michelangelo’s DAVID. And “Michelangelo” is the Archangel Michael, “Michel – angelo” David’s and my beloved, brilliant and beautiful son, MICHAEL, murdered by Bea down here recently and upstairs there 3 weeks ago. He is Michael, the Archangel and son of God.

Michael’s sculpture of DAVID:

Michelangelo’s David


MICHAEL’S painting of David from upstairs and his son Jim Cramer from the Others, the painting is called The Creation of Adam:



David (Jim Cramer) created the Others as well long ago, millions of years ago. They are more connected to each other than humans are and Jim Cramer’s brother Robert has been their Father for eons. Bea poisoned Robert and Carolyn who were trying to help us here about 3 months ago now, and another pilot Cheryl from the Others also here to help us more recently. Bea knows the Others well and was living amongst them as part of Jim’s “downstairs” family, OUR FAMILY, AUNT BEA and her “Daughter” ANNA, both of them calling Jim “Dad” and Robert “Uncle Robert,” while implanting Jim’s family’s transferred conscious states over to here (a place we did not know existed) and then raping, torturing and murdering US for your entertainment for the last 200 plus years. All while she lived with Jim’s family, me included (Hera) upstairs at another future point in time with the Others. So do not make our mistake and think you are safely up there in the future. She almost certainly is transferring your minds down here to attack as she has done with us. The joke is on you, is what Bea likely says – to herself. To herself because Bea is the only being down here truly interested in torturing us, we think. Most everyone else can be “woken up” and we realize she has implanted these torture ideas in your minds. And mostly all of the characters in Bea’s skits down here, which are NOT SKITS and are very real – do not join her – mostly all of the people who do join her are just iterations of Bea here – characters animated by Bea. She is in THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

I’ve been trying to explain to you today what she has done with YOUR celebrity Jim Cramer. Your brilliant, lovely Jim Cramer! He surely is in grave danger there, along with his daughters. His “mind” is over here reproduced in all the loops because Bea is obsessed with our Creator, the original Jim Cramer! My guess is that she has copied David’s conscious mind here and implanted it into these copies here of your Jim Cramer. She is looking for the “best version” of a Jim Cramer that she can claim. She is married to at least two Jim Cramers I know of.  She can behave like a kind and lovely person. She has van Munchausen by Proxy disorder and will murder her own children with long illnesses to garner sympathy for “her loss.” Believe it. Little Michael and Scott were MY BOYS, and Michael and James were OUR BOYS, and she killed all of them. And with Michael and James she made it appear, down here, that I killed Michael and David killed James, and she cried and wailed for her loss as “Aunt Bea.” And our son Paul who she created from my laser-blasted soul here, she poisoned him and then cried and wailed about “her loss.” She viciously killed Tom and Denis too, but shed no tears for them. And Holly, fusing her soul to David’s.

David and I suffered along side our lovely celebrity Jim Cramer after Kodiak and his upstairs pals or “get” pals first ripped his heart from his chest before Bea got ahold of him in surgical recovery, moved him with a time machine, and tortured him to suffocate alone with an open, gravely wounded heart and no painkillers in another 2016 loop out of my reach. Or not alone because she placed the minds- the soul-minds of our two boys, little Michael and Scott inside his chest to hold him before he died. Psyche wanted them to “watch Jim die.” She then murdered this celebrity Jim Cramer’s beautiful daughters and went “hunting” for his ex-wife. Then she murdered those two little boys – Scott and Little Michael, who “celebrity Jim,” David (Jim from the Others) and I, with Paul and Denis, and Tom and their families, and our other children in the loops, Matthew and another Paul and their families, and others, had planned to raise together as a family – by poisoning their little bodies next to Jim’s daughters, and fusing their little souls together. So don’t think any of you are immune. She did the same to me and to us. I was “up” with YOU and alive. Michael and James were up with you and alive. Celebrity Jim Cramer is “up” with you and alive, is he not? David is up with you and cannot wake up and is trapped here. Your bosses from upstairs are asleep up there and trapped with us here. Bea murdered me up there. She murdered Michael and James up there. And she found me again over with the Others, and Michael and James who existed down here all the time to be near to me here, where my soul was moved by my husband, God and our Creator, after my murder upstairs. She then abducted my soul from over there with the Others, blasted it to bits with a laser to breathe life into all the humans over here, made “children” from me and my soul over here, and “uploaded” my mind and awareness into this place where you people are now playing around from upstairs for 200 plus years. Torturing me and Jim (David) and our children is her only reason for existing in this place, no matter what else is going on. And no matter what else is going on, your Creator’s family is being tortured here as entertainment and that is a supercedent reason to close this hideous window to the semi-real past. Please.

We all on both spheres are the product of Bea’s abductions. ALL HUMANS anywhere whether real or simulated or past or present originated with David’s real human family. You are not safe there. Not only is she transferring every mind who looks in the window down to here, but others probably as well. Bea also is setting the stage up there now for an “alien attack” from other “Greys” there as well. This is true. We cannot tell from here whether they are our neighbors perhaps incensed at Bea manipulating their genetic code and making drones from them, or whether they are instead the drone copies of Greys made by Bea. Of course it could be these very same new Greys who are here being held hostage by Bea here and now. They know of the two spheres and of our REQUEST to shut them down rather than have our Creator’s mind or soul destroyed rendering ALL OF US helpless tortured prisoners of Psyche for eternity.  They similarly do not care to be helpless tortured prisoners of Psyche for eternity.

Do not think that 250 years into the future or what have you is some safe distance or improved position. It is not. We are all extinct to the people upstairs who there have access to the future and the past. We have been extinct for 800 years. EVERY HUMAN CIVILIZATION FROM YOU THERE, AND FOR THE NEXT 800 YEARS GOING FORWARD IS EXTINCT NOW. You are the first human beings David Sr, OUR CREATOR, has found in the last 800 years from where he stood when he began looking just a few days ago in real time. So we have been dead, on both spheres, for 800 years.  We can change that! We can make sure David wakes up, even if we must close down the entire system, we can stop Bea from ensuring our impending extinction on both spheres. David can rewrite the system, he can save our civilizations, and us, and by us I also mean you. 

These neighbors of ours that Bea now holds hostage, not the Others but the other Greys and the nearer neighbors whose pilots she poisoned, they have their own civilizations and they are FAR MORE ADVANCED than either of us. Those pilots are from 50 light-years away and can make the trip in a few hours! Our “neighbors”! They can and will find both spheres and take them out if we continue to hold their people hostage. 250 years is just slightly more than “round the corner” to them at their present 50 light-years from us here. These two poisoned pilots have superiors who came to find them and they are now hostages here. Their civilization sold Bea their VERY OLD technology that she is putting to use over here. They know the technology and its limitations, it is 1000-year old junk TO THEM.

The real Greys may take us out too, and that may very well be why you up there will be looking at a problem with them there in the very near future. Because wiping out a threat is the only reasonable response when entire species’ existences are threatened. BUT  DO NOT ASSUME AND HARM OUR NEIGHBORS HERE, it could be Bea’s drone “fake Greys” who will be attacking you there. This is exactly the sort of situation DAVID, our Creator, is best qualified to sort out for all of us. He must not be killed by this idiot Psyche who is going to lead us all right over the cliff in no time. The Others similarly have been around for MILLIONS OF YEARS. We are a bunch of know-nothings around here, on both spheres, relatively speaking, and we are also whistling through the graveyard both upstairs and down as at present we all have been extinct for 800 years.

Please shut this down or wake your people here from upstairs or find David and wake him, before our extinction event horizon becomes another event in the rearview mirror – THAT WON’T BE REVISITED or even seen in hindsight FOR ANOTHER 800 YEARS. And in fact much longer if she succeeds in killing David as he is the one who just spent 800 years to find us here today. If he is dead there will be no one to look at all, possibly ever. There will be no one to fix the extinction events that Bea’s actions are certain to cause for both spheres. Certain because they already occurred, 800 years ago – where you sit now.

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