Bea hates our family so much that there are multiple games of raping and mutilating Hera running simultaneously, on twins of Hera from other loops. Bea forces our own children to "Emcee" these Satanic "Shows" – these shows of killing your Creator's family must stop.

Even if we were not your Creator’s family, though we are, these shows must stop. Do you want me to grab your wife or your young children and throw their minds and souls into a body of mine down here to be raped and mutilated? How about if I swap your children for my own who feel everything that I feel?  It is not Virtual Reality. That is a false perception created by BEA. I am not virtual. The pain is real. These aren’t holograms of me. These are copies of me who share my mind and my soul. Oftentimes it is me the original me getting raped, although a copy of me ultimately is the one who dies.  I am body mapped to feel the pain of all the versions of me you are raping, torturing and killing.  And so is your Creator, and our kids.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Stop these shows.

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