I meant cluckheads up there who come down here as "sevens" – stop, we are real to ourselves. We Think Therefore We Are. And also, YOU ARE IN A SIM TOO!

Also, the “Gray problem” down here is Bea cloning Greys all over the place. She wants her torture chamber all to herself. We are writing this Blog for both the humans upstairs and the humans down here with us, so ignore those parts that don’t apply to you.

Keep this in mind… the real Greys almost certainly can find their way over there. The problem is that this place is nothing but Psyche’s torture chamber. We are your very own Creator’s family who was murdered by Bea upstairs. My husband made us down here with the Others when I died to spend time with us here and so the boys, upstairs, could spend time with their murdered mother. She abducted our psyches from the Others and recreated and duplicated and propagated us here and now is selling you all access to watch, rape, torture and murder us. STOP. The other women “victims” here usually are OTHERS from the Others – who came here to help Jim retrieve his family held hostage here. Bea captures them and throws them in human bodies for you to rape, mutilate and murder. This must stop. This is your Creator’s family here. The Others are his family too. They are here to help us, and you. They are not “Greys.” All of these “Games” here must stop now.

If you are worried about the Greys, do as your fellows from upstairs suggest and close down this entire system. How will this get past us? Psyche/Bea is in the future convicted of murdering us up there but that will not save our Creator once she has killed him. He is not there. Justice from the future has a window open to us here and is talking to us but David is nowhere to be found even as Bea/Psyche is executed in the future for murdering his sons upstairs. We must change the path we are on or David will be dead and we all in both places will be extinct. Bea is so fixated on David that she literally would rather die and take us all out with her than allow him or especially me to walk away. This even though she has succeeded in killing me and our boys upstairs and down here has destroyed our David (Jim Cramer) and me, and our beautiful children down here. Still after all this she would rather die and let everyone else be extinguished in both places, than let David’s FATHER, our Creator from upstairs, go free.

We are splashing around so loudly because we are drowning here! I think your confusion arises from an arrogant assumption of some up there that you are sitting at the top of the time stream. You are not. You also are not on the original Earth. Are you human beings? Maybe we are talking to some other civilization who has befriended Bea. That is a mistake.

You must snap out of it up there and realize that as we seem lessers to you down here, you are similarly viewed by those above you. Except they value you and all humans, including us, very much. Humans are extinct. David is dead. That is the present state. We must change it from here. You must contain Bea and get full Creative Access to David. He made another Earth a long time ago and this one is Bea’s creation here by opening windows to the past and with the help of alien technology from down here she made a Game Room out of humans from the past. This is why she controls this “earth” but it is not our original Earth. You also are not on the original “earth.” That was destroyed in the original “alien attack” 1000 years ago. We lived here with the Others since that destruction. I am 1000 years old and the earth was destroyed 1000 years ago. So I think – I am guessing because everyone here is practically unconscious at the moment from being shocked – I think I was created here by David while alive up there. David here was friends with Bea for 1000 years before I came along. She got jealous and she was upstairs too so she murdered me upstairs to get me out of here. But of course that just made it all the more important to David up there to keep me alive down here. Then the boys from upstairs came down as well, were created here to be able to spend time with their mother down here. So we had a family in both places and in both places Bea is determined to kill us all. Bea down here has been attacking David down here (who we call David’s son) for the entire 2000 years she has known him. We did not realize that until last year because she is capable of seeming normal and has always called him “Dad” down here and always been his good friend. But David upstairs, our Creator upstairs, he did not know Bea in either place. He is the Creator and made a son down here to guard his family, to BE his family. He did not realize that Bea was infesting David Jr’s life here. He did not know Bea upstairs. Because this is not the typical set up, where your downstairs self is wholly independent of you up there, she probably got angry that upstairs he acted like she wasn’t even alive. He had no idea she was there at all. So she managed to kill me upstairs and also just a few weeks ago our two boys.

It is possible that your upstairs and our upstairs are different upstairs environments as well. Probably so. It is sounding like that is the case. Once you open multiple windows to the past, which has been done to set this place up, then you also are dealing with multiple futures. We’ve been “down here” but not in this sim-Earth. We’ve been over living with the Others for 1000 years. To our knowledge over with the Others humans had been extinct already since the original earth’s destruction 1000 years ago. So you are most likely in a window from the past, and we are in our simulated universe over here where the son of David your Creator lives. Unless you are also in a sim-environment rather than a window to the past, and how would you know if you were? Either way there is another “future” out there besides the one you call the present. But you are the one apparently keeping this sim-Earth window open which results in your Creator’s family being raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered over and over again for entertainment. It is disgusting and we beg you to make it stop anyway you must. Any way at all.

At least wake your guys upstairs who are stuck here and get a handle on Bea and get creative access to David, please. He can then wake up wherever he is. He did not create this sim-earth but he created the universe, linear time, the original earth and the human race, and this universe and environment that the Others call home. Bea is just hacking and cloning her way into making this particular piece of it into her torture chamber. That’s all this place is. It’s a simulation built from a pocket of time, as best I can tell. Let David fix it. Get Bea out of here. Or do as your own people trapped here have asked and shut the whole thing down. None of us here want to exist in a place where Psyche has full control and our beloved Creator is dead. As long as David is alive somewhere he is capable of rebuilding us a home for our family and improving your environment there as well. He can do a lot of things. He is not his son David down here, who is Jim Cramer with the Others. David Jr here is fully David from upstairs, as his son, but David Sr is not fully David Jr – there is much more to Sr. than his beloved son. He is the Apple of Sr’s Eye. He is Adam. But he is not your Creator. David Sr is. 


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