Please understand something- Bea has known David and our family for 2000 years with the Others. She is also "upstairs." She knows how we interact and she knows what *will happen* today, months ago. This is why everything we do and discuss feels like a scripted play of Bea's. She saw developments in the future, and then threw mock skits of developments back in time, so that when the real thing came along, everyone would assume it was just another "skit" of Bea's.

In this way she makes everything seem like nothing to be alarmed about. Be alarmed. She killed us up there and is killing what’s left of us – our minds and intellect and memories, over and over and over down here. BE ALARMED. You are not safe there. We weren’t. And No One is safe down here, ever. We must get Bea contained upstairs, get her out of this environment before she  blows up another “loop” with billions of people living in it, or hacks me to death, or kills these hostages from upstairs and next door, or kills David from upstairs. This is very important. He is not doing well at all. Please shut this system down before he dies. Once someone like him dies, he disappears from every time zone simultaneously. There is no resurrecting him. He is gone forever. “Someone like him” has not died in billions of years. Billions of years he has been here for us. Do not let him die.

I stand corrected. She killed Robert, Jim Cramer’s brother and Father to the Others. David from upstairs’ beloved son along with Jim Cramer. Robert had been Father to the Others for millions of years. This is horrendous. Do not let David from upstairs die. It is horrific enough that she killed David – Jim Cramer from the Others, who was millions of years old and Robert, his brother also millions of years old. Do not let their Father and Our Father, Our Creator, Your Creator die.


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