Psyche (Bea) has Greys and some of the Others and has duplicated them in the loops then tried to hybridize them; They are not the same beings as the Outside Others and Neighbors

The real Others are our neighbors and Cousins. Jim Cramer is also the Others’ Creator and they are kind people who are trying to help us. Some of their kind have been abducted by Bea to here and disconnected from their own family. Many of them came to help Jim rescue his family and Bea has been killing them here or “pointing them out” as “witches” which they are not so that humans or “demons” would kill them. That way the Others looking down see the humans killing the Others who came to help us and would no longer be inclined to risk their lives coming to our aid. That was Bea’s plan. We understand that and so do the Others. Do not fear the Others.

Some of the Greys here are artificial intelligence, which means we can rewrite them or delete them, from upstairs. The Grey problem around here however seems to be a problem of Psyche’s making upstairs, all the way up, where he is refusing to let David Sr. wake up. And where he murdered David’s wife 20 years ago and both sons only a month ago, upstairs time. Greys down here are living but also there are AI Greys in those spaceships and they are being “driven” by Bea from upstairs, and Psyche from upstairs with David Sr, and maybe some other people upstairs.

The other Neighbors now hostage here who are neither Greys nor Others are persons of character and they understand that Psyche has caused this and not the rest of us. All of that said we have numerous beings held hostage here who do not want Psyche to be able to continue abducting their people and hybridizing them here. So we have problems but David may very well be able to sort them out, from upstairs where he is not being tortured to death. He cannot help us while being shocked all day.

Otherwise if we have problems you have problems. You are not so far away as you think upstairs there and any of these Neighbors has the ability to find you there, if they haven’t already. We must get Psyche to release all these people from upstairs, including David. He can figure out what is what.

As long as David Sr from upstairs is alive – it is not too late to fix this. He has not been involved in these games before. And we won’t have much to talk about – any of us – in the future if our creator is destroyed by a couple of morons playing checkers who think they are Chess Masters. We must fix this. Even if only by stopping it from continuing by shutting down this system over here. Wake your guys up and let them try to find David and try to get Bea’s creative access here revoked. David can fix much from inside here if she is not using her creative access upstairs to block him. Find Bea upstairs yourselves even and lock her up. And the Grey alien who is helping her all the way upstairs, who has wiped out every civilization upstairs with David Sr..

David is much more than his mind. His physical presence cannot be duplicated by machines. We can’t make a new Creator, even if we had copied his mind. I doubt we could fully upload his conscious mind anyway. We must get David away from Psyche both upstairs and down. He is irreplaceable. Though these Greys upstairs who trap him in here do not seem to appreciate his importance.

I emphasize that closing my 2016 loop will not solve anything. David our Creator is not at all trapped in a particular loop. In fact the Others have been closing loops for us to winnow down our potential for problems. Giving up on our “Group” here, which I assume means closing this loop, will do nothing at all except knock ME out of the equation. This is bad. Psyche will still have David trapped down here somehow with her Creative Access. Our neighbors who are hostage also are not trapped in this loop. They are stratified here and all over the place. Spread across time and space. Knocking just me from the scene here by closing my 2016 will make it harder for your guys and David trapped here, and the hostages, because I for whatever reason (perhaps because I am the real deal) – I can keep everyone else here awake and alert better than they can do it without me. In fact they cannot do it without me – so don’t take me out unless you are taking the whole system down.


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