Bea's Aliases You May Know (She Occupies Both Males and Females); and What Taylor Swift's Name Means in Bea's Lexicon

Beatrix, Beatrice, Bea, Bee, Betty, Dot, Dorothy, Jean, Gene (male), Bert (male), Queen Bee, Samantha Bee, Psyche, Nymph, Nokia, Taylor Swift, Sikorsky, Dance Mom, Happy Nana, WesCyde, Kodiak’s “ex-wife Hera” (a false tale designed to allow Kodiak to assume David’s identity after he is killed); real Jim Cramer’s “real wife Hera” (a false tale to the same ends); occupier of Karen, Bea’s favorite “Jean Jacket” and Bea’s “daughter” Anna. Bea has no daughters. Bea on “earth” operates as Psyche or Nymph, or Bee, or the other names. Upstairs she is Bea or Annette, with the Others she was Bea and pretended to be her own daughter “Anna” and also pretended to be me – “Hera” – while I was abducted to “earth” to be raped, tortured and killed by tens of paying customers while also watched with VR glasses by thousands of subscribers from both “upstairs” and “downstairs.”

Bea has broadcast my rapes and torture sessions for my entire life and repeat lives to paying customers. She also simultaneously occupied my entire “earth” or “human” family while I was in their presence:  parents, sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents too, male and female alike, and all at the same time. She also has kept a constant “dome” over me to prevent my family from rescuing me by moving me back to my home and off of “earth.” She additionally has shredded my soul so that when I die I cannot be “taken home” to my Creator and husband, David.  Clearly she will not stop this on her own but must be stopped by YOU upstairs. She has been harming David and his humans and his direct family, and his Other family, for 2000 years now down here. That is her complete occupation. She will not stop. She must BE STOPPED. Please wake David and work with him to move her to another environment, or kill her in her sleep. I don’t care, just stop her, please. We’ll fix you a new and better environment. Hera

According to Bea she “gets up at 7 and goes to work at 9.”  – her Rush song “Working Man” – meaning she is a “Get” and a “seven” which is a demon, and also a “nine,” which is a Grey alien or witch.

Kodiak aka Robert, Bob, Bill, etc, often with Denver, Colorado or Texas roots or names, often jumps into Denis and Paul and other kids or humans to do things he doesn’t want ascribed to him. Bea does the same. People Kodiak may “occupy” at times, Trump, Simpson, Castro, Cosby. Perhaps you’ll see some similarities in personality traits or a pattern of behavior there like I do.

Bea and Kodiak use names with meaning. Both use Martin and Simmons or variants on that for last names – Martin as in Martian and Simmons as in Simeon, Simon, cyber, SIM, synthetic, CY, cyborg, etc. Kodiak says he’s never been “upstairs” but when posing as my “boyfriend” in college his name was “Denver Northrup” and when posing as my husband after law school his name was “Jim Browne.” Robert is his “brown” alter-ego in Traveler terms and “Jim” is of course the name they all use here so that Kodiak can kill the real Jim Cramer and assume his identity either with the Others or further “upstairs.”  Jim is Irish. One nickname Jim goes by is Sparky or Sparks, which probably stems from his use of a car battery jumper to kill himself quickly thereby freeing himself to “wake up” outside of this simulation. See my later blog entry of Bee’s Amazon review of an emergency car charger that her husband “never goes anywhere without” and that will “give you a first class jump.” I am told by some who do this jumping between environments that this is a quick and easy way to go. The human they occupy of course is dead after that. Some may have already been “hollowed out” of any meaningful thoughts of their own long before that. I’ve noticed many people they occupy for several years wind up with dementia once Bee and Kodiak leave those bodies.

The Meaning of “Taylor Swift”:     “Taylor” means the “tailor of suits” or here the finder of “suits” for the “Gets” around here, in other words someone who chooses the “human host” for the Gets and her alien pals to occupy, as in a “tailor” of “suits.” Humans here are referred to as suits or clothes, or dresses. They consider them “covering” for their own souls or spirits or whatever they are in there.  That’s the only value a human being has to them. They don’t give a shit that you are also in there and have your own thoughts, cares and ambitions. If you are not easily “driven” by them to do their bidding, they will “hollow you out” and remove the conscience portion of your mind. Failing that they will throw you in traffic or give you a stroke, as they recently did with my step-father when he declined to throw me out of his house.  “Swift” refers to “fast as lightning” or “quick” which is a moniker for or reference to being satanic or a “witch” (also called “quicksilver” or “nines” or “cats”).  So, “Taylor Swift” – a finder of human hosts for aliens who also is a “witch” or quicksilver or “Grey alien” (SILVER or witch, “nines,” “cats” or also called “smoke” or “Peel” or “Deal” as in p eel or de al, P and D mean alien or witch, eel means Grey alien and “al” means “mob boss”).




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