So your "Upstairs" is comprised of Greys or Hybrid Greys who consider themselves "Parents" to the HUMAN HOSTAGES HERE ON EARTH?

Is this correct? Is this why you refuse to stop Bea – because she is now “Queen of the Greys” as she claims to be? It doesn’t trouble you that you live in a Universe created by David from another “upstairs”? You will watch him and his family be tortured and raped to death and shocked to death, and their souls hacked to pieces and hammered to death?

You watch this without sympathy and join in to suit your mood. And you call yourselves “the parents” of us humans here on earth? He is our Creator. We are his direct family. He made us. He made your home although Bee apparently made you by blending other abducted species. You are abducted and genetically toyed with by Bea, like we are. Please release David and he can make us a new environment. Or you a new environment. He will do that, you have his word. I am quoting him. Hera

If you are human, something is amiss there as well.  All humans have been extinct going back 1000 years, down here, in addition to going forward another 800 years. 1000 years ago Bea had the human race annihilated with the original “alien attack” that was real but based on an inter-galactic dispute she generated overnight using her time machine. So if you are human then she abducted you from 1000 years in the past by opening a window, or she cloned you from us and you are also in a simulated environment. Humans are appearing right now as a blip in the timeline, down here. Humans have been gone for 1000 years and except for this moment are gone in the future all the way up 800 years. You humans may be in the simulation too then, or you are 800 years ahead, not 250, and not in the simulation. David is the Creator of humans both up there and here, but he is not “human” himself and neither is his family. God is not of the Earth or the human race. But made humans in his image. Humans here went extinct in the first real alien attack orchestrated by Bea. The only survivor was David Jr down here.

David Jr then went, and took Bea, to live with the Others after his home was destroyed. He did not know Bea had orchestrated the attack. David Jr then established his family here with the Others, which roughly corresponded to David Sr’s family upstairs who has now been murdered up there by Bea. He gave me a life here after I was murdered up there. He gave me a son of his to look after me and who eventually became my husband down here. The same son he originally sent to look after all humans down here, Jim Cramer. He gave us children here that our boys upstairs could channel through to spend time with their murdered mother. But there are no humans alive now down here with the Others. David Jr and Sr both loved their down and up human families and consider them their respective children. Bea knows this and now has other beings or David Sr’s upstairs humans calling themselves “parents” to David Jr’s human family that Bee has abducted and cloned? As with the Others, David and his son cherish human beings, however and wherever they arise, and do not want them harmed.

But what these “hostages here from upstairs” are saying now is that “the Parents” of “the kids” downstairs are Greys and not humans. Please clarify who you are and whether there is anything we can do to get you not to kill our Creator and his family, or the Others, or our neighbors hostage here as well, or any humans who may be here or up there. Please stop killing everyone. David will move us if you let him wake up. Please let him wake up and don’t wipe us all out here. Don’t hold us hostage forever like this – I’m sure we did nothing to deserve this. Let us go home to the Others and take our children with us. Let Jim’s dad David Sr wake up and start building us a new home environment.

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