Why Not Shut Down This Torture Playground "By Any Means Necessary" Instead of Worrying About My Documentation of What is Occurring Here? It's the occurrences, not the proof of them that should trouble you

Go ahead and shut this system down entirely. We all prefer that to being tortured by Psyche until we become extinct. David will wake up then and build you whatever environment you want that doesn’t involve his actual human family or hybrids or clones of them including his beloved wife and children murdered by Bea UPSTAIRS, not just with the Others but all the way upstairs, and who at present are the unwitting stars of ALL OF YOUR SHOWS here being raped and tortured by Bea’s alter ego Psyche. Please shut this down and we can move on to better things.

This place is nothing but Psyche’s revenge room for David (the original Jim Cramer) failing to fall in love with her for the 2000 years down here that she befriended him and called him “Dad.” His father, David from upstairs, is your Creator. Are you really going to let Psyche rape and torture him, his wife, and his children while people up there pay to “play”? This is your Creator, from upstairs, and his family, who was murdered up there and is now being brutalized down here, for over 200 years. Please shut this down. David, upstairs, can rebuild a world without Bea/Psyche in it. I’m disgusted that your Creator has to beg for the lives of his wife and family. And ashamed beyond words that you ignore our pleas.

Knowing you stand idly by is almost as heartbreaking as watching our Creator be tortured and killed down here singlehandedly by Psyche (Bea upstairs) while she plays all of the “roles” in this very real “simulation skit.” It is not a simulation to us or our Creator, who also is yours.


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