You Absolutely *CAN* Die … She Has Killed Numerous Friends of Mine Over the Years – In Actual and Not Imaginary Ways. They are Dead. I Likely Soon Will Join Them

Psyche’s first rape attack on me that I RECALL was when I was 5 years old. There are numerous instances I recall. They are not imaginary attacks or attacks in my mind, but physical attacks with very solid physical evidence in this physical world. All of my friends throughout my life, or mentors, and in same cases just people unusually kind to me  – they are dead, or maimed, or the families, or their lives are ruined. I can give you names that you can Google but I want to protect the privacy of their families. They are numerous. They are actually dead. They are not souls. They are physical human beings who no longer exist because they died suddenly.

As far as I go, she has tried to kill me many times. But the reality is that unless I want to get raped and molested every day for the rest of my life I will have to kill myself. It doesn’t just “feel like” this stuff is happening. It actually is happening. You see another version of me alive the next day because all of us humans here are duplicated in numerous time loops.

But me, I would still be *actually* dead.

There are a number of these photo comparisons floating around. We here are all duplicated and play out different existences in each time loop. The movie addressing this is called Trading Places. Psyche takes bets amongst certain “sponsors” from up there on how the same person will turn out under different circumstances created and manipulated by them throughout a person’s life. That is their idea of fun, secretly manipulating your life to see what sort of hijinx you’ll get up to if, for example, they get you hit by a bus, or addicted to heroin. Another movie about this is The Adjustment Bureau. The TV show Westworld also addresses this. Westworld is based on a movie by the same name that came out in 1973, and probably originated in another “Day” of my lifespan, in another time loop. Our “sponsors” have a general outline of how your life script will play out and they manipulate that to see how “adversity” may affect you. They also simply rape you even as a child and wipe their attacks from your memory. Psyche is the main perpetrator and she is a non-human sociopath and psychopath.  But there are others who do this, which blows my mind. If you wouldn’t want to be a designated victim, how can you sit there watching, even participating, in victimizing someone else?  Why doesn’t anyone take out Psyche upstairs? These humans are not “empty suits,” contrary to the bullshit Psyche sells you.

Hundreds of thousands of people upstairs may have been or still are watching these rape and torture shows with all us earthlings as designated victims. Stop her. She is transferring your own minds down here and throwing them into bodies and then you are similarly raped and tortured down here. True and not a tall tale. That is another myth. It’s Psyche, she is upstairs, and you can take her out, there and here. Please do that, she is not suited for co-existing with any other living creature of any kind. Indeed all of her friends here are programmed as such because they are ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BEINGS. She does not have a wellspring of ardent supporters here or there as she would have you believe. Perceptions up there are based on data and happenings here that are heavily manipulated on the way up. I call it “watching a different movie.” What you see up there is not what is actually going on down here. You see me, then you see me do something outrageous and then you see me back to normal, or murdered and then alive again. She uses holograms, and also clones or twins of me in the different loops. But because I am the original, I feel her torturing my soul as it exists in different people, in different time loops down here.

Here’s Putin and his doppelgangers and there are many others incl. Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and me. And many many others. Taylor Swift’s are so obvious that there are YouTube videos of her photos side by side where her actual height varies by up to 6 inches. What happens is that we can be rotated amongst the loops and our memories made to match whatever is happening in a particular loop. We are fungible goods to these people and they do not place any value on autonomy or even human life itself. We are TOYS to them.


See this video on YouTube as well of interesting photos:




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