Another Death Threat – This is How They Do It; To "They" – Please Get Psyche Out of Our Environment and Wake David to Build Us a Place to Go.

Please do that. That is all we need. We’ll move and be out of your “hair.”  This picture above is a screen shot of my browser “home page.” The caption at the bottom says:

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”  Vincent Van Gogh

How you read it is to take out the subterfuge words and pick up the true meaning: If we tell you “no” then “by all means” keep talking and your “voice will be silenced.” Notice the hot air balloons in the pict, which are a euphemism they use for our souls being “freed” from our bodies (in this case via killing me if I don’t stop talking).
 Here’s the image where they originally  “told me no,” which I ignored by posting more blogs. It took me until now to notice your message, whoever is saying “no” – why not tell me no on the tether? We are numerous here on the tether and everyone knows I am blogging trying to get the folks upstairs to save our lives, and especially our Creator’s life. You may be threatening me out of school there since all the bosses round here have been on the tether with me since a year ago last Spring. They know. They agree. Shut this down. (And stop threatening me, whoever that is. It’s ignorant. I’m trying to save your future too, unless you want a future as Psyche’s rape & torture victim. The rest of this “secret shit” doesn’t matter, time and an impending “alien attack” will erase this memory.)

telling me no more.JPG

I had put this above video clip in another of my blog entries but now it does not appear there. Notice the t-shirt “what part of no don’t you understand?” and the kid on the left giving me the finger, and the other 2 boys flashing the signs of the Devil.


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