Kindly Read The Blog From the Beginning Before Threatening Me. You Here With Me on Earth are Slated for Destruction Along With Me

The above image is from one of Bea’s blogs. And it should tell you she has every intention of taking a whisk to both our “environments” – upstairs and down here on Earth. You really, truly are slated to be destroyed by Bea. I’m not worried about you all Travelers freaking out on me. They upstairs are going to finish killing my family, then me, then everyone else in my 2016 time loop. Then Bea will kill them too.  Ironic, as Bea would say.  Put aside your concerns about us giving away the secrets that are also the keys to our own destruction. This is no skit. It is Bea and Kodiak but it is not a skit. Read my blog here and especially about the songs I decipher here. Read the lyrics and listen to: Who Made Who by AC/DC; Roundabout by YES; Long Distance Runaround by YES; 25 or 6 til 4 by Chicago; Fly by Night by RUSH. My ship isn’t coming and I just can’t pretend. That’s us. Nobody can get us out of here. They killed Tom, Paul, Denis and Nymph. Now Bea pretends to be Nymph, but actual Nymph has been murdered after being tortured. Paul was poisoned and his son murdered, before he died. Denis was tortured alongside Tom and they both were murdered, but not before Denis’s little boy also was tortured and murdered. They killed my kids who you don’t know. But surely you know Tom, Denis and Paul, and Nymph, who adopted the name Holly before she died.

We have to hope to get through to those in control to take Psyche out of our equation here. Psyche is Bea. She murdered all of them. She is not human and she cannot be killed. But she can be removed from our environment for awhile by the people upstairs. Yet they do nothing while my husband is being tortured with electric shocks and hammers. RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

All this stuff going on here is technology driven, it is not magic. So please pay attention. Bea’s alien pals will be “letting in the sunshine” by tearing holes in our atmosphere. They will be “making the children ring” all while “driving through the sound.” Those are the lyrics of the Yes songs. They will blast us with sound guns (making us, the “children” grab our ears, to no avail), and make giant holes in the atmosphere with lasers so we FRY from the sunshine. The “alien attack” starts on the day I die (“bye bye Miss American Pie”) by Psyche persuading you all to rape me to death with knives. I know if you understand what is going on, you will refrain from participating. So I have no choice but to scream loud now or die painfully soon.

Silencing my voice is suicide on your part. I am trying to save you. Listen to the music – really – that is why there is a song called “listen to the music” –  your Creator who is my husband made that song to tell you and me to LISTEN TO THE MUSIC.

The question is what can we do to change this, knowing that this is the 5th time I’ve been raped, tortured and murdered, followed by my time loop being closed by an “alien attack human hunt” for invited “players” from outside? You may have to step up soon and do me the favor of silencing me if we don’t fix this soon. I’d much rather get shot than tortured by Psyche for weeks. She has been torturing my family for months now, killing Tom, Paul, Denis, Holly and trying to kill your Creator. Our Creator! It is truly horrific and it is happening. Right on her schedule. Should I sit quietly and hope for the best? Knowing this is the 5th time Bea who wants my husband will have me raped to death before blowing up my husband’s beloved human race altogether with an invitation-only alien attack? It isn’t a skit, there are just multiple “earths” presently in existence and when she blows one up she moves on to our twins in the next loop to rape, torture and murder me and my family again.

The only difference this time is now they have our Creator and are killing him too because he came to help us and was trapped. That can’t happen or humans forevermore will have no soul, no God and no sense of purpose. God didn’t make us for this.

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