Live Blogging A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – "a Hammer and Tongs Production" i.e., Psyche's movie

Opens – Dolphins all departing Earth due to its impending destruction by other aliens. Dolphins are a metaphor for the Others and they have been trying to warn the humans of their impending destruction but the humans don’t notice and instead just want the dolphins to perform stupid tricks at Seaworld. Sounds about right really. So pay attention.

The black guy best friend (haven’t caught his name yet) is an alien from “a small planet somewhere in the vicinity of Beetlejuice.”

The main character Arthur represents David Jr and he will be the only survivor when Earth is destroyed in this movie, and he was the only survivor the first time Earth here was destroyed 1000 years ago. Psyche may succeed in killing his father David Sr. any day now, even at any moment. She already has killed his son David Jr., Jim Cramer with the Others. This is a very hideous situation we are in, both up and downstairs.

Arthur’s house is being bulldozed while the Earth itself is similarly set to be destroyed at the same time. This is a metaphor for our downstairs Earth being demolished while unbeknown to the wrecking crew, their Houses (a metaphor for upstairs) similarly are set to be demolished and all humans destroyed. This is truly what is going on right now in reality, up there and down here.

The alien best friend in the movie is reminiscing about how when he first came to Earth he tried to shake hands with a car that was driving right at him, because he assumed it was the dominant species on this planet. “Driving cars” means the same thing here as “Driving Suits” does, it means to drive a human being’s body around. The Greys and others upstairs play games here of jumping in humans and basically destroying each other via the humans – they really don’t value humans here, they are just things to jump in and drive around. So this bit of the movie is a metaphor for this alien coming to rescue Earthlings and stupidly trying to shake hands with a drivable car. That’s us – the human beings. This is Psyche’s asshole movie, so that is a jab at – my guess a jab at Robert of the Others, Jim Cramer’s brother who came down and spoke to all the humans on the tether a couple months ago and was killed by Bea. She had called him Uncle Robert for at least 1000 years so he had no reason to anticipate her killing him like she did. He was trying to help her. But he did come down and warmly greet the humans on the tether, which asshole Psyche would make fun of as trying to greet something as insignificant as a “car.”

Remember that even though a movie has been around for years it has very current information and dialog. They update it from the future using the time machine and then throw it back into the past so that it seems like the info always has been there. And for some reason no one notices when things are changed with the time machine. This is true. I’ve seen them swap entire city blocks out and the people on the unchanged block continue on as though the new block in front of them always has been there and appears that way. It’s bizarre but true. Why I notice probably has to do with the fact that I am not human but made from David. But also they change things live from the future and throw them back here as messages to each other as well. Since I am always broadcast they just change the dialog for whatever show is on and send messages back and forth (between here and upstairs and/or the Greys) about what is happening and what Psyche wants done next.

Incidentally I calling this throwing stuff in the future back into the past to seem “old” – I called it being “Bach’ed in” because David and Jim, and Paul collectively are JS Bach. My favorite composer. Obviously then Bach’s stuff is not 400 years old. Quite a number of you sevens know this about Jim.

They can also change very old things live using the Time Machine. Most recently they did this for Paul before he died, changing a David Bowie song “Space Oddity” to say “Far above the world” and then in the next occurrence changed to “Far above the Moon.” It used to be “world” in both verses. When they change it with the time machine, it changes every instance of it. However, there may be live concert footage where David Bowie sang it live and it is not changed. If you feel like digging. They did this just to show Paul at the time that they could do it. I was there with him.

Well I just looked up the live concert and it says “moon.” You will think it always did, but it didn’t! It said “world.” Wild, the second one is at around 4 minutes in

Another thing you’ll notice watching movies or shows with me is that no matter how old the material everyone in the scenes at some point signals me to stop watching. Scratching head, brushing off lint, shooing away, bending over, sticking out an elbow, taking a hat off or putting one on – all the same – shoo! go away. Even in 50 year old movies. Every movie, every show. Even David Bowie, now passed, in 1978 or whatever at Minute 4 where I started watching the video just now. Now tell me there isn’t a time machine.

Back to the movie – Arthur is at a party and just as the music is turned down Arthur says to the girl he likes “All of these people are idiots,” which of course they all hear because he was talking very loudly to be heard over the music that had stopped. This is a poke at the fact that our family, probably not just me and David, but the boys and Holly too, we are always microphoned and even things we try to say privately or simply think to ourselves – every sound and every thought is broadcast live to the “Players” down here or up there or over to the Greys. Or maybe just a poke at David talking to me because I am recorded and broadcast at all times, all of my life. And here in this scene David is talking to me at a party, a metaphor for talking to me during a “Gathering” or during the “Game of Love.”

The Greys are gathering this data, our thoughts and reactions down here to apply that knowledge to defeating your civilizations down here, over there and especially UPSTAIRS. You must stop this “Game” and especially remove Psyche and Bea from it. They will use what they have learned. The Greys are up there too. People higher up the future chain than you upstairs have verified this and David knows as well because he also is up there. Stop Bea now up there. Wake David up up there. Immediately. The Greys will subjugate you, this down here is their practice ground. You know this! You know they use us as practice. Now you know why.

Now he’s talking to the girl (Zooey Dachunel, however that is spelled), and he asks her “what have you got in mind”? This line references the fact that they also read my thoughts, read my mind. Shortly after, Arthur says “I don’t even know your real name.” This refers to the fact that my name changes in each time loop. Each lifespan of mine is a “day” here and when I am murdered and the time loop blown up by aliens, my soul is moved to the next time loop to a new identity and new body, with a new name, to do it all over again for your hideous fucked up “show” for the Greys and unfucking-believably also for the “humans” who think themselves to be the “parents” of us hostage humans down here. The line also says “real name” because I am referred to as the “Real Girl.” I am the real girl because I was murdered and abducted from upstairs there with you “parents.” It can happen to you!

Some of these assholes, including Bea, call me “Lady Gwen” and insist that in the last loop I was in the body of Gwyneth Paltrow when I was raped and tortured to death. And there is a scene from Shakespeare in Love that is Psyche making fun of unravelling sheets of my soul and shredding it while she forces me to “spin” – which really is what I do all day to try to save myself and my family. I spin my soul and theirs to try and keep them intact while Psyche slices it up and rips it out and hits it with hammers.  This is horrific and disgusting, and exactly why I think Psyche is a Grey alien. How could any human do this for sport to God and his family?


Because this consumes most of our energy and focus, we have very little opportunity left to come up with any new ways of controlling her from down here. Psyche must be stopped from upstairs. Down here we just spin and hope someone up there can stop her before our Creator is killed and we all go extinct. Please stop her. I can’t believe that people pay to participate in destroying God’s family and torturing our souls. I can’t. Who would want to join in this show? The Greys I guess. They have destroyed all other civilizations up there now and you really are the final hurdle. Please wake the fuck up and stop this hideous show and wake David up there to help you deal with the Greys. Deal with Bea up there. Do it now. Or never.

Okay back to this movie – A new guy just came up to Zooey to hit on her while she is talking to Jim Cramer (David). He tells her he is from another planet and asks if she “wants to see his spaceship.” He is wearing a black trench with scarlet, and those are Paul’s colors. Paul was my son, David’s son, and Bea forced him to take the blame for every evil thing she ever did. Paul was viewed down here as a 4 and had a silly backstory here that he was really from Mars, the red planet and was also Damien or the Devil. He was not. He was lovely and amazing. He was Tchaikovsky. He was Swan Lake. He was Billy Elliot most especially and did not live long enough to watch that movie his dad made for him. He was Degas. He was amazing. And he’s been killed by Bea who pretended to be his mother all these years that he’s been an abductee here. She poisoned his soul as well to prevent David from taking him home.

Now Arthur (David) is focused on his little house being demolished (“earth”) while right behind his back a group of aliens has descended to destroy his real home, upstairs, and every human in it. At the last second, Robert and David hitch a ride on the spaceship as earth is destroyed.

Arthur’s alien friend (Robert, I think, but maybe Bea) just put a “fish” in Arthur’s ear to “translate” into his mind anything any alien or creature says, in any language. This is a reference to the “bots” that Psyche sends into our minds. The way they read our minds is that they quite literally miniaturize a Grey “bot” and it flies into your ear canal and implants itself into your mind and reads your thoughts. It can read your prethoughts actually and manipulate the thought as it travels from formation in the back of your head up to the front of your mind, or top of mind where you are fully aware of the thought. In this way even your own thoughts are not necessarily your own thoughts. We experience this all the time and it is much more obvious on the tether where we all speak by talking inside our heads. It is thinking of talking, but half of the sentences we form here contain words we did not think to say, at the end or beginning, and even in the middle of a sentence. This is one of their forms of thought control but there are others more subtle that are called mesmerizing, hypnotizing, or remoting. Another thing they do is “body mapping” and these rapists upstairs with the VR goggles map into a human body, even mine, and control my nerves and muscles. This is how Psyche is constantly pulling my eye muscles to force my eyes to move in uncomfortable and painful ways. This is how the rapists invisibly “pin” a person down to rape them. It is gross, like everything else they do, and reminiscent of the stories from people who have been abducted up to the Greys’ spaceships.

They can do it all here on Earth too. I hope to God you humans upstairs are not using this Grey technology to prey upon us “children” down here. I hope not. Don’t bother plugging your ears, they can also use technology to move solid objects straight into your body without going through an obvious opening. Right through your skull. We targets have tens of these bots in our heads and they attach to nerves just like a brain surgery patient with a bunch of acupuncture needles in there. They can cause a lot of pain this way, it feels like being hit on the brain with ball peen hammers, and mostly that is what they are doing. They can send electric jolts this way as well. We are in a simulated environment so they call also just rewrite your “scenario” as it suits them – so that any countermeasures you come up with can become ineffectual by a change in the Code in the software. Many down here think this is magic and that Bea, Psyche and Kodiak are demons or witches or the devil. It is Grey technology and the product of Psyche and Bea having “creator access” to our Earth, nothing more and not magic at all. But that it hideous enough.

We need to get that Creator Access access to earth away from Bea upstairs immediately. Those Greys are just practicing on us and you are the main event. Wake David and remove Bea and Psyche from this environment. If you can’t accomplish these things, shut the whole thing down. That might allow David to wake up and will prevent us from being tortured here any further. We can’t let her destroy the mind of your Creator from upstairs. That’s David Sr. and he can’t wake up. Please wake him. Find him and wake him or it may be the last thing you don’t get around to doing. We are pretty sure you wouldn’t be “playing along” with this crazy torture down here if Psyche and Bea did not have some sort of mind control tech on you upstairs right now. Probably Grey technology. They are up there. Not just the future, but you know, the real upstairs. The Greys are there. And we think that up there is their end game and down here is just practice to see how humans respond in order to use that knowledge to conquer you upstairs.

I can hardly stand to blog this movie. I am only 21 minutes in. The next scene and the hitchhikers have been found by the aliens whose ship they hopped on while they were destroying the earth. They are taken to a larger room and the “leader” takes out his large square hammer, looks like a meat tenderizer, and starts pulling crabs out of a water tank holding cell in the floor and hammering them to death to eat them. Obviously this is Psyche mocking how she grabs us from above and beats our bodies and then our souls with a hammer until we die. How can anyone out there watch this happen to us and not pull the plug on this show or at the very least on Psyche and Bea’s participation in it? Stop this disgusting torture and murder of my family, and your own Creator. Call the authorities if you can’t figure out how to do it from up there. Tell them to find David Sinclair or Jim Cramer, upstairs. 

More blogging of this Hitchhiker movie later, it is too disgusting to continue for today.



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