Psyche is Insane and "Obsessed" – "dedicated" does not apply. Psyche: you can't be "dedicated" to marrying God by murdering his wife and children, and also HIM!

Psyche you are so … there isn’t a word for you.  Above is my new browser home page (it updates automatically each day from a site called Momento).  This time it is a photo taken in “Thorsmark, Iceland” which means “Thor” from “Ice,” are code words for Satan/Demon and alien, respectively.  So psyche is saying she is Thor, or a Satanic God who represents or leads the Greys. The quote says: “Obsessed is a word that the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

You are dedicated to convincing David that you are his real wife and that being Hera is your “rightful place” – whatever that means.  That’s obsession and insanity.  You can’t win your so-called rightful place by murdering Him, his wife, and his children.

That’s not how you win someone over.


You must instead mean that you are dedicated to subjugating the human race, the Others and all of the other civilizations you’ve dragged into this.  We already know this.  You are dedicated to killing us all.  Psyche’s VIP players here in this simulated Earth “human hunt” game room are Greys and some Satanic Illuminati humans. Psyche’s Army here are more Greys but AI. If there is a human being or anyone else up there who does not want to be conquered by Psyche and her Greys, now is the time to act. You must find her and take her out of our environment and yours, as quickly as you possibly can. She can repeat the rape and torture for infinity by reopening time loops into the near past to resurrect us and do it over and over again.

This is NOT A SKIT. It is an existential threat to everyone everywhere who is not a Grey Alien. She is really not that smart but she does have access to the future and can see what we do in advance and how our past actions affect the future. She can counteract what we do to save ourselves by going back in our past and affecting our ability to act in the present. Therefore if you have some way to control her or kill her, you must act. She is Bea upstairs and she must be stopped UPSTAIRS.  This is no play.  Her Greys are up there too and you will be wiped out too. Stop her and shut down this Game Room permanently.  She must also be taken out up there.  There is no way around that if she has Greys all over you upstairs.

David upstairs has known about the Greys up there conquering neighboring civilizations. Look at our early blog entries asking you to close this window down here to protect yourselves up there. And see how we concluded that it already is to late for that. The Greys already are there. Now that we have concluded that Psyche is a Grey, and we know she is from upstairs, we realize that the Grey activities down here were designed for them to understand human strengths and weaknesses by “practicing” and “experimenting” on the humans down here, to apply what they have learned to conquering you up there. Play me back and you’ll hear David explaining this to me a month ago – that it is little known up there but the Greys have wiped out most everyone besides you up there. So now is the time to act. You can be sure that they are acting to destroy you at this very moment. 

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