The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – "A Hammer and Tongs Production"

Watch this movie yourself, or watch along with me if you are watching my unwanted and illegal, immoral “broadcast.” In the beginning of the story, the “hitchhiker,” who is David in a movie made by Psyche (a hammer and tongs production), loses his house to a bulldozer while simultaneously aliens wipe out the earth also with a bulldozer. The message could not be any clearer: Psyche plans to bulldoze our house down here while the Greys bulldoze your house up there.

Stop her up there! All signs point to Psyche, Bea up there, being a Grey alien. She is so grotesque, not only torturing our souls with hammers after extracting them from our bodies with tongs, but bragging about it in movies and songs. She is destroying the human race, above and below. And also every other civilization she encounters. With the help of her Grey army. We don’t know whether they are all artificial, but it seems not. It seems the real Greys are helping her. This is happening. It is happening right now. And it is also happening to you. 


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