Extra-Dimensional Beings (or The Folks From Upstairs Moving In and Out of Adjacent Time Loops, I Think, Probably to Amuse Themselves)

I am told these time loops are like adjacent strings – like a screen door or a tennis racket where you can shift it subtly and basically press one “existence” up against another to move through it. This is how people got the idea that some aliens or demons are “extra-dimensional beings.” They aren’t exactly, they are in an adjacent but real dimension as best I can tell. Here’s a link to a you tube video of odd photos. Ignore the creepy music. Some photos probably are photoshopped and others not. Apparently, and I am told this is true, these people lurking about in your life while hiding in an adjacent time string are easier seen by the camera lens than the naked eye. I have seen a few weird things firsthand but nothing quite as creepy as these pictures and come to think of it my sightings have been just as creepy as these pictures. Not to mention the invisible sexual molestation every single day for the last year and a half. Psyche. She’s not a “she” – she is a Grey, and a pig.


I don’t think they care if we notice all the lurking and creepy crap because they do intend to blow up our time loop and we will no longer have a memory of what we’ve learned here. Unless someone can transfer the data we are compiling in this blog to make it available the next time around. I don’t have much hope that someone upstairs will stop this hideous “human hunt.” It’s been going on for 250 years down here so what does that say about our odds?

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