Watching the Original Matrix Movie and I Think You Should Too; What is Deja Vu?

If this isn’t the Matrix, I don’t know how else to describe it. Notice how everyone stares at their phones, get’s sucked into a virtual life? Many, many of you cough and sneeze at me each day to signal me to leave your vicinity because you *think* I bring with me “the heat” or that we are playing some game of “tag.”

The heat is everywhere down here and has been for the last 250 years that Psyche has had control of the place. Everything is monitored by the Greys or by Psyche or by the subscribers and/or self-appointed “parents” upstairs. Everything is monitored, although I am especially so. Nonetheless I am not leaving my home or any other vicinity where I am coughed and sneezed at and I wish you upstairs or you “players” would turn off my microphone.  By the way, what is this deja vu about. Sometimes I say something or do something and then a few seconds later I get the feeling I’ve said or done it before. I don’t think I have. I think it is Bee or someone else after the fact doing something in an attempt to change the present course of things, or to create the perception within myself or with others that this is something that’s occurred before, when it hasn’t. I get the sense that it’s a manipulated, intentional sense of deja vu. In the Matrix movie the deja vu is explained as a “glitch in the matrix.”

In the movie The Matrix the humans become “crops” to use as energy sources for the Artificial Intelligence beings. Their lives are a simulation while in reality their bodies are trapped in containers to be harvested for energy. This is a situation Psyche refers to all the time, consuming the humans in these loops, selling them, putting us “on the menu” and then “growing a new crop of humans” in a new time loop. A metaphor she uses is to refer to us as “bamboo” – in other words an easy to grow and replace “crop.” This is one reason they don’t care if we figure out what is going on. Psyche has every intent to kill us all in this loop and move on to the next crop of humans. Also in the movie The Matrix, the traitor among the group’s name is “Cypher” and what he does is kill the crew of real humans while they are asleep and down walking around in The Matrix. But his reason in the movie is that he decides “ignorance is bliss” and would rather be back in the Matrix living a good life in his captive mind, than a real life on the run and in poverty, which usually is a sort of Kodiak character portrayal in these movies. Psyche is upstairs whereas Kodiak may not be all the way upstairs, so this fits his situation better. But the one unplugging us, or trying to kill David and others in their sleep upstairs is Bea. Maybe it is both of them.

In the movie the AI agents have taken Morpheus hostage, and his character represents David. The agents are torturing Morpheus’s mind trying to break his mind so that he will turn over the “passkey to Zion” which is where the real humans (the upstairs humans) live, so that the AI agents (the Greys in this metaphor) can wipe out the real humans. This is exactly what is happening right here and now. Psyche and her AI Greys are torturing David by shocking his mind and beating on it with hammers. Their goal is to kill him and use the information they gain here to take over upstairs as they have downstairs. You must act upstairs and find and wake David right away. Or shut this place down. David can rebuild when he wakes.

Our family members are the characters represented in the Matrix as follows:  Neo (“the One”) is Hera, Trinity represents David (as in Holy Trinity), Morpheus is David, Cypher is Kodiak, The Source is Bea, The Oracle is Bea, and Agent Smith is Bea and her AI Grey alien army.  There are live Greys, and there are miniaturized AI Greys.

Note to the Parents:

To the “parents” upstairs (or down?) – I realize that you think you legitimately can claim to be the benefactors to humans down here. You cannot. This universe is David’s creation, upstairs. After Bea blew up the Earth here 1000 years ago, or perhaps right before she did that, she cloned some humans and a stretch of Earth using David’s stolen Creative Access. Just because she illegally sold us humans to you “parents” does not make you anything but the recipients of stolen property (the physical universe you call a game) and potentially, depending on your next move, the co-conspirators for the murder of David’s family upstairs and abduction, rape, torture and murder of his family downstairs. That is your legal status upstairs in connection with your ongoing involvement with this universe and the psychopath holding it hostage. That is the legal reality of your situation.

David (and I for whatever that is worth) does not care about your backstory or how you came to be involved here. He wants his Human and Other family here to be safe. Bea murdered us upstairs and this is the only place he has to spend time with us. He also created the Others in this universe and loves them very deeply. We love our people here and we do matter. We are not “your children” – we are very much “David’s family.” David is more than willing to build you a new and undoubtedly better environment of your choosing. Alternatively he is happy to take our family and our Other family and any neighbors who choose to go, to a new environment. He asks that you wake him upstairs and allow him to do that. Bea’s creative access is blocking him down here from using his own creative access.

Please do that. There will be no repercussions upstairs for anyone because we assume that you were unaware that Annette up there – Bee/Psyche or whatever she goes by – misrepresented that this was her universe and the people in it to “sell.” Now we all know otherwise so please let’s move forward. You cannot really expect to know that this entire “game room” is, for Bea, all about raping, torturing and murdering one man’s family over and over, and not be held morally accountable for acquiescing as this continues. Now David upstairs knows, and now you also know. David only found out a few days ago up there. Therefore presumably you also are only finding out about this now. What will you do about it?

It’ll be alright and David will help you and sort these environments out. He only is concerned with saving his world and his family who lives in it, now somehow Psyche’s hostages. You must realize you cannot look the other way, even if she succeeds in killing David upstairs. This universe plainly is not of Psyche’s making. You see what she “creates” – hybridized and AI beings with no conscience, fixated on rape and torture.

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