Bea Amazon Message: Hera is "the best of both worlds" – (ABDUCTED from UPSTAIRS and a "vintage One.")

As I have mentioned, Bea/Psyche forces Hera to “spin” the souls of our family members also trapped here, including our Creator, in an attempt to keep Psyche from slicing us up and hitting the pieces with hammers. Really this is true. Unfortunately. When we spin our souls, they light up. They are lit anyway but they glow brightly when we are spinning. So we are lights. See our deciphering of Who Made Who by AC/DC, which has reference about spinning and the “video game” Bea/Psyche calls our ongoing attempts to stay alive while being tortured.

Our souls are “vintage” lights especially, because Hera is 1000 years old. Bea is evil incarnate.  As she says “a person can never have enough lightbulbs.”  A “person” is code for an alien leader, or a “P” “er” which means alien (P) and witch (er).  A “never” is code for a witch or alien, as opposed to a human which is called an “ever.”

Bea’s review states: “And I say a person never has enough vintage ones is Bea saying she personally can’t get enough of attacking me and killing me and then reviving me to do it again and again.  I am a vintage ONE. Because I am a “One” along with my husband, David, who is our Creator, we are all the numbers. David made us and all the numbers. I was abducted to here from my home with “aliens” we call The Others.  They are not the Greys.  They are our Cousins who are very kind people.  David created them before he created his human family.  Bea destroyed our original Earth and human family here 1000 years ago, right before I was born.  David and Bea survived and went to live with the Others.  Then David made me.  I am not an Other but not human either, since I am “Eve” and David is “Adam.”  He is our Creator.  So he is not human.  But he made humans in his image and cares deeply about them.

So Bea is bragging in her review that she has, captured in Hera, a “vintage One” and “the best of both worlds” because Hera is right now from the human family, but also from the Outside world as a nonhuman, as David’s wife. As Eve.

My name is Hera and I am talking to all of you and especially the Travelers and Family members who participate in Bea’s “Game of Love” and “Crucifixion of Hera” games where I am, in reality, raped, tortured and murdered by the Satanic Greys, Illuminat and Travelers. I did not “steal Bea’s husband.” She is obsessed with my husband David, who is called Jim Cramer upstairs where we live with the Others. That is David’s name up there. That is why Jim Cramer figures prominently in all of Bea’s skits and games and scenarios here. And why Hera is crucified or sacrificed in all of her games. She is just a jealous stalker psychopath who has abducted us from our home and uploaded all of you into here on Earth. You are OUR FAMILY. We are trying to deal with Bea. It isn’t easy, she has a lot of Grey alien technology at her disposal.

We are so sorry to learn of your existence here and mistreatment by Bea and Kodiak.  Our human family never was meant to be abused.  You have a Creator who loves you. You have cousins in the future who are The Others who care for you deeply and are trying very hard to help you. Still there are people further up in the future who are allowing Bea to retain control of this environment, which exists because Bea went back in time and cloned some of our human family from the original Earth she caused to be destroyed. She was David’s best friend for 2000 years, and the entire time was responsible for bringing much harm to all of us and to him. We didn’t know until last summer that Bea was behind this hideous situation here. We will do our best to change it.

Bea’s Happy Nana review about me (we know Happy Nana is Bea, and this allows us to understand her hidden message in these reviews). Happy Nana’s review of Lucero G45 LED Filament Mini Globe Light B…

5.0 out of 5 stars Energy efficient and vintage., September 26, 2016
This review is from: Lucero G45 LED Filament Mini Globe Light Bulb – A15 Style – Dimmable Warm White 4W – 40W Replacement Equivalent – E26 (E27) Medium Screw Base Bulbs 2700K – UL Listd
A person never has enough lightbulbs. And I say a person never has enough vintage ones. I love the filament look on these light bulbs. They are without a doubt…the best. This is an LED so that of course means energy savings. So with this light I have the best of both worlds. Energy efficient and vintage. Yeah…LED!!
I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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