Amazon: Bea tells her Satanic Grey pals that "the door is open" and it is "time to let the sunshine in" – by poking holes in Earth's atmosphere via an invited "alien attack."

Deciphering: “Stainless steel” is the same thing as a Grey Alien or a Nine in Bea’s Traveler lexicon. so she is saying, “I have a Grey holding the door open to the Earth time loop and it is time to let the sunshine in and give these humans some fresh air.” We do have some “new” Greys floating around outside. They claim they have nothing to do with or in common with Bea’s invisible Grey Army already ensconced. But who else would be the new “steel doorstop” holding the door open for an invitational alien attack? The brand of doorstop is “Smart Choice” so that means that the Steel Doorstop – the Greys – are approved by the Small Art “parents.”  The choice of the small artists. Are the Greys and our complete destruction really your “choice” for us down here?

You people “upstairs” must get her out of here. This is absurd that you do nothing while we are raped, tortured, murdered and then completely wiped out, for your entertainment!

You must act. Remove Bea/Psyche from  our equation here. Your “children” are counting on you. Do not let them down. By the way these humans here are not demonic or even jerks when not under the influence of Bea’s mind control technology. So do not delude yourselves into thinking it’s okay to kill these “bad apples.” The Bad Apple is BEA and SHE ABSOLUTELY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SPOILING THE WHOLE BUNCH.  Remove her and your children will be every bit as kind and deserving as your other children upstairs. They are not demons. They are essentially drugged by shit in the air molecules, in the water, and also by relentless hypnosis, in addition to heavy, endless indoctrination and when all that fails, also electric shocks to the mind. They are not evil. Happy Nana’s review of Smart Choice – Stainless Steel Door Stop

5.0 out of 5 stars Dandy stainless steal doorstop., September 27, 2016
This review is from: Smart Choice – Stainless Steel Door Stop (Office Product)
We put a new door up and the silly thing wants to close all the time…sometimes I want the door open……I like To let the sunshine in or fresh air.
So it requires a door stop. This particular one seems to have class. It is made of stainless steel and has rubber on it that will aid in keeping the door open and the stop itself should stay put.
It also has on the top of it A little handle where we can easily slide it out from the door. We are very pleased with this stainless steel doorstop.

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