Here's an easy one to decode: The White Captive, and the art collection of Erased Us Dow Palmer at the Met Museum

via Collection | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hopefully you’ve seen enough of this now to realize that these vicious Satanic beings call Hera “the White Captive” and “the White Queen.”  Hera is killed over and over again in these time loops, and she is killed by Erastus Dow Palmer. Erased Us Dow Palm-er. You know what ERASED US means by now.  It means using the time machine to go back a few months or days in a target’s life to cut off a person’s arms and legs and cauterize the wounds, so that in the present moment they look down and “magically” have no legs.  (As shown on The Simpsons!)  They especially like to do this to people when they are driving.  They then whisk them into another time loop (as done in the movie Loopers), or just the 1970s or whatever, and rape them to death with knives.

“Dow” in the Erastus Dow Palmer who sculpted the “gift” of The White Captive, is shorthand for “Dow Jones,” which in Traveler Talk refers to the “business men” or “bankers” who descend to this “world” from upstairs “Other Earth” to attack people, and generally view us and our world here as their “playground” as depicted in Westworld on HBO.  It is a lot to take in, but the reality is that after they kill Hera in particular, they blow up the entire Earth “time loop” via an invited “alien attack” before they move on to “tomorrow” in another time loop. Palmer is Traveler Talk too.  “Palm” is shorthand for “greased palms” which means the guys with the money, aka “the Bankers” who run this Earth.  An “er” is a Get or a King or mob boss. Erased Us Dow Palmer.

The White Captive sculpture depicting Hera tied to a post was donated to the Met by “Hamilton Fish.”  Ham means authority (as in “pigs”) and Fish are what we unwitting victims are called. The Dow Palmers are “Fishermen” out looking to reel one of us in – to be raped, tortured and murdered on their whim.  In other words, erased. We are living in Westworld, HBO. Believe it.  We are tagging this for Pizzagate so you’ll see that these are the same Players.  And the “fish” of Pizzagate are the same “fish” of these guys. Same vicious people raping, torturing and murdering human beings of all ages.

Notice also on the Met webpage with the White Captive, the numerous “Cameos of Gentleman” pieces by the same artist.  These pieces of “art” of course refer smugly to themselves, the “Gentleman” who make “Cameo appearances” down here in Westworld, to “go fishin.'”

This statue of Hera had to be placed in the Met with the use of time travel. How else could they cater all this “ancient” artwork to Hera in the present day?  The Met in particular is filled with hideous artwork with hidden Satanic Illuminati messages about our family, and all inhabitants of Earth.  Note: The White Captive, Hera’s statue, is found in Illuminati-style mirror image, in the Great Room of Hearst Castle, which is itself a time portal and also an active Illuminati meeting place in other time loops.  A statue of David similarly is found in mirror relief at Hearst Castle.

David’s Family (our family) also uses time travel to place artwork and music in the world. But ours is meant to bring you all some beauty and a sense of peace.  Someday soon we’ll point some of it out.  There is nothing ancient in this world or on this Earth.  Everything is new to within 50 to 800 years, as hard as that is to believe.  Bea stops and restarts our memories and uploads false history, false memories and false facts.  The environment itself is a simulation anyway.  And we actually are living the same time frame over and over again in these time loops.  We are sorry to tell you all of this.  The goal is to understand this, understand that you are being preyed upon here, and that you need to be vigilant about your thoughts and actions, to ensure that they truly are your own.  You are too important to be a “character” in Marina Abramovic’s (Bea’s) “Magic Movies.” Stay alert as we try very hard to get Bea moved out of our environment.  And to those Travelers out there “just doing their jobs…” just don’t.  Really.  Do not harm each other for the entertainment of Bea and her Grey pals.  Just hold on tight to your dignity and we’ll try to ride this out together. 

The White Captive

Erastus Dow Palmer (American, Pompey, New York 1817–1904 Albany, New York)
1857–58; carved 1858–59
65 x 20 1/4 x 17 in. (165.1 x 51.4 x 43.2 cm)
Credit Line:
Bequest of Hamilton Fish, 1894
Accession Number:

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