Turn Your Hymnals (Which is Code for the Ikea Catalog) to Pages 27-28 for "The Inspiring and Utterly Improvisational Cooking Style of Psyche" (here Jonah Reider, which read aloud means "Jon ah" which is Code for a mob boss as Jon and "Ah," and "Rider" – a human "Rider" – in other words an Illuminati boss from upstairs who comes down to our Earth to "ride humans.")

I refer to the Ikea catalog as a Hymnal to make the point to you that these Satanic assholes use religious references in their code.  The use the time machine to rewrite the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, every religious text.  Do not rely on scripture.  We are in a Grey environment and everything here is designed to put up walls between humans – divide and conquer.

These brags of Psyche such as within the Ikea catalog literally are all around us and you’ll notice them too once you have learned what to look for. The “sevens” think they own IKEA by the way and many of them are well aware of the time machine. I get shooed out of Ikea more than perhaps any other place I go.  But I am a seven and also, you don’t own IKEA! You are a seven either because you come from upstairs, (like i do), or because you are randomly assigned that number.  It’s nothing to get too excited about, and nothing to delude yourselves into feeling superior about.  In the next loop you’ll be a “two” and feeling the arbitrary persecution!  Both upstairs and down are simulated environments. Both of them Grey alien simulations.  We all are abducted into this together and we all must stick together or perish apart. 

Anyway, this article in the IKEA catalog is a great place to decipher Psyche’s (Bea’s) lexicon. But for starters just look on page 28, if you have one available. If not, here’s the part that caught my attention:

“In his mind, it’s those unexpected moments that allow great food – and a great time together to really happen. He tells the story of a meal where he served guests a beautiful roasted duckling, but then realized – he had no idea how to actually carve a duck. Didn’t matter. He and his guests had a great time hacking away at the duck and figuring it out.”

Do you think IKEA marketing would describe cooking in their catalog as “hacking away at the duck … and having a great time doing it”?   They have no idea how to carve a duck because the duck here is David, our Creator.  They can’t figure out how to kill him because he is awfully hard to kill as much more than a human being.  So Psyche is bragging here that they will just continue to torture him by hacking his soul to pieces and torturing those pieces.  This is our Creator, and also your Creator upstairs, and the family he made downstairs. Are you enjoying Psyche’s show here, hacking up our Creator and our family?  Will you act to put a stop to it up there?  Or just keep watching?

IKEA, “Where the everyday begins.” Where every “Day” begins, which is code for killing Hera and restarting her life in another time loop by moving her soul to a new body there. You will never have plausible deniability upstairs again.

On the other hand, you may not need it. “After graduation, he plans to expand his dinner beyond the dorm room to bring his quirky and intimate meals to larger audiences at events around the country.” We already know Psyche will kill us all in these loops. So this can only mean she will be bringing her special form of entertainment on upstairs.  And “having a great time doing it” – if you know what we mean.

Note also this is why I am tagging this as Pizzagate.  Compare this writing about food to some of the Podesta emails and it should become clear that they are talking about raping, torturing, murdering and consuming these children they attack.  They are truly evil.  Completely Satanic.  And they do consume their victims.  Psyche is Marina Abramovic. We will figure out who these other players are.  Not just who they pretend to be in this time loop.


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