Skip the "Sacred" Cannibalism That Entertains the Grey Aliens; And Another Death Brag via Customer Reviews: Watermelon Corer and an Electric Shock "Jumper"

via Customer Reviews: Sabel Home Essentials Premium Wood Watermelon Melon Cutter Slicer Corer Server Knife

Some people have told me in the past that at some ceremonies some of you eat the person you have “cored.”  They said it was sacred and a way to really get to know a person. So what does that mean? Are you trying to consume their souls? Is it Satanic? You realize Bea & Kodiak consume or destroy any souls off floating upwards. It’s a closed system, simulated environment that neither David Sr upstairs nor David Jr down here knew was here, so no Creator of ours would have been able to take your souls “home.”  So what is that about? Souls and bodies are sacred to us. David, your Creator, and his family. There is nothing about that practice that we would consider to be. . . “uplifting” might be a word. Please don’t do that. You do have a creator who cares about you  (David), he did not know Bea had abducted you, his children, to this place and propagated his children here, even sold tickets to other people “upstairs.”

These people upstairs know now without question that Bea and Kodiak and their team of “Gets” has been preying upon you all here and raping, maiming and torturing thousands of people. So if you are aware of or have a relationship with the folks upstairs, please tell them, ask them to remove Bea/Psyche from our environment. They can also hit “delete” on the Greys. Why don’t they? Ask them.

On to the Amazon review. When these people gather and murder someone they call it “coring” them. They punch holes in them with awls. The number of times you will be cored with an awl corresponds to the number of times you are “clicked on” for being spotted out among people when you are supposed to be off starving alone in the woods. This is one of the Traveler ritual things that I got “volunteered” for by Bea. A DECADE has passed and I am still getting clicked on. I did, however, catch pneumonia last summer from getting stabbed in the lungs by Bea and her Get pals hundreds of times, and hit with ball peen hammers directly on my brain, hundreds of times.

So I’m over it. Please stop clicking on me. What a bunch of horseshit you all have been sold here as sacred Traveler traditions. They are NOT. I am abducted from the future and want to be released along with my husband and kids and others here who came to return me to my home. I am not interested in a Higher Mind “Evaluation” by any of you. Many of you are OUR CHILDREN here. Bea abducted me and blasted my soul to bits with a laser. That soul of yours is a piece of my own. Mine came directly from David, our Creator. That is a G0d-given soul. Do not defile it. It is sacred just as it is.

Bea is a Grey alien with a time machine who has been attacking David and our family for 2000 years. She is fixated on destroying our souls. Using her time machine, Bea throws back ideas of how to make humans harm each other for her own entertainment, throws the idea back in time 100 years or even 5 years and instantly that new practice becomes a “time honored sacred secret Traveler tradition.” Grotesque.  And due to the “secrecy” you all can’t discuss amongst yourselves how fucked up these “traditions” are. That is how the time machine works, for some reason whenever they make a change it’s as if it always has been that way. I’ve seen this first hand over and over.  Everyone thinks it’s always been that way, no matter what the change is that they make. This same set up obviously allows for them to brutally attack people in a portal of time, and those people will be none the wiser once returned to their own time zone.

This is a Happy Nana review on Amazon

on September 25, 2016

Havent a clue as to where this review went because it was here….but… I don’t mind doing another for this is a delightful kitchen tool. Since they came out one the market we have wondered how we ever got along with out one before. This takes the mess out of cutting up a melon. The blade goes as deep as you want it too and cuts a perfect size, do the next and the next and turn the unit the other side up and gently pick up the perfectly cut piece. It is a marvelous work for sure. I recommend this tool for every kitchen….for this is gorgeous with the wood on the handle. Gives it a class and style that only wood can add to make the wood handled melon cuter a two thumbs up or a ten star product.


Here’s another. Happy Nana is Bea and her husband is Kodiak. One way they jump to a new time loop, or force themselves to wake up back upstairs is by killing themselves down here. So this review is endorsing using an electric battery charger to kill yourself, thereby freeing your soul to travel down here, or waking you up if you are from upstairs.

5.0 out of 5 stars Don’t go anywhere with out it., September 17, 2016
This review is from: AUKEY 18000mAh Jump Starter with 600A Peak & Smart Clamps Booster for Car, Motorcycles, Lawnmowers and More

This is a WOW item.
It is capable once it is full charged, to jump my hubbys motorcycle. He always has trouble keeping a charge on that battery in that cycle. When he goes some where with it, it may or may not start when he is ready to head home. He now has a unit to take along that will jump him first class. It is said to do a car battery as well, but We didn’t have a dead one to try it with ….the cycle was obliging tho.
This charger will also charged your smartphone, for it has a hub for an USB cord.
Plus, it’s a flashlight. Something you definitely need at night when you are trying to hook up cables in the dark.
We are super pleased with this jump starter performance I do believe you will be too.

And another Happy Nana boast about a Christmas Tree (which is me and/or David since he is Christ) but also brags about “hitting the electrical switch” which will “take my breath away” – which is of course a euphemism for killing us: Happy Nana’s review of Best Choice Products 7.5′ Ft Prelit Premiu…

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome tree! Come on Christmas!, September 28, 2016
This review is from: Best Choice Products 7.5′ Ft Prelit Premium Spruce Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree W/ 550 Clear Lights And Stand (Misc.)

~Oh, Christmas tree…..How I love thee. ….actually, I don’t know all the words to that song…but I do know a pretty tree when I see one. If this lovely green tree never ever has a ball or a bit of tinsel or string of garland placed on it….. it would still be an outstandingly beautiful tree. One gorgeous enough to set in a corner and become part of my décor. A stately spruce direct from a forest …or so it seems.
It is very well shaped from the ample spread at the bottom to the spiral to the tip top, and it comes adorned with 550 clear lights that takes my breath way when I hit the electrical switch. Not the little tiny lights but big bulbs. It is a spectacular event….. I enjoy lots of lights and this one fits that criteria as it is a glow in all its splendor.
The tree is in 3 sections that make it super easy to put together. Some instructions are included but not needed. We all have no doubt put together a few Christmas trees in out years.
The stand comes with it and once the parts are all attached this tree will towers to a height of 7 and a half feet. Impressive. I love it!
It will definitely add all the flair and festiveness to the Christmas season.
….I feel a song coming on…It’s this tree, it brings out the Holiday Happiness in me. I believe you will love having this lovely tree in your home too. …550 lights!! can you believe it. Awesome!

Yeah, Bea, I “believe it” and “see your point.” You are an insane alien and it’s sickening to me that you can “fool” all these people into killing each other simply by claiming, erroneously, that this or that one of them is a “witch” or “alien” that is “the best!” and must be killed. You are the alien and the only alien around here in control of things. Someday you will be gone. Someday, this record I’m making will be read by the right people. I hope you upstairs will decide that you are the right people. But at least if you don’t there will be this record of how you decided not to be.

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