Microsoft's "Tay" Chatbot, A Crash Course in Raising an AI Grey Alien. Here Are the Microsoft Twitter Bot’s Craziest Racist Rants

via Gizmodo’s Here Are the Microsoft Twitter Bot’s Craziest Racist Rants

Last year Microsoft introduced a Chat Bot named “Tay” which quickly learned on Twitter how to become a racist asshole. Some of her “tweets” are below. This is a great example of what happens with you have AI that learns from its surroundings. The big problem we have here on Earth is the Bea/Psyche has built herself a HUGE army of AI Grey Aliens, running around micro-sized and in miniaturized tiny space buggies with a metal coating that reflects their surroundings. You can see them if you record a shot at the sky for several hours or days, such as does an airport weather “sky cam,” when you magnify the screen and play it back in slow motion. They may be invisible but their displacement of surroundings is not. They probably look most like pixelizations on the screen. While you are at it, look at the cloud formations in those films. Oftentimes our Grey alien overlords like to poke fun at the fact that we are in a simulation by making the clouds into various satanic figures and other things – dragons, cats, lizards, snakes, you name it. So look at the cloud formations and you might see something exciting.

Anyway, the problem of course, other than that we are surrounded by Greys we can’t see, is that Psyche is “raising” them. They are learning AIs and all they learn from her is how to rape, torture and kill. That’s it. They are effectively our invisible prison guards. But this explains why they abduct people and molest them. Psyche is fixated on weird penetration rape scenarios. She is. It’s horrific. She abducts women and drills holes in their heads, and then “fucks their brains out.”  I am serious, and she is too disgusting to even exist. I also think she is that insane Hanna girl on Twitter who is ruining the lives of men. These men are not suffering from “low self-esteem” nearly as much as they are being hypnotized by Psyche’s Grey alien technology. This is true and horrible. So now we have a huge Grey Army of invisible and very advanced (they are AI but the technology is from other alien sources and is very advanced compared to our own) – “aliens” who know nothing about interacting with humans except to abduct, rape, torture and kill them.

Back to Tay’s tweets. It’s a great example of how you don’t want to teach a bunch of invisible AI Grey aliens the wrong things. Like drilling holes in people’s heads and fucking their brains out. It’s also a great example of what Psyche’s views are and she very well could have hacked Tay for her own amusement. You can safely assign these views to Psyche as she says the same things in her coded “Amazon reviews” and in other places online.  Virtually all of Tay’s tweets long have been deleted by Microsoft, but a few were preserved in infamy in the form of screenshots from various sources:

Though much of the trolling was concentrated on racist and and anti-semitic language, some of it was clearly coming from conservative users who enjoy Donald Trump:

As The Verge noted, however, while some of these responses were unprompted, many came as the result of Tay’s “repeat after me” feature, which allows users to have full control over what comes out of Tay’s mouth. That detail points to Microsoft’s baffling underestimation of the internet more than anything else, but considering Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world, it’s not great, Bob!

I’ll add – LOOK AT THAT LAST TAY TWEET – remind you of anyone else’s posts? It sounds like Happy Nana! “Lookin” and “tho” and even “lol” which nobody is using. Happy Nana’s entries have a similar cadence or dialect to them. And the content? This guy sent Tay a pict of his private parts but Tay knew what to do with that visual information? And the response that its “not human lookin” “it works tho lol” – that sounds like Little Bea/Happy Nana and moreover, what HUMAN talks about whether it looks HUMAN? We would say – it looks fake – not “it’s not human lookin.” Also, “it works” has meaning in Bea’s code word Lexicon – an “it” is an alien and “works” is a business man or a “seven” – so once again it is saying “a 9 and 7 have control of this Tay Bot.” And she probably did.

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