Rest in Peace Gwen ("You're Dead"), or RIPGwenStacy's review of Sabel Watermelon Corer


via RIPGwenStacy’s review of Sabel Home Essentials Premium Wood Waterme…

Above is a picture of “Spider-Gwen” taken from a link to Rest in Peace Gwen Stacy’s wishlist on Looks like a Grey alien. A couple of days ago I explained how they call me “Lady Gwen” and tell me that in the last loop where I was murdered I was in the body of Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently the names stay the same from loop to loop and only my soul is moved around and my consciousness uploaded. This review, RIP Gwen, on the same watermelon corer as Psyche’s Happy Nana review, is code for “we are going to kill you, ‘Gwen’.” “Stacy” is code for “St.” – saint or angel, “ac” – ace, and “y” – female, alien or witch.

Notably, several of RIPGwenStacy’s reviews are on the same products as Little Bea’s “Happy Nana” reviews, and if you look at RIP Gwen’s profile you’ll see “Alexandra’s wish list,” so she isn’t a person named Gwen.

Here’s the RIPGwen review for the melon corer that Happy Nana also reviewed (which I deciphered here a few days ago):


5.0 out of 5 stars You get nice beautiful pieces and it makes slicing easy, September 24, 2016
This review is from: Sabel Home Essentials Premium Wood Watermelon Melon Cutter Slicer Corer Server Knife
I am someone who has worked in produce before. I was in charge of cutting all the frouter and veges for the premade bowls and cups. So I guess you can say I’ve used my fair share of melon cutters. We would always try to strive for all even pieces but that was an impossible task. This product makes it possible! You get nice beautiful pieces and it makes slicing easy. Very easy to clean as well. I will defintely keep using this and even suggest it to my former bosses.

What that all means is she enjoys cutting me up, and will keep doing it and recommend it to the bosses. RIP to me.

“Pro-duce” is a professional killer for the aliens, “fair share” means “f” – female or alien, or witch, “air” is code for “sevens” and “share” is “sh” which is code for a “get” and “sh-are” here is “air” again. Air might mean “Get” or evil wizard since they travel around in little bubbles in miniaturized form per Psyche’s Grey Alien miniaturization technology. “Easy” is code and so is “very easy to clean” – “very” is the same as “great” which is means a Grey, and “easy to clean” – they usually are talking about me in the sense of gutting a fish – cleaning a fish – when they brag about “cleaning.” All humans here are called “fish” to them.  “Former bosses” means “sevens” or “business men” as opposed to “latter” which is “late” which is “Grey alien” or “witch.” “Early” is business. “Short” is biz (seven). “Tall” and “late” are witches and Greys. So “former bosses” does not mean previous employers, it means her business men “Bosses” or mob bosses in this context.

They are disgusting pigs and they actually are this ruthless and unconcerned. They’ll kill everyone and brag about it amongst themselves on Amazon as though we are all too stupid to understand commonly used code words of theirs and helpless to do anything about it if we did. Step one for us is to understand their code. And so I urge you to look at these Amazon reviews and look at the reviews of people talking also in the same reviews, especially people who respond in the comments section to an original review. They are that dumb. The lexicon is easy but voluminous.

Next review from RIP Gwen Stacy:
5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful!, September 29, 2016
This review is from: Angel caller 925 Sterling Silver Cute Double Cute Two-tone Cubic Zircon Cat Pendant Necklace (Jewelry)
Such a cute necklace! I went about 5 days without taking it off shower and all. You don’t have to worry about it rusting. It doesn’t turn your neck green like a lot of affordable jewelry. I love cats so this is perfect for me. While the chain is very thin it seems to be very strong. It can withstand a decent tug.

Two of the things the Greys and Witches call themselves are “cats” and “bats.” This RIPGwen review is about a necklace called “Angel Caller 925 Sterling Silver Cute Double Cute Two-tone CZ . . .  etc”

“Angel caller” refers to the fact that they are holding my family hostage and also here she claims to be a satanic angel. We in my family hostage here are called “diamonds, angels, roses, flowers, toys, spinners, spinning tops, (or) dolls.” The white diamond next to the black diamond cat is a message that she is both a black and white, i.e. an evil cat or “witch” and a “human, demon or a seven.” This corresponds to her Taylor Swift line in Blankspace about being a “Nightmare dressed like a daydream.” Which is a witch hiding in an angel’s body. “925 Sterling Silver” is a type of silver but here means “9” and “2+5 = 7” so she is saying “I am a nine and a seven.” A black witch and a demon or angel. “Sterling silver means Grey alien or witch. So she is saying she is a 9 and a 7, a witch and an angel but really a Grey alien. “Cute Double Cute two-tone” means the same thing, she is more than one color, here a 7 and a 9. Sevens are blue and Nines are Grey, in their code lexicon.

More coded words from this review: “You don’t have to worry about it rusting. It doesn’t turn your neck green like a lot of affordable jewelry. I love cats so this is perfect for me. While the chain is very thin it seems to be very strong. It can withstand a decent tug.”

“You don’t have to worry about it rusting” is a reference to Taylor Swift’s song Bad Blood: “Did you have to do this, what was shiny now it’s all rusted…” which is a song I cover in an earlier blog because it is about me in one version (Kendrick Lamar version) and about Jim Cramer in the Taylor Swift solo version, with both versions going on about how we used to be “Mad love” which is a reference to the TV show “Mad Money.” Psyche is Taylor Swift.

Next line: “It doesn’t turn your neck green like a lot of affordable jewelry.” This is a dig on people with the number “2” in the Traveler’s caste system who are “green” in their arbitrary numbering of people. And it is arbitrary, except for the Nines, and then it’s still often arbitrary! So anyway, she calls twos “jewelry” – which I know from listening to her do it for years. It means “JEW” to her. She hates Jews, which is a hideous tale for another time, but she has killed many. She also hates twos. The twos she thinks are CHEAP (see her “affordable”), trashy and alien (“jewelry”), and so she calls them Jews although she really identifies them amongst Travelers as a “green alien” or “little green men,” which they aren’t, she just thinks they are scum like Jews. (Not an opinion I share, in fact there is nothing about her that I agree with – she is Nymph/Psyche). Like I said most of the numbering is arbitrary and your souls will get a new number in the next loop, just to mix things up. Next line: “I love cats so this is perfect for me.” This means, I am a Grey and love other Greys/Witches, and I am also “perfect” which is a seven reference here because she claims to be a Nine hiding inside a Seven. “While the chain is very thin it seems to be very strong” means I am an alien witch (“very thin”) but i seem to be a human (“strong”).

“It can withstand a decent tug.” – I’m not sure whether that’s a reference to them constantly yanking at my soul or some other coded meaning.

There are many more reviews on Amazon for both Happy Nana and RIP Gwen, but these are enough for you to catch the connections between this person – Nymph/Psyche (RIP Gwen) and Taylor Swift (Psyche), and Little Bea/Dance Mom (Bea/Psyche) who is Happy Nana in the Amazon reviews. Psyche/Nymph/Bea are numerous other people on Amazon as well. Psyche for example also is WesCyde, a play on my old nickname of Westside, as she has been stalking me for years and in fact all of my life.

Big Bea, who also goes by Anna or Annette also is fully Psyche (and Taylor Swift, and at least sometimes Samantha Bee, which I know is hard to believe, but I’ll decipher her sometime for you, the last name of “Bee” does not help). “Little Bea” may not be the same entity as Psyche/Big Bea, but Big Bea/Psyche jumps into her all the time and uses her as if they are the same entity, so she may as well be. Little Bea is aka Abby (Dance Mom).  Nymph is a moniker occupied by Bea/Psyche/Little Bea and possibly other women too.

UPDATE NOV. 24, 2017: Here’s a magazine cover I (Hera) just stumbled upon with Gwyneth Paltrow. Note that I am code-named “the Sun” by these people holding me hostage. The cover says “Here Comes the Sun,” and for Paltrow the cover quotes her as saying “I’ve had huge joy, huge pain.”  It isn’t a coincidence. They chose the quote that would go on the cover, and specifically chose to accompany Paltrow’s image and quote with a giant headline of “Here Comes the Sun.”




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