"Best Wishes to You!"; or Amazon.com: Happy Nana's review of Bestwishes2u SURGICAL MASK; also "We've got company" Amazon review of Door Bell

via Amazon.com: Happy Nana’s review of Bestwishes2u 50 pcs disposable masks, disp…

Another Happy Nana review. If you read my earlier posts you know that “Best” is code for Grey alien or “nine” and a surgical mask means she wants a “pro” or two to cut off my legs. Something “evenone” is not a typo – I am an “evenone” as a human (“even”) and a ONE (your Creator’s wife from upstairs); “now and then” means I am both human (“now”) and from the past (“then”) because I am 1000 years old and abducted from the future, now trapped in the past (they call me a dinosaur); but also could be her asking for surgeons to kill me now and also in my past to avoid the police who are here in the present (see the second review which says “it’s not just a Ding-Dong at our house”):

5.0 out of 5 stars Something evenone needed now and then., September 8, 2016
This review is from: Bestwishes2u 50 pcs disposable masks, disposable medical masks
This is not something that we use at our house often but when we need one….we need one! I order these because we have had so much dust and pollen in our area and my hubby has to have something to keep it all away from his lungs. They are super for that and also when the flu and sneezing season arrives we will be ready.
They are super easy to put on and are comfortable to wear. It has pleats in it to make it fit better and it rides the nose well.She really needs a surgeon to come and take me out, to keep me and my family from making so much noise here on Earth about the aliens and their “target practice” or “human hunt.” We are “super easy” and “comfortable to wear” – “w” is women (Greys/witches) and “ear” is alien (“ear” because the Greys get in your head in miniaturized form through your ear canal and they also can read your mind).Here’s another letting her pals know that my family is here to retrieve me and is recording the events here as they try: “Door-bell. . . we have company!” “It is the transmitter to the main unit . . . inside the house.” “Very stylish” – is “very” – for alien and “stylish” is “Sty” or “pig” which is police. So the message is –  “police not from around here have a transmitter inside our house.” Yes we do, Bea! Glad you are getting that! It is not just a “Ding-Dong” (me) at your house! A “five star review” also means “five” which is “police.” (Just fyi, these “police” are from the future so killing me in the past is not going to erase their recordings):


5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars

Door-bell…we have company!, September 29, 2016
By Happy Nana
This review is from: AUKEY Wireless Doorbell with Up to 1148ft Wireless Range, 4 Volume Levels and 36 Tones, WhiteI love a door bell….especially one that has so many wonderful sounds to enjoy. 36 tunes or sounds are on this one. Super hard to choose the best of the best. We have changed it a few times all ready. It’s not just a ding-dong at our house.
There are 4 different volumes to just adjust the sound to. The unit is easy to install and the set up is a snap. The door bell comes with a button for Your door. It is the transmitter to the main unit that is plugged into the wall to your electric outlet inside the house.This unit is very stylish and will fit in with your decor.She also says “36 tunes or sounds are on this one. Super hard to choose the best of the best.” This means that the police here are not from here (aliens, our cousins the Others) and so it is super hard to tell which ones are “the police” and which ones are already here because she abducted some of the Others down here to Earth along with me (that is where I lived) and they look alike. Some Others are here to help us as we’ve mentioned before. Still more are here who were abducted by Bea down to here and were disconnected from their own people. They likely have their memories blocked like I do. The Others are not the Greys. But “best” means “alien.” And so does “36 tunes or sounds” – that means Nines (aliens) and “tunes” are humans while “sounds” are aliens. This describes our family and the Others who came down together to rescue us and are recording events while they are here. “On this one” – “36 tunes or sounds on this one” refers to me being a ONE, which explains why we are human and alien, since my husband and I are “ones” – there are just us two “ones” and we are the parents to all of you other numbers. David, my husband, is your Creator.https://www.amazon.com/gp/review/R2YXOVK0P8MXD4?ref_=glimp_1rv_cl


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